2021-03-25-Who and What Jesus Was

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Topic: Who and What Jesus Was

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia




Dear Mother Spirit and Michael; Oh joy!--here we are again. It is always surprising and new, and yet wonderful to say that word—again--keeping in mind all the wonderful times we’ve had together. We do appreciate your company within us, and especially your bringing yourselves to us this way. With that, Mother Spirit, I will turn everything over to you. If you would please, since it is just a little over a week to Easter Time, maybe you would care to shed some light on what this worldly event has meant to you and Michael, and the whole spiritual community. Amen.


Nebadonia: Good evening, everyone. This is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit, and I would be happy to give you some observations and reflections that have occurred to Michael and me, and our spiritual community, ever since that great event some two thousand years ago.

(Who and what Jesus was)

I’ll start off and set the stage--from our point of view--of not only who the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth was, but also what he was. Jesus’ life was the human life of our own Creator Son, Michael. Having a human life was a requirement of his two fathers--God the Father, and the Eternal Son, of Paradise, as Michael is a duel-origin being. He is the off-spring of these two Paradise Creators, just as I--the Mother Spirit of our Local Universe—am the off-spring of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise. Michael is one of 700,000 Creator Sons, who are the heads of as many Local Universes scattered across the seven Super Universes of time and space.

Our own Local Universe of Nebadon is a little over four hundred billion years old now since Michael and I came out from Paradise to create and help evolve it. It now comprises a little over 3,800,000 evolutionary worlds—with a full prospect of ten million--much like your own earth. Inasmuch as Michael and I are a part of you, with my Mind/Spirit Adjutants helping you realize your lives, and Michael’s Spirit of Truth bestowed on the worlds, you can imagine how many millions of billions of human lives we have been part of. These include the most primitive evolutionary planets with their very first human beings, on through the ages, to those advanced in Light and Life where people live to be four and five hundred years old, then “flash over” avoiding natural death to begin their morontia ascension.

(Michael’s experience before becoming Jesus)

So by the time Michael began his long-anticipated and eagerly-awaited human life, he had acquired this much indirect experience. In addition, he had already gone through six other incarnations in a descending order of spiritual beings, so a human life was his seventh and final requirement by God his Father. Upon the satisfactory completion of his human life, Michael’s actual status changed. He is now a Master-Son of Paradise, and, as has been stated, all power of heaven and earth has been placed in his hands. In this sense both Michael and I are evolutionary beings. We are not the existential Gods of Paradise—the Trinity--but we are learning. We too are evolving.

Finally it came time for Michael to have a purely human life. Then, in order to be only a new-born baby, a child, a teenager, a young man, a fully adult man traveling around the Mediterranean as far as Rome, and back to Palestine, he had to have his self-consciousness and his powers as a Creator Son of God suspended. This self-loss of his previous life, of hundreds of billions of years, extended clear to his confronting Caligastia and Satan, and being tempted by them, as a human being. As the Urantia Book puts it most succinctly, on a later day, when Jesus walked down into the Jordon River to be baptized by his cousin John, “This was his last act as a purely human being.”

(Michael regains his identity and powers)

Upon his baptism he once again became fully Michael of Nebadon--in a human body. And as he has told you, himself--through these transmissions--in spite of regaining being a Creator Son of God--he had to go off by himself for a while to get used to being so. There was simply no preparation for this event. Yet, off by himself, he was soon informed by Gabriel, our oldest son, part of the reason he was returned to being Michael still in a human body, was because he had completely fulfilled God’s requirement of him having a human life. In fact, he had lived such a full human life up to that point, he now had his Father’s permission, and the power. to leave at any moment. The choice was his. This became the first of three great decisions he had to make.

As he has told you a number of times, his human life was so precious to him he chose to stay with it in a very essentially-human way, especially physically so. Yet now he was--and had the power of--a Creator Son of God, he knew he could fulfil the Jewish notion of a Messiah—a notion he had known his whole life—and in a very short time wipe out the Roman occupation of Palestine. As the Urantia Book puts it, he realized he could go back to Jerusalem, climb up the temple stairs, walk out on the air, and fundamentally change the world that way.

So his second great decision was to eschew his extra-human powers as much as possible as he continued to have a human life. He stayed true this decision clear to the point that the very first extra-human miracle he performed was an unintended act of self-forgetfulness when he turned water into wine at a wedding feast. It surprised him more than anyone else. But he also became determined to never again forget who and what he was.

As he went on, he mentioned how when, from time to time, someone came close enough to touch him, and be instantaneously cured of whatever disease they had, he would feel a little power going out from him. Later on in his life he once referred to his own body as a temple that both he and you all have, and said, “I can lay this down at any time, and take it up again.”

