2021-03-18-Standing on Spirit Platforms

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Topic: Standing on Spirit Platforms

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I would offer that we get our gym instructor in here to help us weave some of these concepts together. I now formally make petition to allow for my Divine Guide, my Inner Voice. I am in process of conditioning my environment by petitioning to be of service and inviting my Inner Voice into my cathedral and offering to give expression, so be it.


Inner Voice: And so it is, it is as simple as that. The choice, the conviction, the purpose, they all line up and the results are as you have come to expect. I am very grateful to be offered this opportunity that we share here together. This provides us with some unique opportunities to share and right away, when we refer to sharing between us, sharing among us, we are expressing our values, we are sharing our awareness and this necessarily implies that the more spiritualized our discussion and references and interests, the more necessarily morontia they are. That is a normal and natural distinction and so these work outs that we come to where we stand on a spirit platform of awareness that is high enough to elevate the seekers into the realm where values may be encountered, divine values that cause you to change your scope of awareness.

An example that filters all the way down into your mortal dimension was the discussion of last week in how we might be more effective as a spirit minister, as a representative of the divine values that you are aware of. This question arises because you are becoming more spiritualized, the balance between your mortal and spirit components is tipping as your capacity for spiritual awareness increases. And so your outlook changes, your desires to serve change. There is renewed enthusiasm and interest as your dimensions are expanded by these new values, this higher vibration. So that is what was meant by the reference that some of the material that you are finding as you seek, as a result of your efforts, is leading you into the morontia realm of more divine influence, more spirit influence.

As you are out exploring and seeking and finding you come across other examples of individuals expressing themselves in spirit and you notice that what they are engaged in is quite similar in formula to what you engage in when you petition to be of assistance to send your health and healing energies, your energies for stability and strength. You are investing yourself in creating these realities and then issuing them forth, perhaps even breathing them into existence. You are learning the tricks of the trade, how to focus and concentrate and how stillness still is important. You are experiencing with some satisfaction, the fruits of your efforts when you are engaged in this commingling of divine energies and attempting to be of service and you are drawn by this whole process to keep looking for better ways and more effective techniques.

So now if you consider that for some, the objective of projecting their inner self out to a distant location and simply being able to observe and get impressions of where you are located in your focal point. What is so different about attempting to do that as opposed to attempting to visit a sick friend, to enjoy some fellowship with a cherished other about perhaps even working together in a project of this magnitude where we all assemble to practice the heavy lifting together and to coordinate our efforts to magnify the results? It is all how you choose to direct your energies, what your objective is, what you would create, what you would go do. Right now, this effort to connect to the circuitry and utilize the circuitry between and among you to facilitate transfers of energy is well and good but that is almost a mechanical process of assembling these connections and of firing the grid once the circuitry is in place.

And this you reenforce by repetition, just as your repetition repeatedly throughout the day of stillness returns you once again and again to your objective, to your mission and gives you another chance to try again and such devotion is always rewarded. I invite you to consider broadening your approaches to include your ability to project your real self anywhere. Remember, with God, all things are possible and when you are in your spirit element, you are near to God, you are in divine frequencies of love and trust that when you are in this family of spirit, when you are joining with God, all things are possible because you are a part of the whole, you are a fragment of the total. So perhaps, expand your applications to include personal visits, personal projections, practice traveling. You will discover that when you are traveling in this spirit mode of essence that you are not only free from the confines of material space, but as well you may find yourself free from the confines of being bound by time. This is a concept for later, I simply seek to expand your parameters, seek to enlarge your capacities little by little and allow you to grow into the new dimensions.

