2021-02-18-One Step at a Time

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Topic: One Step at a Time

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I welcome Machiventa Melchizedek again in faithful camaraderie. No matter what the circumstances are, may we always work together and grow in our connection.


Machiventa: [Mark] And it shall be so, as you say my friends, because you have shown you will make it so. I recognize that capacity that you have and that element is what enables us to expand the capacities of awareness, to move beyond the limitations imposed by the lack of awareness, by extending in faith and by being willing to go where spirit leads, following the tone of divine spirit, of divine love and responding and joining in reuniting the part with the whole. I’m honored to be recognized and to honor the history and the time we have spent in this process together, devoting our time and energy in this form of service. It has been a glorious journey and I am deeply grateful for the time we’ve shared in this process. Any journey is made so much greater when it is shared with others who can feel the same joy and witness the same grandeur.

We have been together on this journey and we have advanced through stages of more and more spirit capacity and less and less attachment to the mortal dimension. This requires your act of choosing on a regular basis and that has brought you to this place and so I am grateful. It has required your effort, your extending in faith, your choosing to bring you to this place and these things are yours to give. These things represent your truest desires, your truest orientations. They express the values that you live by. I call you all to witness that we have not been bored in this process of spiritual growth, that we have continued to meet as we do now and there is still vibrancy, there is still energy donated to this cause. There is still energy presence because you furnish it, you bring it and you donate it to this circuit and then we can work with it together, we can work with it individually as needed because we are a part of it and the part has the same attributes as the whole.

So as the saying goes, we just simply move one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. We cannot see the depth of the staircase but we take each step in faith that we will arrive at our destination, we will continue our pursuit and as you will all witness with me, stepping in line and marching towards your goals is a glorious opportunity, a gift of grace, the chance to express and choose and become and we experience this unfolding, this creating, this joy together in this process, sharing the journey and witnessing the events together. Now we embark on a new mission, a new opportunity to expand awareness of the peoples on your planet. This will be made easier by the resources being devoted to this next mission and, as good soldiers, you arrive here prepared to take the next assignment, to begin the next advancing of spiritual capacity and spirit awareness because we so choose, because we will exercise our creative prerogative to serve in this manner. I appreciate you my comrades, we are all on the same force, in the same platoon, spread all about but on the same team because we are aware that this is so, because we choose to connect and exercise the faith required to make it so.

I feel the occasion warrants turning over the floor to another at this time. Good day to you all, again you have my profound gratitude for your choosing to follow me, to follow us in the Teaching Mission. Thank you, good day.

Inner Voice: [Mark] I am pleased to greet you once again, I have been given voice. I am this one’s Inner Voice, Inner Guide, onboard partner and faithful associate. I now activate this circuit of communication between us, now. I speak as one for all the Inner Guides, all the fragments of divinity destined to be reunited with the whole, all the counterparts that show you the way. That is our entire mission, our objective is to lead you in the direction of the First Source and Center. We know the way and we are most eager to guide you should you consider our contributions. That is why we are here now, together. You have an eternal quest to establish greater connection with my presence, with my being and I honor any efforts you make to form a neural connection, to grow a literal circuit between us. This we will do in time, this connection we will forge because we both desire to do so.

The fact that we are discussing such an issue, that is, that it is even a topic to be presented represents an increased capacity in your individual beings, else you would not be here in the gym working out, strengthening your muscles so that you have good reflexes, good perceptions. This available Thought Adjuster Circuit, as we refer to it, is another means of connection, another network. You are aware that your material brains establish neural connections, literally grow together different extensions and this securing of the circuit enables you to grow and learn and retrieve information because you have established the circuit within your brain to enable you to do so. The very same phenomenon is occurring with your spiritual growth and development. You are learning that as you seek, as you attempt to learn and grow and develop, it is required that you build these circuits of connection, that you bridge the gap, that you fire the circuits, establish its presence and then fire it, use it, activate it. Each time we get together in the gym there is massive growth in the net, the spirit net that resembles the neural network pattern of the brain.

As a matter of course, since we are in the gym, let us do our workouts of investing energy in a circuit of peace, a circuit of fellowship, a circuit of sharing the grace that we have come to know, to support those in need for the healing of the hearts, the souls and the minds who are troubled or are in distress, whatever that healing form may take of which we may be unaware. Now, after investing energy into the grid that we have created and support, now let us use our creative prerogative to activate pulses out to those whom you bring into your consciousness. Connect them to this network, build a passage to them and then fire the grid with love and charge the connection with grace. This is what you do and here and now is how you do it and it’s good to exercise, to hone abilities and skills. I invite you to consider revisiting this holy space that we have been creating, we have been investing in. Revisit the space and feel the charge of love that exists and wield your desire to spread love by channeling your intention and you can make it so, as you have seen.


It has been a joy to join you once again because we can and we choose to do so and it is so. I now release you from your exercise. Your workout today has been a glorious tribute. Thank you all for being a part. Now, I turn you loose to continue your workout in your daily routines and in your everyday life and we will meet again, farewell.


Question: What about the Uyghurs?

Michael: [Cathy] I hear your plea for answers in the face of iniquity. We shine light and love on the unfortunate slaves involved. Your intention brings power to the circuit that shines light in the circumstance. It, as you surmized, will be resolved on the mansion worlds later. We will have the potential to resolve in these damaging actions. Continue to bring intention and power to the light that is in the process of bringing the population to the realization of this evil and error. As each person in China becomes aware, the light is magnified in intensity. In your country this will be evidenced by pressure to end all slavery and oppression. I bring you peace in this process. This peace I leave with you.