2021-02-04-The Great Garden of Mankind

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Topic: The Great Garden of Mankind

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us in this meeting of family. It is with such great appreciation and gratitude that we recognize we have been cared for, nurtured, protected, encouraged and loved by you throughout our journey that many of us have been on together for some time. From our earliest memories you have been there supporting us, with us, always. Thank you for this opportunity we have shared to move through this process of spiritual awakening together as a platoon, a group, dedicated to service in Micheal’s name. We are pleased to recognize this association that has endured between us and to offer our gratitude for our role we can play, our position we can take. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace.


Machiventa: I’ll accept this opportunity to communicate with you at this time, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am glad to join you in our continued pursuits together. We have shown this commitment to arrive at the training camp to learn the skills necessary to traverse the apparent distance perceived between your spirit component and your material component. We have been in training for some time to expand your awareness to be able to encompass more and more of the magnitude of your potentials and even now we strike out together as a class, as a troupe. We are unified in pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness. We are attracted by these divine aspects and seek to be in service in manifesting our awareness of these components.

In the great garden of mankind there are many different flowers, many different types of flowers that have their own beauty and distinctiveness and though they are different and unique, they are all cherished for this uniqueness, for this difference, for the unique role that they played in manifesting beauty. So it is with all of you, with each of you. You are cherished beyond your wildest imagination for you are unique in all of time and space. You are a unique fragment of the whole, no less significant than any other fragment of the whole and as a part of the whole, you are endowed with certain characteristics of the whole. You are all creators, you are all designed to be the first source and center of your manifestation, of your contribution to the whole. You are learning of your real potential and real possibilities involved in your accepting of your role and of your exercising your liberty to choose, to activate your position, to manifest your destiny and to create just as your Creator.

In this regard, you are indeed the offspring of divinity creating more offspring of divinity. This is your unique gift of grace. You are the ground central for all that will manifest through you because you so choose. Your venturing into your spiritual capacity is realizing that it is good to tend your garden, it is good to be involved in the process, to prune away the old and allow for the new, to trim back the excessive, to manifest your more perfect vision of this state of being, your individual version of reality. And you’ve all witnessed that this is a routine matter for you. You are able to change reality around you and make plans and rearrange these material components of life into your version, your vision of what they should be like, what they should look like, what they should feel like, what they should act like as seen through your lens and it is this lens which you are polishing in this very process. It is the ability to use this lens, to not overlook its existence and availability but to consult with this spirit lens, to be able to see into the shrouded areas.

You are learning well that you have a friend onboard, a partner that can help you make sense of all of this you’re observing. As well, you have become aware you have Michael’s assistance should you request His counsel. You have access to the mind of Michael as you so request it. You have access to the Spirit of Truth. All of these are your lens through which you will discern the true elements. Under the scrutiny of the light of truth and the lens of spirit, matters become revealed, truth becomes magnified. As you can tell, we are stepping up the messaging as we are so able. There is a lot of ground to cover and we are excited by the potential of new opportunities by means of greater circuitry. And, here we are again, showing up to pow wow about what can be done, what we should do. We will continue the directive and we will pursue the objective of service. Thank you all for presenting this opportunity. It is very graciously accepted. I now would allow the platform for others.

Jonathan: Greeting folks, I am Jonathan and I have been able to join you around the circle this evening because I have been invoked by my dear friend to be a part of the circle as in old times. Fond memories generate connections and it’s a pleasure to be invited to revisit such fond memories and rekindle such experiences. It is impressive that this group marches forward. It shows great stamina and endurance but then I would expect no less. I do recognize the great commitment you all have made in carrying on and supporting the direction, the movement, the purpose behind the movement and dedicating your energies to upholding that which you believe to be good, true and beautiful. Like you, I always had the desire to preserve these golden threads that we were offered and preserve them for all time because they were so meaningful and impressive to us at the time.

It’s true that these records have been well preserved and that others may read some of our earlier contributions and find resonance with them and it’s greatly rewarding to know that these contributions, these little treasures, little gifts of grace that we generated in cooperation with spirit are there to be found and shared. In this regard, this Teaching Mission has been an enormous success. This phenomenon has been documented and archived. One can see from its very inception through its entire life, its growth and changes and steppingstones of spiritual awareness presented for us. These are timeless principles. These works that are preserved will endure the test of time. Just as the teachings of Michael, filled with the grace of spirit have remained through the ages of time, so will the work that we were involved in.

