2021-03-14-Focusing Moral Courage in Divine Justice

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Topic: Focus Moral Courage In Divine Justice

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, Paradise Trinity, Magisterial Son, thank you for this opportunity to be of service to our world during this great time of need. We ask to elevate our thoughts to the level where in we make contact with our Indwelling Spirits that we may be unified as one in intention. We thank you for encircuiting us in this unified field of Personality, Spirit, Soul and Mind, and we ask now to engage with our Seraphim who are so dedicated to us and worked so diligently behind the scenes of our lives to encourage and inspire humanity to grow this divine plan on our world. Prepare for engaging with you now as your WILL is done through your GRACE and MERCY.


MONJORONSON: Beloved Brethren, welcome to our forum today. This is Monjoronson and I am encouraged by all of the light that is bathing this world for humanity to perceive what is now underway on this planet in terms of its transformation. Take some deep breaths. Engage with your Indwelling Spirits. Ask for your mental current to elevate to those highest levels of spiritual receptivity. Hold focus here at this level as best you can as we engage with you now in this vast circuit of mind to build more spiritual energy throughout the circuits of planetary mind.

The Magisterial Mission is a time of great change for this world. The accomplishment of this mission will take many, many years and generations to fully achieve its objectives. Yet each one of you has stepped up to engage with this mission of transformation by attending these calls and sharing your human heartfelt intention for this to become a planetary material reality in time.

What is now asked of humanity is to perceive the TRUTH and to acknowledge the GOODNESS of the Father whose presence indwells humanity. Engaging with TRUTH can be challenging for humanity because the circuits of mind have been come so damaged by this rebellion sophistry that it is difficult to discern what is true and correct from error and distortion. Engaging with your moral courage provides you an inner environment to recognize TRUTH because you are now moving beyond the various fear constructs of your planet's consciousness system and engaging with the higher levels of mind wherein your Indwelling Spirits can guide you and provide you with this courage that enhances the moral capacity of individual thinking and responding.

As you continue to engage with your Spirits, I invite you now to envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION. See these words clearly in your mind's eye. Allow the energetic dynamic of this mission to embrace you, to hold you study and secure. If you wish you may also perceive the world being held in this dynamic of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION. Take a few moments to center yourselves in this, letting its spiritual meaning and value hold you in and embrace of DIVINE JUSTICE. (Pause)

How do you experience this in yourself? Notice the physiological feelings you may experience. Perceive any thoughts that come to mind from your Indwelling Spirits. You have made that decision to engage with this mission and my administration is here to support you with MORAL COURAGE that you may be the standard bearers of this dynamic to help your brothers and sisters engage with TRUTH and GOODNESS during this very important time of change upon Urantia.

Do you notice within your own selves if you falter at times, becoming discouraged with the conditions you see in your material culture? Do you become angry, frustrated, shortsighted? It is acceptable to acknowledge this within yourselves. What we are here to help you do is to receive that infusion of MORAL COURAGE that is a part of what you need now for DIVINE JUSTICE to continue its ministry in human mind. DIVINE JUSTIFY can amplify your MORAL COURAGE and support you and to provide you with more spiritual vitality. Place your focus on these words now: I AM RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE. I AM RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE. I AM RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE.

Focus on this for a few moments as we amplify these energies for you, as well as asking your Spirit to also fortify you from the Father's perspective. We will engage with you for a few moments before we move into the collective. Let this be your time of fortification that you may remain steady and steadfast as more TRUTH is revealed through these circuits of mind all around the planet. (Pause)

Humanity is being fortified in many spiritual qualities and attributes to strengthen the reception and perception of TRUTH—the truth of what has occurred upon this planet that has taken this planet off course in its divine plans of evolution. MORAL COURAGE provides humanity fortitude and perseverance to meet the challenges of this time. Humanity is being strengthened in this. Some people recognize this and some people have still to awaken. But make no mistake, changes are occurring. And we are here to enhance your MORAL COURAGE and FORTITUDE that you can continue to evolve to make the internal changes necessary for your souls to grow, that your inner lights may convey spiritual energy to your brothers and sisters who will need moral courage to face the truth of what has occurred here. Ask for these energies to deepen within you ,and in a few moments we will engage into the collective. (Pause)

Do you wish for your brothers and sisters to recognize TRUTH? If so, then I invite you to focus on these words as we now engage into collective mind: URANTIA IS RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE. URANTIA IS RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE. URANTIA IS RECEIVING MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE. Feel that intention for these spiritual dynamics and energies to engage with planetary mind feeding your brothers and sisters with this spiritual fuel to encourage their awakening and recognition of TRUTH and perceive the GOODNESS of the Father Within.