And as you know, still later when he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he told his armed followers to stand back, saying, in essence, “I am allowing this.” The hills were covered with legions of angels at his command, half a dozen of which could have wiped out the Roman occupation.

(Michael’s continuing human nature)

This is critical for your understanding that, though Michael/Jesus suspended his power to change everything happening to him, he still had the power to allow it. He allowed himself to be arrested. He allowed himself to be tried and crucified--moment by moment. I invite you, I tease you to read the Urantia Book version of these events. Right to the very end of his human life he treasured his essential humanness so much he neither ended it earlier to avoid suffering, nor prolonged it indefinitely, as he had the power to do.

(Michael was never forsaken, nor ever felt so)

This allows me to correct one mistake that your history has made of Jesus’ final hours. As he was dying, coming in and out of his human consciousness, he repeated some words of scripture he had read as a very young man: “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” This was not only repeating some words of text he remembered, but also his appreciation for what a regular, devout human person being crucified might feel--that he had been abandoned. But for Michael himself, never for an instant from the moment he regained being a Creator Son, all those years earlier in the Jordon River, had he been abandoned by his Father. Nor had he ever felt or experienced being abandoned.

(Universe Reflectivity)

Another thing I should bring out about the crucifixion, and Michael’s experience of it, is something called Universe Reflectivity. This is another dimension of cosmic reality that is explained nowhere outside of the Urantia Book, and our teachings. It is an activity projected by a high spiritual being whereby all the higher spiritual beings in the universe, and even the human beings on the more advanced worlds, can experience anything happening anywhere. When Jesus regained being Michael, he was instantaneously aware, as before, that everything he would do from that moment on could be witnessed in a way I find hard to express. It is unlike a movie or television in being so much fuller in that other beings, as myself, can actually experience Michael’s/Jesus’ life right along with him. So this was also something that Michael was aware of at all times. He was not only doing things for himself and for the groups immediately surrounding him, but for untold billions of other high spiritual beings.

During the Lucifer Rebellion, when your world and others joined in, their use of Universe Reflectivity was suspended in a kind of quarantine to keep the rebellion from spreading. When Adam and Eve--your Material Son and Daughter--came to your world to have their very special children who would biologically up-step the human races; the Urantia Book talks about how enormously lonely and isolated they felt. They were suddenly bereft of this Universe Reflectivity that had up to then let them know everything happening throughout our whole Local Universe. That the quarantine was inoperable for Michael’s human life, lets you know how enormous was this dimension in his mission.

After the crucifixion and his death as a human being, he chose to go on and experience all the different stages that you too will come to experience when you die and begin the ascension of the Mansion Worlds. These are the worlds awaiting you, and how you will keep evolving as a timeless personality for as long as you choose.

But for days afterward, Michael returned--still as Jesus--and the Urantia Book records all the many times he met with different people and reassured them of his continuing love and presence. For his closest followers, many of them remembered and cherished for the rest of their challenging lives, just sitting so informally and happily around a campfire with Jesus, recollecting their times together. How it proved and reassured them of his resurrection. And of course this is what Easter is all about--not only the crucifixion, but the resurrection of Michael/Jesus--truly a Creator Son of God.

(Christ did not die for anyone’s sins)

One other historical mistake, or miss-interpretation, that I would like to comment on, is probably most succinctly stated as Christ died for your sins. And since this too is a point the Urantia Book goes to some great length to refute, I encourage you to look up, not only the chapter on what a Creator Son of God is, but all of the detailed, 800-page, day-by-day story of Jesus’ life. Here you will find, sometimes, an almost minute-by-minute description of who was there, what was done, and what was said.

But as for assigning and assuaging sin, the Urantia Book points out this harkens back to ancient times and the very beginning of the human races. At first everything was personalized, even, especially, terrible, impersonal, natural phenomena like forest fires, floods, and storms. Of course this included very personal tragic events, like the birth of a stillborn, or a terribly deformed child. Everything to these very primitive human beings was personal.

(The misunderstood cause of tragic events, and their mistaken atonement)

It seemed only obvious to assign to personal, angry and powerful gods as the causes for all these great and terrible things happening. The next step was going from notions of arbitrary, capricious gods who were visiting all these terrible things on people, to the notion there was some kind of cause-and-effect, some profound Karma operating. These terrible things that were happening—personal and impersonal alike-- were because of sins, both personal and collective. Someone or some members of the tribe had to be doing something so terrible, this punishment was being meted out on everyone. Yet perhaps the gods were not capricious and implacable after all. Maybe they could be placated. Some sacrifice could be made.

