2021-02-14-Focus on Rightful Conception in Father

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Topic: Focus on Rightful Conception in Father

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Divine Parents and Magisterial Son, we are pledged here to be of service to our planet during this time of great spiritual need. You are well aware of what that need is for all of life here, but especially for the human children on this evolutionary ascension adventure to receive more of the spiritual rectification of those mind circuits that have still been very much impacted by the rebellion mindset. We are so grateful that we can collaborate with you and our Planetary Seraphim. And we thank you for connecting us together in the circuits of Personality, Spirit, Soul, and Mind that we may move as one in this dedicated focus where what we produce from our hearts and souls will do much good and help more individuals awaken to their spiritual potential. Help us stay centered in that focus today as we are guided by our Spirits and where we are being guided by our helpers to place the focus into the collective as your WILL is done. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.


MONJORONSON: Beloved brethren! I greet you today, not as a divine Personality whom you know as Monjoronson, but as a brother—a brother who is dedicated to the upliftment of this world culture to the higher tones and notes of the divine patterns that were long ago established for this world to evolve. I am deeply grateful for each one of your presence here today. Each one of you carry something unique and special to add into the planetary fabric of change that is growing upon this world in the circuits of mind. You have yet to fully recognize how important and impactful your lives are in this fabric of planetary mind.

And we are very glad that you have joined with us today that we may once again collaborate in these circuits of mind to build more love to help the individuals of this world awaken to their own souls and to the possibility of eternal life. That is the great gift our Creator has established for all personalities. As we begin, I invite you to come into that place—that sacred place within you—that place where you sense inner peace and a connection to that which you know as the divine.

Take some deep breaths and let the intention that you hold to move into that sacred space expand gently as I move in you now to help you perceive me and what my mission of MERCY for this world is here to impart to this lovely but beleaguered world. Take a few moments to experience my presence calibrating into yours, my dear brethren. (Pause)

As you allow my presence to move more deeply into your being, I invite you to set that intention to share your unique expression of self to engage with collective mind. Each one of you has such enormous potential for spiritual creative living. It is time to explore and live this potential as more opportunities to be of service are now fully opened within these circuits of mind, to participate with the growing change dynamic that will render your world more receptive to my MERCY mission.

This is a mission of DIVINE JUSTICE. It is a period of choosing—choosing goodness over evil, choosing truth over error, choosing beauty over distortion. There is a great polarizing dynamic now underway through this MERCY endowment of DIVINE JUSTICE helping you to perceive more clearly what is underway on the planet so that human mind has a greater opportunity to gravitate toward the LIGHT of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY. This is the awakening of the soul to participate in the great adventure of life—infinite LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE that has been endowed by the Creator of all for all personality forms of expression to live what the Father Himself has seated within each beloved personal individual.

As these words settle in, recognize that you have great worth and potential and that you are deepening into this expression now growing in love, growing in comprehension of what it is that you can achieve as a human during this great time of spiritual change and trajectory into the circuits of life in the universe. Continue to receive me for a few more moments before we shift our focus into the collective. (Pause)

Evolution of thought is one of the means that a planet starting from its earliest origins of primitive life continues on its trajectory toward the perfected state of Light and Life. Human thought is an endowment from the source of Mind that penetrates down through the evolutionary level through the domain of the Holy Mother Spirit and Her Adjutants of mind that provide humans the ability to conceive thoughts, perceive their inner and outer realities and act from inner knowing.

You are in a time now when much of what has been so falsely constructed by the rebellion mindset is being altered by these spiritual frequencies of TRUTH and GOODNESS for humans to become aware of the ways in which their minds have been distorted. We are helping you move back into that rightful domain of mind that you may construct your thoughts correctly along with your Indwelling Spirits, who are the receptacles of all TRUTH and GOODNESS and BEAUTY to be conveyed directly into how you conceive thought, perceive your inner and outer realities.

In our last time together, we focused on CLEAR PERCEPTION that is a great gift from the Father Within you. But behind that clear perception is correct thought construction and conception. Where does thought originate? It is a vast repository of information that comes directly from your Divine Mother and you exist within the womb of Her mindal circuits. Many of you are aware of the debilitating deconstruction of this mindal endowment that has been perpetuated by the rebellion agenda, but that does not mean that you need to be beholden to it anymore.