And all the while we were doing it we were simply acting in faith, simply moving forward that this was the right direction to go, pursuing our spiritual ideals that this could happen, was happening and our desire to document it was following the leading of spirit and responding to the calling. What a joyous experience, what a fabulous experiment in time and space and what a glorious accomplishment it is to witness what it has become through your steadfastness. I feel entitled to join you in basking in the glow of what has been accomplished, what has been successful, what has been done in the name of service in spirit with Michael. These contributions will remain recognized on high.

I appreciate the opportunity as do all of us who are given voice to access this forum because you will so allow. I feel privileged to be one of the ones allowed and honored to respond to your open request for spirit counsel at any time. I leave you with my love and affection and camaraderie as we are still on the same team. We are still moving forward in progress as a unit, as a team. Let it be so in awareness. My love I leave, my peace I pray to share with all of you. Until later, farewell.

Inner Voice: I am here at your request, that is, the request of my partner in spirit and my partner in the flesh. I am this one’s Inner Guide who has been granted the voice to speak for us so I will readily take up this opportunity provided. We are back in class again to discuss some of the specifics around this internal connection, this deciding to communicate more freely, this decision to seek consult with this Fragment of the Divine. Formulating your petition to do this is the process of aligning yourself, of conditioning the environment. When all the molecules are in alignment, you can create a strong magnet which will continue to point in your compass to magnetic north. This property of being able to find your true north is accomplished by all of the molecules that have aligned themselves to provide this property of attraction.

This is what you do when you come to class, one more time aligning your entire being to point towards spirit, to point towards the magnetic equivalent of your spiritual North Star. So as you practice and proceed to demonstrate your willingness to condition yourself, to prepare yourself, to engage in your connectivity of stillness, to return repeatedly to this sacred place you create for this exchange and to become so familiar with this process that it is rather instantaneous, simply the thought may bring you there. This only occurs after much practice and much repetition. This is how you form muscle memory, this is how you form spirit memory. This is how you maintain circuits by continually returning to spirit, having your compass point you in the right direction, the highest divine characteristics you can conceive of. Have these be your bearings, your points of reference and have your compass magnetized thoroughly and conditioned so that it points true and pure. With practice and repetition this becomes easier and clearer but, it does take reps and it does take your choosing to invest your energy in do doing.

All of these circuits, all of this field of energy that we have generated, that we have created between us, among us and shared out on the web of circuitry, these are our gifts, this is our manifestation of our desire to be of service. This is our representation of our understanding of truth, beauty and goodness, our expression of our understanding of divinity. By means of maintaining circuitry, I would request we revisit the forum that we have established. Bring some wood for the fire and throw it on as we circle around in our attempt to be of service and send the light. Let us once again take a moment to make our petition known within, to ask for guidance and participation with each other and to offer a gift. We would give the gift of peace, the gift of strength, the gift of faith and conviction. These feelings may pervade over those in distress, in need. They may comfort them as a warm blanket because they will feel the love, they will embrace this offering of love. They are seeking such an embrace and it may be your pleasure to offer it. Let us make that effort at this time. [pause]

We ask that this gift that we would give of love would be well received, that it is our choice to create such an energy and to share it, that we do this in Michael’s name, we do this in devotion to Michael’s mission and we do this to fulfill our own need to provide service, to return some of the grace that was so freely shared. Thank you Divine Parents for this configuration, unique in all time and space. The energy conduits assembled here form a distinct pattern. They complement each other and work together to form a fireworks of light display, a glorious blooming of the garden of humanity. Glory be to God. Hold in your hearts this connection, this feeling of belonging, this acceptance of your Divine Parents. All is well my dear friends and getting better and better as we continue to meet. Surely there will be some growth pains along the way as we endeavor to navigate through the circumstances before us but we enter this journey before us with conviction, with faith that we will be guided, we will be cared for, we will be nurtured as we have been for our entire existence.


I take my leave now and move to my back seat position. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you provide for us to meet in this way and look forward to us exploring new dimensions yet unattained except for those who would pursue them such as yourselves. Let it be so, good day to you all, be in peace.