2021-03-11-Being More Effective

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Topic: Being More Effective

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Inner Voice: I am ready again to be given voice and for you to lend me yours that I might access it. As your Onboard Partner, we are privy to all of your questions, all of your thoughts, all of your actions and all of your reactions and we never fail to observe your orientation of how you embrace and work with the energies. I would look to address the questions on the table for discussion, to reiterate is the question once again, of how you might be more effective in implementing your desire to be of service. This question is consistently arising because your skill level is consistently rising and you’re looking for better and better ways to facilitate the flow of love energy that you are becoming familiar with administering as physicians assistants, as the hands and the feet of those in the trenches with boots on the ground. With the practical knowledge of what to expect and having been given a previous scenario, the question arises: Does this then dictate the result? You are coming to understand the force and the power of the direction that you create and how the trajectory that you take will influence the outcome immensely. This stance that you take to grapple with the circumstance becomes more skilled and refined as you continue to come to the gym and work out.

So yes, it is very important to condition the environment for change, for health, for healing and to be big enough to allow for the accommodation of spirit influence. That is where you come in, you who have the experience, who personally have felt the frequency of divine love and its presence within you. You may represent this tone, this sensation, this awareness. You have personal experience you may bring into any equation wherein you may contribute this aspect of self to the equation, expanding its dimensions. So when you ask how best you may direct your energies, the same answers always arise, that is, individually, personally, demonstrating your faith and conviction, representing the divine principles that you have come to know, you have come to feel, frequencies that you can match, that you can be in harmony with, that you can be in unison with.

Such is your privilege as one who has one leg of your trifold being in the spirit plane and one leg in the mental plane and another leg clearly in the physical real expectations plane. Your next avenue of exploration, might I suggest, would be attempting to bring all the legs of this triangle, all the aspects of your being together in focus and unity and harmony so that you may greater direct your purpose. You all are familiar with needing some control and awareness of your mind through our advocating the stillness over many years. This taking control of the random activity of your thought processes enables you to create conditions conducive to your accepting of spirit energies. So your focus there has been to use the mind to create the environment so that you may then create with your spirit component or from your timeless component and this you are learning well how to direct and accomplish.

There is this third element to your being, this vehicle that you are currently residing in, your current address, and this part of your being is also at your command and I am recommending that you utilize your command over your vehicle to condition even further, the environment of your spiritual effectiveness, that is, to channel and direct more focus and more intention and the expression of even your material vehicle can be in alignment with your purpose and your desire. This is accomplished by focusing and monitoring your breath, your every respiration so naturally achieved and thoughtlessly engaged in. However, what if you assign purpose to this function? What if you, as an aspect of your prayers, were to petition to align all aspects, even your vehicle with your desire to be in service and on every inhale you agree to accept and embrace divine love and on your exhale, create the reality that this act represents your expressing of your intention and then you become this generator of purpose, taking in the divine energies and using your entire being to focus your intentions, to project your intention forward and to infuse this desire to be of service with your own flavor and conduct this energy, share it and spread it and be a part of the chain that makes it possible?

I invite you now to try this exercise. On the inhale breathing in, taking life force, taking this life force energy so freely and abundantly provided you and choosing to breathe life, breathe intention into our grid of connection, infusing it with the energy of love, that it may be directed as needed, that it may flow and touch those in need, that they may feel the exchange of our contribution, our sharing of the embrace of spirit. By engaging in, engaging your body, you have chosen to spiritualize it, to use it as another tool to portray your relationship with divine principles. So much creating simply by the desire to manifest goodness. I assure you, unconditionally, all efforts that you make meet with success. All efforts represent a creation, an offering to spirit, an attempt to try and help. These are magnificent gifts and are well received on high, even if it may transpire to appear as though no one notices. As I have mentioned before, we notice, we’re always there and ever willing to be brought into the discussion. Remember always the fluidity of the expansion of spirit awareness. We must always guard against placing any obstacles of expectations when we are creating unique realities. We must allow ourselves to go where spirit leads and be unafraid to follow but that’s why we are here at the gym once again.

I hope to bring you some peace of mind that you all are in fact quite busy in service. You were not put here as a servant. Your experience is equally as cherished as any other and any good servant of the Lord deserves their compensation, their peace of knowing that they have been of service, that their service has been duly noted and it continues still, again. So ask not what else you might do, simply keep doing what inspires you and you will never fail to uncover something of interest. It is important that you are at peace in the process that you are engaged in. It is important that you are content and pleased with your contribution because it is your experience as well. All of your efforts to be of service to others are grand but that is only one aspect of why you are here. Be lighthearted in your approach, be nimble in your stance, ready to shift as the winds may blow.

I assure you that your contributions you make to this circuitry we are building are indeed fruitful and even if they do not appear so to you, they have been fruitful for you have engaged in the process, you as the messenger of this grace have been a part of this loop, have been in this energy field of divine health and healing. That alone is a success. So continue to be about this business of experimenting, of acting as if and of allowing yourselves the latitude of raising the bar of expectation because, you have seen grander realities. So bring them back to the mortal material leg of your tripod and choose to execute even further command of your attributes.

It’s always a pleasure to join you when the circumstance is created. I pray that as we meet like this with the undertone of energy, with the vibration of this field that we create and the circuitry that we are growing, we bring the vibration of peace and love and of the grace that we have sensed and we would share this, we would put it back into the grid and share it forward because it is our intention to do so. So be it. Good work out today. See you next time when we’re ready for some more exercise, good day to you all.


Jonathan: Hey guys, Jonathan here. I’m grabbing the microphone before the event is over tonight to make some observations from my side of the fence. Your meetings and your conversations and your choosing of who you are meeting with, all are such indicators that much of what you are searching for and coming to class to find is in the realm of morontia. This notion that you can be created in spirit and channel this creation and in this way you can manifest your intentions and you can be the first source and center of an eternal voyage with many many manifestations of your creative prerogative as you learn and grow and expand your awareness.

These concepts of embracing your spirit component necessarily elevate you into morontia territory where coexisting and learning to cocreate are part of your gifts of grace moving forward, your experience to have and this sum total of experiences is what you give in return, your gift is as the little drummer boy gives his gift, It is your fragment returning to the whole and bringing the precious missing pieces. So I thought I would report as I observe, that you are moving more and more into morontia territory as you explore these connections and as you build the spirit neural network necessary to connect. My love to all who are present to hear my words. You all have a special place in my heart and I look forward to our meeting again when conditions allow. Wishing you all peace, bye now.