So now I invite you to simply hold that intention for you to conceive thought correctly directly from your Indwelling Spirits. Hold that intention now. Allow this construction and conception of thought to gently stir in you for a few moments and then from there we will proceed into the collective to engage these dynamics of RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION to blend with the PERCEPTION OF THE FATHER to engage in planetary mind.

First, however, let this dynamic move more deeply into you that you may have more direct access to the Father Within you and conceive your thoughts in accordance with His plans for your lives—rich plans, abundant plans of LIFE, LOVE and LIBETY. If it is helpful, simply focus on these words: RIGHTFUL THOUGH CONCEPTION and hold that focus over your third eye chakra. (Pause)

Notice if you feel any energies moving. How do they move in you? Where do they move in you? Allow the natural movement of spiritual current to continue for a few moments. Simply relax as you allow RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION to progress in its energetic endowment into this space of the third eye. (Pause)

The Father Within you knows all, knows you thoroughly inside and out, as you might say, Do you trust Father? Do you welcome those insights that He provides to you? Do you sense His LOVE and DEVOTION to you? Let these dynamics deepen within you that your whole being become alive with LOVE and the LIGHT of Spirit Within. You have a right for this, my brethren. This is your divine birthright, and it is the divine birthright of every Urantian to conceive and perceive from Father through His presence within you. (Pause)

I invite you to now shift focus. Let love flow from your heart centers into the planet. Allow the energetic word dynamic of RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER be projected from your third eye into the planet and its mindal system. For those of you who are attending this experience for the first time, there is an energetic dynamic of projecting these energies from certain focal points in your energy system into the planetary mindal system. One of the means of construction is to hold this focus as you project it from both your hearts and third eyes into the planet from the north pole to the south pole in a counter-clockwise spiral rotation.

As you visualize in your mind the world before you, you may use that as a visualization for these words: RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER to be imparted into the planet as the Seraphim take this energetic dynamic and apply it where it will do the most good. Do your best to hold this focus. However, if your Indwelling Spirit guides you in another way, you are very much free to use that as a more conducive and productive way to share your intentional energies with planetary mind. Do your best as we now minister in these circuits: RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER, RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER, RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER. And we begin. (Pause)

This world has had much difficulty in recognizing the spiritual nature of the Paradise Father and His coordinate Deity associates—the Eternal Mother-Son and the Infinite Spirit. In order to perceive correctly, the construction of thought must be done in conjunction with the Indwelling Spirit. This affords human mind a much greater arena in which to perceive, not only one's inner reality and relationship to its Divine Source, but to a greater awareness of your planet’s place and your own individual place in the great dynamic of LIFE itself.

Many of you well understand that because your world was quarantined during the rebellion that has created an evolutionary dynamic that has been distorted. But this is all changing now as the circuits of mind are being liberated from this great distortion and adaption to universe reality. It is this RIGHTFUL CONCEPTION and PERCEPTION that will continue to unfold on the planet for many years to come that more individuals awaken to the presence of Father Within that provides you with the ability to grow your souls and experience and live your true potential as sons and daughters of God. What we are asking you to provide to us is this willingness—very heartfelt intention to conceive your thoughts as Father would have you conceive.

All you need to do is feel how much you need this and want this for yourselves, as well as the need and want for others—your brothers and sisters to open to this. The more you engage with this love intention, this expands energetic dynamic of RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER to move deeper into circuits of mind, to uproot that which is in error, and to help more individuals awaken to the love that lives within them, naturally, innately as children of the Father Himself.