You may hold that visualization of these words spiraling around the planet in that familiar counter-clockwise rotation. What we ask of you is to amplify your intention and desire for this to become a more potent force for GOODNESS—for harmony and peace to grow and become a living fabric of human mind in a larger and deeper expression. (Pause)

As we engage with you now, ask the Seraphim to place this MORAL COURAGE within and upon those fear constructs that still whole human thought and feeling in captivity. There are many places, you might say, in human mind where fear is being promulgated. You may not recognize where these influences are still holding sway, but you can certainly ask for more MORAL COURAGE to replace those fear constructs and liberate your brothers and sisters from this limiting and paralyzing way in which their minds have been polluted.

Ask for MORAL COURAGE to break ground in these fear constructs replacing it with a very powerful energy that more DIVINE JUSTICE may take root and grow, giving your brothers and sisters an opportunity to recognize that they have courage within them to enhance their moral abilities and to engage with their Indwelling Spirits. If it is helpful, visualize MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE as a field of great light and visualize that light penetrating into fear. (Pause)

Hold your gaze as strong and study as you can and we will amplify your efforts. The Seraphim and many other helpers are well equipped to move into these fear constructs adding more light that is contained within MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE to function. (Pause)

Many individuals have yet to recognize their spiritual potential. There are various components to help individuals perceive what Father has seeded within them. There is a hunger for truth, a curiosity for knowledge, and a recognition of goodness. These are all innate endowments of the Father and all the gifts of Spirit and Mind that are shared with humanity to grow in their spiritual potential that all may participate in the evolution of the divine plans for this world.

For many, many millennia, the rebellion sophistry has held sway, and it is MORAL COURAGE that will break these bonds of fear and spiritual enslavement. So continue to focus on Urantia is receiving MORAL COURAGE IN DIVINE JUSTICE that this may be applied into the fear constructs all around the globe. Break this yoke and stimulate that innate spiritual potential for individuals to perceive and help them progress on their journeys. Keep this intentional focus and gaze strong as we continue our ministrations. (Pause)

As we continue our ministrations in planetary mind, I invite you to shift your focus to viewing the world being held in the mantle of LIGHT OF THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION. There are many spiritual elements to my mission here, some of which you are beginning to notice, and you are participating in this in various ways. Now I invite you to hold the world in the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION as all of these dynamics engage with planetary mind. And if you wish to see these words of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION pulsing upon the ground, upon the earth plane and letting the energies go deep, deep into the earth and to the earth's core to engage with the plans seeded into this world through the circuits of mind.

Hold this as best you can while we engage at this very fundamental level, building the dynamics of MORAL COURAGE, REPENTANCE, REDEMPTION, and REHABILITATION through DIVINE JUSTICE. Hold this in your hearts. Perceive this in your mental screen and feel your love for this world and all life here as we continue to engage with you. (Pause)

MORAL COURAGE fortifies human mind for TRUTH recognition. As you focus on this dynamic of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION pulsing on the ground, going deep into the earth, feel that intention and need for humanity to have this TRUTH recognition. Do wish for your brothers and sisters to be liberated? Then pray for more TRUTH recognition to pervade the planet and all of its mindal circuits throughout the collective past and present and that this dynamic become a part of the future, that those generations who are being born and who will be born will operate in this dynamic. (Pause)

The planet is emerging from its long period of spiritual slumber. As this awakening process continues, recognize what it is within you to accomplish during this mighty time of transformation that the Father's presence within be a stronger guiding presence, that it take you into areas of faith you have yet to explore. You are all contained within Michael’s and Nebadonia’s LOVE and SAFETY. You are secure in them and in Father within. So allow these energetic dynamics to move you into greater Father recognition and sacred service to the divine unfolding upon Urantia. You never know where you will be guided to be of service to your brethren. Keep an open mind and heart as these energies deepen in you to foster your MORAL COURAGE to be a guiding light to others in great need.


On behalf of all who have participated with us today in the spiritual domains, I thank you. We will continue to build these spiritual dynamics upon Urantia that more individuals may awaken and participate in the great transformation of this world Gaining strength in Father's LOVE and the recognition of Urantia’s rightful place in the Father's creation of all life. Revel in this awareness and let it deepen in you as you grow in His MERCY and GOODNESS, GRACE and LOVE a little bit more each day. Good day.