2021-02-11-Healing Energy is Timeless

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Topic: Healing Energy is Timeless

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I try to express where we are, where our hearts are, where our concerns are, to try and be players and make this dynamic two ways, not just waiting for your actions and your response but positioning ourselves to be players in the process. So be it, even now.


Dr. Mendoza: I’ll accept this opportunity this evening to join you in your circle and in your circuits, I am Dr. Mendoza and I feel summoned by your call for answers to questions about health and healing and what may be proper or what may be best or most suitable in certain occasions. I understand there is a concern about the timeliness of energy directed towards certain individuals or circumstances and I fully understand how you as time/space creatures are intimately involved with the ticking of the clock, the turning of the dial, the rising of the sun. These cycles which indicate the movement of time for you are so well impressed on your being because you are in the material plane, existing among the advent of time. You are yourselves, each, challenged by the passing of time and with it the toll that it takes.

And so your concerning yourselves with the timing of putting individuals in healing light, the timing of how long they might need to stay, the wondering if they should be removed. These are thoughts of time and what you are engaging in is healing energy which is timeless. When you contribute to this pool of energy and of love that is being administered to those in need, your contribution is not sensitive to the timing nor the exact needs of any individual. What you are conditioning is the time/space environment around your intended subject, that is, you are bringing to the circumstance of time/space evolution, an awareness and appreciation for the true timelessness of the ultimate journey. You bring to the equation a greater perspective and gaze out upon a further distance or greater horizon.

This is what you may actually affect and condition and alter with your contributions. No matter when they are made, how they are made, how effectively they are made, creating is creating and it is an exercise in transcending time to condition the healing environment, the life environment for others. I know this principle of not being concerned you are on time or that you were in proper form. You must learn that in these endeavors, all sincere efforts offered in love are a success. All genuine movement in growth of the spirit is good. All that you intend for others is goodness bestowed. So in your process, try not to stifle yourselves in any way by imposing any conditions. You are never late, you are never early, you are never wrong in how you try. Surely you will find you have greater and lesser apparent success, but all is a success when manifested in love. So love is the power we are wielding to ease the suffering, to condition the environment. This powerful force of love is truly timeless. It exists and is created as you give it away and generate it. In this way, you are true extensions of your Divine Parents love.

So fear not that you may err in your attempts. As long as you have conditioned the self, as long as you have oriented the individual and followed your moral compass headings you will certainly arrive at your destination, you certainly will succeed in your efforts, even if success does not appear to look like anything you had ever considered. The fact is that you are trying, you are exercising your potentials, you are expanding your strength to be able to feel more confident and have greater command over your chosen endeavors. Be kind to yourself and allow that as long as it is your desire to do the will of your Father, the desire of your Divine Parents, then you cannot stray too far from divinity. You can not manage to err so bad as to do harm when you are so thoroughly engaged in the pursuit of trying to do good.

Keep putting yourselves out there, you are the physician's assistant. You may think of me as the physician, you may think of Michael as the physician, perhaps Divine Mother as the physician. Either way, any way, you are acting as a physician’s assistant. You are boots on the ground, hands at the ready. So be assured that when you act, you will be assisted. Petition within the self to maintain these connections and build them to foster this growth of spirit and as you will all witness, it is coming to pass.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attempt to shift some of the perspectives and bring some peace of mind in the consideration of your healing endeavors. I now make way to allow for others, thank you.

Inner Voice: Greetings once again my friends, I am this one’s Inner Guide but I invite you to allow me the expression of all the Inner Guides who maintain a close circuitry between us. I’m delighted to overhear the conversation and the questions about this preparing and getting ready for your praying, getting ready to formulate your petition and following a protocol of preparation and training that allows you to easily conduct yourself in spirit, conduct yourself with the aid of spirit, with the cooperation of spirit, with the assistance of your onboard partner, your Indwelling Guide, arranging your reality to allow for the addition of another, to embrace the recognition of another, to petition to interface with the other, the request to become aware. These are highly valuable attributes that are as gifts to the Creator, as gifts to the Indwelling Guide to be sought, to be found, to be embraced, to be welcomed as partners on the journey. It is a grand thing to share such a great destiny as we have together. It is a gift of grace beyond calculation, the experience of eternity and the return to our origin and this we enjoy by virtue of having been created by the Creators, by the Divine Parents.

So I bask in the glow of this magnificent gift of grace. I am grateful beyond description because perhaps I have a greater understanding of what it means but we will make the most of our gift. We will grow to be magnificent spirit beings with great desire to be of service. This is our opportunity ahead. This is the chance we've got and I am greatly impressed that we are growing in awareness and increasing capacity to the degree that we are truly on the cusp of a different era. Time is marked, history is marked by events and this event of Adjuster awakening, awakening to the Adjuster Circuit, these are next level perceptions, morontia world level perceptions, typically not attained until that time.

But here we are. There is something about the members of this group hearing some calling and responding, some inner urge to explore and find and seek. Truly we are in this together. We are in this together as a group of mortals of the realm with an energy circuit that connects these individuals with a strong current of belonging, of association, of commonness in our desire to seek spirit truths. As well, we have many unseen observers in attendance, spirit comrades and associates, invited guests and eager participants. As well, we have all of us, all of the Inner Guides, the Divine Voices. We’re in attendance as well and in this with you all the way and we have access to our own circuitry of connection. What is truly magnificent is when we are able to adjust our frequencies just enough to commingle energies and exchange vibrations, as we are even now.