So, continue to focus as best you can and we continue to apply this dynamic into all of the other dynamics that you have co-created with us: DIVINE JUSTICE, REPENTANCE, CHRIST MICHAEL’S PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY, and the myriads of other spiritual dynamics that we have shared with you. We continue to do our part as you continue to do yours. Allow these energies to deepen through your focus as best you can. (Pause)

As humans awaken to their spiritual potential there comes a point of recognition of the ways in which they have been thinking in error. At times, this causes feelings of guilt and shame. The mitigating factor of this is to help people receive more of the ability to look beyond their errors into the loving MERCY that the Father wishes to convey directly into their thoughts and feelings. The dynamics of DIVINE JUSTICE contain powerful energies of REPENTANCE and REDEMPTION. REPENTANCE restores a person's ability to make amends for their errors of perception and conception of thought. REDEMPTION restores the rightful relationship in human mind. These are all great endowments that come from the Father's MERCY conveyed through the circuits of mind, which originate with the original Mind of the Infinite Spirit through the evolutionary circuits of your Holy Mother Spirit Nebadonia.

We invite you to simply shift focus to these energetic dynamics of REPENTANCE and REDEMPTION that CLEAR THOUGHT CONCEPTION and PERCEPTION may coordinate with these dynamics, help people see the errors of their ways through the lens of LOVE and perceive the MERCY that REPENTANCE and REDEMPTION affords to the human heart and mind to liberate the soul and to start life anew—life in the Spirit. If you wish, you may ask for the REPENTANCE and REDEMPTION dynamic to spiral around the planet as we coordinate these dynamics together bringing about more synergy in the circuits of mind for more awakening to occur throughout the masses. (Pause)

There is one additional element we ask you to hold today. Invite the PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY of your father Christ Michael to also engage with these circuits, these dynamics of RIGHTFUL THOUGHT CONCEPTION IN FATHER, RIGHTFUL THOUGHT PERCEPTION IN FATHER, REDEMPTION and REPENTANCE. His PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY augments the divine dignity of each human reinforcing their right to exist as Father has created them. Do your best to hold this focus here adding one more layer to this rich tapestry of LIFE of the dynamics of its trajectory and the Paradise ascension dynamic of all LIFE. (Pause)

Allow spiritual energy to expand and flow through you enhancing your own capacity to be a truth revealer, a love conveyor to your brothers and sisters. Let this deepen in you and expand outwardly from your hearts and third eye centers that more humans may awaken to their potential and live according to the plans Father has seeded within them. (Pause)

Beloved brethren, do you experience a growing light within the LIGHT OF LOVE, the LIGHT OF LIFE? In the coming days, notice if you sense this expansion continuing to move through you and outwardly into the field around you that you may live in this dynamic state and be able to perceive from the Father's perspective and conceive your thoughts as He would have you. This is the challenge of your time, and as many people awaken to the presence of the Father Within, will you all be able to collaborate more unitedly, harmoniously and effectively for the divine plans of this world to continue to unfold.

You are in a dynamic time of change and it is important that you recognize your responsibility as citizens of this world and the greater domain of all life, to act in this most loving and positive manner that you can, being compassionate and patient and forgiving of your brothers and sisters. Being tolerant of their less informed states and yet holding that flame of love within your hearts and CLEAR CONCEPTION AND PERCEPTION IN FATHER in your third eye that you may allow the energy to stream forth and impact them in those places of their own beings—their energy systems. You can do this without words much in the manner as Jesus communicated in His ministry when He was here on Urantia.

His was a soul-to-soul communication and your brothers and sisters need this now as they awaken to their souls, just as you have. They will begin on the path of spiritual exploration and learn who and what the Father is within them enhancing their creative potential to be here as the Creator has intended for all of you and for all life.


Let these words settle in and our final moments together knowing that we continue to minister in these circuits of mind what you have provided us today in your sacred intention to be of service. (Pause)

On behalf of the Seraphim of Urantia and all of the other helpers today, I thank you for your devotion, your trust, your loyalty, and for your focus. Know that these energies will continue to deepen within you as well and help you achieve more of your human potential to be a living expression of the Father through your own unique personality. Grow in this capacity and ability, my brethren. It is your divine inheritance, after all and one day all of Urantia will live in this manner. And what a victorious day it will be of celebration and joy as this world which was once so seared in sin, has now become the bright light in all Nebadon and a shining example to the victory of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY over evil, sin, and iniquity! May the Father continue to flow His abundant blessings into you, my brethren, and uplift you into that domain of His MERCIFUL LOVE embracing this beloved world. Good day.