The Urantia Book tells of how many thousands of domestic animals and hundreds of human lives were once sacrificed back in Egyptian times. Sometimes the sins of the community were heaped on some poor little animal that was driven out into the desert to suffer and die as a scapegoat, carry all the sins away, and placate a wrathful god seeking righteous vengeance. In essence, this same cause has been given to Christ’s crucifixion.

Christ did not die for anyone’s sins, let alone his own. Jesus Christ only died because he was a human person being crucified to death--something that Michael had the power to prevent. Yet Michael had an even greater power to love and treasure his human life for being--as yours—fully human, like those of the two thieves who died with him, who did not have his power, or his choice.

(God the Father is part of you)

So once again, as with the thousands and thousands of times throughout his human life, Michael chose to stay true to his human nature. That is why he died, not to take on someone else’s’ sins to appease some cold-hearted deity. God the Father has a presence within every single one of you. He is part of you. There is no use in beating yourself up with notions of sin in order to contact God, and to be one with God’s presence within you. It is still a miss-direction of attention onto yourself.

As Michael and I have taught, when before some marvel of nature like a mountain range, or being on the shore of the ocean, or being in a gentle, peaceful pastoral glade deep in some verdant forest, to feel tiny and insignificant in the face of God’s creation is to still be focused and concentrated on yourself.

Rather, use these moments to forget yourself. Transcend yourself to simply, but profoundly, be in awe of the creation in front of you, that you too are part of. Listing your sins and begging forgiveness, in order to be one with God, is not only misdirected, it’s a self-flagellation that is totally unnecessary. God’s presence is actually part of you. He is the keeper of your soul, and everything in your whole life’s experience.

(The power and necessity to achieve the present moment)

My children, try as best you can to disassociate this notion of Jesus being crucified to take on the world’s sins. Be one with Michael’s Spirit of Truth within you. Be with my own Mother Spirit’s presence within you, helping you perceive, and know, and understand, and have courage, and faith, and worship. Get out of the past, just like Michael/Jesus himself had his resurrection. Michael talked about this last time. Rather than approaching something even as near and terrible as this virus spread among you--by constantly coming out of the past and what hasn’t worked--be currant with new possibilities. Be still and open-minded. Know you are a creative, spiritual being yourself in your own situation, and you have God’s presence and suggestions within you.

All you need do is say to yourself, “Dear Father, Good morning. It is me. What do you have for me--now?--this time? I’m listening. Help me be “now” Help me be aware of all that I am blessed with--including this whole world surrounding me, full of all these other wonderful spiritual beings--all my friends and family.”

(Realize your own resurrection)

This, my dears, can be your own resurrection, and a new start. Whatever terrible things you think you have done in the past, let all that go to be now. Let yourself go. Open yourself to the enormity of the creation. You are part of it, and its Creator is part of you.

I hope this is the full and wonderful meaning you can take from the life, and crucifixion, and the resurrection of Jesus. Thank you for bearing with me. Now, if you have any comments or questions, we can do them now.


Student #1: Hello, I was just wondering. When you started, you said seven-hundred-thousand-plus Creator Sons. Have they all had to do a human incarnation? What was it like for those on a world that was not in quarantine, but still had their Garden of Eden? How does that work for a Creator Son that way?

(Michael’s brother Creator Sons)

Nebadonia: Oh, my dear, you really have to stretch your imagination to realize that all 700,000 Local Universes have their own distinct character. Every single Local Universe has its own uniqueness, corresponding to its own Creator Son and Daughter. So each has its own--I guess you could call it—Karma--its own way forward. A Local Universe will eventually have--and some already do have--ten million evolutionary worlds like your own here--plus the thousands of architectural spheres--with all their celestial beings. While the Urantia Book goes to some pains to say what kind of experience Michael of Nebadon had as Jesus, being crucified was not in any way a requirement. In fact it has been very, very rare for a Creator Son to give up his human life this way.

Student #1: That is what I was thinking--about “unusual.” Like, did—or do--his other brother Creator Sons tease him about his world killing him?

I mean, is it ever--you know? Does it happen to other Sons of God?--like on a world of Light and Life? They wouldn’t have a bestowal on a world of Light and Life would they?

Nebadonia: Well, usually the bestowal of a Creator Son on a world is long before the ages of Light and Life. Remember: you are on the only world in our whole Local Universe that has had--or ever will have—a Creator Son incarnation The same function is fulfilled on other worlds of an Local Universe by an order of being called an Avonal Son. They incarnate and fulfill the same evolutionary-planet mission as Michael did for you.

This is why Urantia is considered so special in its own way. You are the one world of all the millions, and the millions to come, upon which Michael had his human life, that was experienced in a very high, spiritual way by so many. And he was aware of this.