I would invite us all at this time to allow for personal affirmation, individual personal affirmation and your commitment to charge this field of energy to direct your intention, your purpose, into strengthening the grid, the connections, the connections between mortals, the connections between Adjusters and the connection between the individual and the Father Fragment within. This is in the same significance as your practicing your individual preparations, the individual building of your citadel of spirit. It is good to recommit to a common purpose and pool our available resources to fire this grid, to send this pulse out of strength, of stability, of peace, of divine love embracing all. May we contribute our own individual offerings to this group effort and send it out as the creators that we are, even with the capacity to focus the vehicle for the same purpose and breathe our intention, breathe our life into this intention. This should not have to take long. This should not be arduous, it should not be a task that you do not enjoy. This opportunity is a gift of creation from on high and you should seek to position yourself to best ride this wave of energy.

And that is exactly what we are doing in this moment, we are stretching our faith muscles, we are strengthening our grasp, we’re refining our techniques. And all of this is a direct response to your inner petitions, literally an answer to your prayers because that is how it works. It's all connected, we’re all in this together and I, as your onboard partner, am here to simply illuminate the way, simply to acknowledge the validity of your choices and to stand by you throughout the journey that you will choose to take us on. I appreciate that we have had a good session, that we have perhaps even broken a little sweat, perhaps coming upon new boundaries to explore and new opportunities to experience more of our senses.

I would take my leave at this time having felt deeply connected with this effort. The connections are in fact getting better, stronger, more prevalent and I am thrilled to be at this place with you now, this place of awareness, this place of change, this place of expansion. Divine energies are showering down. They will transform life as you know it. They will bring the influence of love, of truth, of beauty, of goodness and you will recognize it and be there to choose it, even be there to represent it so that others may choose it. Truly, we are gifted with these times and the magnitude of change before us for where there is change, there is growth and it is a joy to go through it with you, even now. I will always be happy to return to the gym with you, so now I open the floor for others.

Jonathan: Hello folks, I am Jonathan and I feel so at ease in barging in here to share with you my observations and to enjoy once again, fellowship with you which is timeless. It is the development of relationship which is a sacred gift. There have always been throughout time, prophets, sages and masters who attempt to express their understanding, their awareness and in so doing, oftentimes they are visionaries. They are ones who have a dream and who go out and view a higher way, a more divine version and then bring that back and attempt to offer it so that it may be chosen and supported and a new wavelength of life may transpire.

This is where you find yourselves, in the position of being able to glimpse a higher notion, a higher version because you have been flavored with higher values. You have been influenced and expanded in your awareness to the point that you view things from a different vantage, from a spiritualized vantage. And looking through that lens, the realities you see are brought into focus with divine values. The picture that you see in your minds eye or perhaps your outer eye, is your seeking, your going out and searching. Your vision of a higher way is your gift, your reward for seeking. It’s the finding and then once you have found it you may represent it, you may embody it, you may become the value that you have embraced.

There has been discussion before about the creative process and how there is an imagery that is useful of casting your intentions out before you, literally planting the seeds of the fruits before you have arrived at the location of your destination. By conditioning your environment in advance, your creative skills are honed and fine tuned and you can simply manifest that which you have envisioned, that which you have petitioned and been granted the vision of. This is yet another example of the use of projecting your inner self, your real self, out in advance of your arrival to your destination and envisioning in advance of the construction of your project. We do this even now when the discussion moves into material methods and means for implementing healing energies for example, and we never fail to consider all the avenues, the material components of expression. And this we do on a regular basis, preparing the environment, going through the motions to create the result and then as per plan, you are able to manifest a vision, a version, an option.


We seem to be going further and further afield of the restraints of the Teaching Mission which had a number of confines, a number of restrictions, expectations and understandings that certain formats were to be followed. This whole movement into establishing individual connection with your Onboard Partner represents an entirely new direction. So I am quite pleased to still be a part of your platoon and of our working group if you will. Simply because I do not share your form does not mean I cannot project myself to be with you around your circle. I offer my observations about how you are shifting and your accomplishments are observable phenomena.

I will let you all go, it’s been a good session, a good feast with much for your nourishment, even your enjoyment and your pleasure. So I will retire and allow time for some digestion before we meet again. It is my honor and privilege to be included in this meeting with you once again. My love to you all, until next time, good day.