That’s why we enjoy coming back to this well and drinking another cup of spirit with comrades, enjoying the fellowship of fellow seekers, enjoying the camaraderie of having walked down many trails already with this dedicated tribe who have chosen each other to be family in this journey. And here we are, moving forward even now in the gym, a couple of more exercises to strengthen the tone of our spirit muscles. To that end, I would request that all of the participants, mortals of the realm, the Adjusters unseen and all the other spirit associates involved, take a moment to focus on the generalized healing of peace, of calm, of acceptance and love. [pause]

We who have created this portal of spirit need to maintain this circuit by feeding it our intention. By bringing life to it each time like this we charge the circuit again so that it may be encountered and then it may be chosen. First there has to be a life force, a vibration, an energy signature to sense. That’s where we start this ball rolling. We create this field of energy in which loving calmness pervades. The embrace of love is present and may be accessed, may be directed, may be utilized by anyone in the great web, in the great grid of connection, but it has to exist, it has to have originated and been maintained. That is the significance of what we build in this process. We would like to create a vibration that is of great peace and comfort to those in distress so that they may access that, so that fellow physician’s assistants may utilize such an energetic component in their service and so that you might do the same. Knowing of its existence and being aware of its function, you are capable of directing and instructing and creating as you so desire.

So much of the important work that you are doing, happens on the inside, happens as a response to your spirit request, happens between your petitions and the grace of your Divine Parents. But in this process you must go within, you are in your citadel of spirit and it is there you make your greatest advancements, the greatest decisions, your greatest encounters and expansions of your awareness. I very much appreciate that you bring this into such an environment as you do even now, because where we are functioning is deep within and yet we are there together. I am in gratitude for this dynamic, for this relationship, for this opportunity to explore all of the parameters of this experience and I sense you are too and that’s what will make this a joyous thrilling journey. That’s what has brought us to this place and will continue to guide us as we move forward. These things represent your will, your choice and yet reflect more and more the will of The Father as well. This is as planned and as desired by your Divine Parents and this will manifest as it is, even now.

I recognize the value of opportunities such as this and I am ever willing to invest my energies to assist you as you are knocking at the door, you are petitioning more and more for my expression and I assure you, this will come as you have shown you are persistent and through such means you will find that which you seek and attain that which you strive for. It is merely how it will look, how it will unfold, what the specifics are, what the direction, the purpose, the intention to find God and to serve will orient you throughout your journey, will orient us throughout our journey together. So be it, good day to you all until our next visit. Be in good cheer, farewell.

Jonathan: Greetings, I am Jonathan and I will grab the microphone here quickly before the show ends. This whole discussion about the changing parameters of the Thought Adjuster is very exciting. I can’t help but think that this could be a real game changer for mankind. We have always known that the eventual awareness and acceptance of the Adjuster would happen in eventuality, in due course, but that it would require great endurance and perseverance to arrive at a place of expanded consciousness capable of such a relationship. But, if the amplitude of the circuitry has been increased, then it would make sense, it would be easier to discern by the mortal mind; in fact, it would be easier to discern by the mortal soul because it is a tone of spirit, it is not a tone designed for the mortal ear.

And so, perhaps in combination with your abilities to adjust your receiver dials, also, the signal has gotten easier to get. This is a great time to have this expansion of awareness and connection, the mortals with their Indwelling Guides. I am excited for you as you move forward. I, in fact, wish I was there but I know you will rise to this occasion as you have to so many before you and I look forward to how it manifests, what it looks like, what it feels like to you. These are the gifts you will take to the Supreme. These treasures of experience are the effects of time and space and the changes of circuitries, the dynamic shift and there you are, observing and trying to navigate through the waves.


Carry on my dear friends, I am one of the tribe described but I have gone on ahead and await your arrival but I’m keenly interested in how this turns out, how this gigantic experiment we began so long ago with believing that we could hear from celestial personalities, that we could receive these signals, we could interpret them and we could transmit a message and receive a message. These were thoughts that were extreme at the time and yet, we dove into exploration and experimentation and we followed what nudges and bumps we got and we developed process. We began to understand the significance of the conditioning, the stillness, the preparing, the calming of the mind, the stilling of the chatter in order to prepare to receive. In order to interface on the spirit level and we had to adapt and find the way that worked.

This process for you now is exactly the same. This is a new dynamic largely unheard of, not accepted as mainstream ideology and yet here you are to explore its dimensions and find out how you can make it work, how you can tune yourselves in even further, how the signal may be enhanced making connection easier. And what will it require of you in your preparations to maintain your connections? How will it change your lives to be in more direct contact with your Inner Guides. These are unknowns that only you will answer as you create the experience around them. But it is strikingly similar to what we went through when we were bold enough to consider that you might be able to tune in to spirit and to receive communication through another avenue of approach. Likewise, we have another avenue opened before us, before you.

So, it’s exciting to think what will be discovered, what will be learned and shared, what growth will happen and what grace will unfold. But there is no hurry, there is no rush in this process for the experience is the process, the experience is the goal. There is no other destination you are shooting for. You are exactly where you should be and it is an answer to your prayers. Enjoy it my friends, the ride is short. Don’t miss the chance to engage, to be fully present because, the ride is short, even though the journey is long. I bid you all have a glorious journey and look forward to checking in with you because we can, because we have built this avenue of approach and we can use it at will. I will continue to use it as long as you will. This is our gift of grace we have developed. So be it, I bid you all farewell and happy trails. Until later, bye now.