Student #1: So does a Mother Spirit too get be with them then? Because I sometimes wonder: Does she get a bestowal life or incarnation somewhere? I have often wondered: When is it Mommy Spirit’s turn?

(Do Local Universe Mother Spirits incarnate?)

Nebadonia: Oh no. We Mother Spirits never have a physical/biological incarnation as do the Michael and Avonal Sons. Further, Michael can travel around and visit with his brother Creator Sons, but I never leave Salvington. In fact, it is my own personal consciousness that denotes the extent of our Local Universe. But Michael and I are such an order of beings that we can share everything that either one of us does. Just like you married couples who have an enormous ability to share your lives together, after hundreds of billions of years, we are definitely an old married couple by now.

Student #1: Thank you. Yeah,

Nebadonia: You can only imagine how much of Michael’s life I had with him, being so close to him, and our being so much a part of each other. Keep in mind the hallmark of deity. A very deep essence of God’s nature is one of sharing. This is why there is a creation. God and other spiritual beings can share their lives with each other--all the way down to you human beings, with your own spiritual creativity. You can also share, and do.

Student #1: On the aspect of Universe Reflectivity, we humans here also don’t grow up with any experience of that. We grow up feeling the isolation that Adam and Eve felt when they got here. So it’s also sort-of alien for some of us to have that much connection with people.

(The suffering of loneliness)

Nebadonia: Oh yes. There is no limit to the amount of loneliness a human being can suffer. This is the cause of a large number of suicides. There becomes such intense suffering, the only way out for these people is to kill themselves. That is a fact.

But as Universal Reflectivity is throughout all of time and space, it is only a very rare event for a world to be isolated as yours was. It was only to keep the Lucifer Rebellion from expanding beyond thirty-seven planets that the Constellation Fathers decided: this is enough. We’re putting an end to this going any further.

Student #1: Thank you.

Nebadonia: Adam and Eve knew about the Rebellion and Urantia’s isolation before they volunteered to come here, and be its Planetary Adam and Eve. But it was still quite a shock. Imagine living in the middle of a large city and reading its huge daily paper every day. enjoying the news of your whole world and all that’s involved. Then all of a sudden you’re living in some little pre-electricity pup tent out in the middle of nowhere, with no radio, or television, or internet.

Student #1: So when we die, it’ll be the opposite for us. We’ll end up in the middle of the big city. There must be some remedial treatments for us--to gradually become used to that kind of continuity of our lives.

Nebadonia: Oh yes, that is something you can look forward to, as you evolve up through the mansion worlds. In time you will become sensitive to Universal Reflectivity, but not for a while.

Student #1: OK. Thank you for answering my questions..

Student #2: Mother, I have sort-of a curiosity question. Was Michael’s earthly father Joseph allowed to witness what his son did, while Joseph was on the Morontia worlds? I’m sure the Universe Broadcast covered it pretty thoroughly. I was just wondering if he just got a chance to see what his son did?

(Early Mansion World experience and growth)

Nebadonia: No, Joseph and Mary were working their way up through the early Mansion Worlds themselves. They were made aware of everything happening, of course, but not with a sense of Universal Reflectivity. As I discussed, that is usually not available to the early stages of your mansion life experience. It is just one more thing you have to grow in to, and you have enough to do to begin with. On the first Mansion Worlds you are still very human. As the Urantia Book says, even your physical being is still susceptible to accidents and such. You are still very, very human when you awaken.

Student #2: I would imagine though, that when Michael was going through the Mansion Worlds, he stopped off to say hi to his dad. But maybe not. I don’t know.

Nebadonia: That is kind-of personal between them. As you know, Joseph died rather young in an accident. Mary, of course, was at the crucifixion and suffered terribly, both because of, and in spite of, having her amazing son. Part of Mary’s humaneness was seeing her son and child of promise--one of the most amazing human beings that ever lived--dying like that.

Student #2: Thank you, Mother.


(The Urantia Book addresses the greatest mysteries)

Nebadonia: Well, my dears, it is getting kind-of late, so let me go. I hope I was able to shed some light and further dimensions on this Easter Time of your world. It has occupied some of the very best minds, and imaginations, and characters, and souls since those events 2000 years ago. It has been such an enormous mystery, you can appreciate and credit how the authors of the Urantia Book anticipated and answered so thoroughly your questions--in looking at the life of Jesus. What part was purely human, and yet what actually transpired to make him unique among all those who ever lived on your world--a self-conscious Creator Son of God with all his powers, still in a human body. Think of the kind of choices, and then the life, he went on to have. It is the greatest story ever told, as they say.

Thank you, my dears, for being with me.