2021-04-01-Universe Broadcasts

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Topic: Universe Broadcasts

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we come to the well that you provide for us where we can seek refreshment as we search for our spirit dimension and all the different ways we are connected and touched by all the different frequencies and vibrations and states of awareness that these circuits represent. We are beginning to grasp the connectedness that we already have but are searching to express. So as we move forward in this process Divine Parents, we seek to drink again this cup of insight, this cup of awareness that we might be able to appreciate even more these gifts of grace that you bestow upon us. Help us to discover how all of these different vibrations all connect to us and that we are in fact a part of this great web of connections. Let it be so.


Inner Voice: I am here to join you having been given voice by my partner and to show my dedication to this grand undertaking that we are involved in at this time. It is the grandness of the changes before us that call for grand measures to be taken. They call for true dedication, for inspiration and for acting in faith as the opportunity arises. I understand there is another question presented about this phenomenon of universal broadcasts and as described, you are accurate in defining this as a network of keeping developing planets informed and an avenue of keeping in contact with greater, more divine sources.

When this is present on a developing world, there is a great dependency, a great looking to these broadcasts for direction and purpose and being exposed to higher principles, individuals are often inspired to reach for greater and greater expressions of truth, beauty and goodness. Here on this special planet, you have had the experience of having been shut off from the news, isolated from what’s going on with the rest of creation and as such, you have greatly lacked the influence of divine principles, the example of spirit growth and the awareness of where you are in the scheme of progression. You have been in the darkness with no news and no awareness of what’s coming, what’s meant to be, what is normal or what is aspired to. Instead, you have had to find these traits that are so readily made available to those with open circuits. You have had to find your divine values, your truth, your beauty, your goodness without the influences of having the news of creation all around you. And so you experience great misunderstanding regarding the purpose of your experience and the future that you have before you and not having some sense of position, it is easy to fall more and more away from divine principles and more and more to occupy yourselves with simple survival.

But now, in a magnificent turn of events, we are here together at a juncture of time and space, when what has been severed in terms of the circuitry, is now beginning to be reinstated. But not having been present for so long, it may be difficult to recognize. It has been unknown for so very long that no human alive has a reference to what it was like. There has been so much darkness that it has caused a very fertile field for mortals of the realm to dig and find their spirit values, the direction of their moral compass and the ability to appreciate truth, beauty and goodness as such through the lens of divine frequencies. This is where we find ourselves, right here, right now, attempting to gather in this support group of seekers to describe what has never been experienced among any mortal of the realm. Quite a task before us to even identify, let alone distinguish and describe accurately what it is, but this is what we find ourselves being asked to do. Our service at this time is to simply grow in awareness each day so that more and more of what is being turned on, what is being augmented and directed at you can be embraced and you truly can actually function in harmony with these circuitries.

We have for some time been discussing your relative association to not only your individual Inner Voice, but as well by virtue of your awareness having been expanded, you are growing to embrace that you are as well part of the circuit that your Inner Guide is part of and as we have been about unpacking this and investigating its dimensions, it has been required of you that you make these discoveries and expand your capacities by virtue of your faith, your willingness to go where spirit leads and your dedication to your faith in the process and in the role you play in the process. So now, in addition to a number of circuits we have enumerated, there comes this notion that there could be yet another one and in another way with another frequency to be tuned into. And you, who have become used to adjusting your dials on your receivers to accommodate the frequencies of divinity, will be able to tune in to yet another signal. This is possible because you have been growing your antennae, you have been putting yourselves out, seeking and searching and trusting in your Divine Parents to bring you your answers and to furnish you with that which you seek. And you will all witness, it has been so.

So now we have another opportunity before us. This program of expanding your awareness and thereby your capabilities is ongoing and when you have devoted yourself significantly, change is inevitable. You expand your capacities with each attempt making you more and more practiced at your goal. This notion of being able to hear a news broadcast from on high is certainly appealing and feels like a gift of grace from on high. So for it to be reinstated is an indication that we are moving in the direction of being freed from all of the restrictions of rebellion and brought back into the good graces of the universe of the universes.

These things come to your attention as an answer to your prayers, as a response to your request to find more, to have more, to be more and as you are ready, as we are ready, as if by miracle, another new dimension appears. So imagine if you will, how you would receive such a signal, through what means would you avail yourselves of such a communication? You know the answer is to approach from your spiritual citadel and with the divine intentions of service and gratitude, the same stance that you come to this gym with of being open, ready, prepared, even flexing your muscles and that is the stance required for you to find all of these new portals of expression through your practices of stillness and your attempts to gain material control over the mortal intention. This is how you will find all that you seek. This is the well you return to, this is where we meet to discuss these things and this is where you will enjoy experiencing these different portals of awareness, the different levels of frequency.

[And then there was Wave and Light. The creation of Light is what is referred to in the following paragraph.]

There was also some mention of this phenomenon of eventuation and I am interested to point out to you that your notion of such things is the notion of yet another avenue of circuitry, another connection to the divine, to the creative impulse, another avenue of expression of the sons of the Father. As it so turns out, my partner, my mortal comrade here has had some experience that he has agreed to share regarding a certain eventuation. There was a process that was instituted wherein the alignment of many creative forces were focused and combined and prayers were answered, desires were fostered. The desire to create was honored, respected and supported and as a result, there was a manifestation. There was the combination of creators choosing to create together, to create in love and with open hearts about their expectations of creating and the ability of the participants to lean heavily on their faith. To truly believe and have conviction and certainty is a powerful manifesting force. And when all these factors become in alignment, then all things are possible with God. Never forget, and as you have mentioned, when you are attempting to work with and contact and be a partner with your Thought Adjuster, you are taking one of the most direct routes, one of the most direct circuits available to you that reflects God and divine values and it is right onboard your vehicle, with you even now.

I bring up this past experience of my partner as an illustration of a dimension unknown that was explored and ended up with an eventuation, if you will. Just another example of another opportunity that you have, another chance to create in that capacity. But as all the participants would agree, it requires a supreme act of faith, the stepping off the sound mortal ledge and be willing to trust that you will fly in spirit. Each time you do your stillness exercises, each time you come to the gym as you are now, you are building your capacities and creating greater antennas for receptivity and developing deeper faith and it is this faith which is key to moving into dimensions that you are unfamiliar with. You trust that even though you are unfamiliar with the dimension, you trust that God has brought you this and that it is right for you, that you are cared for and cherished and provided all that you have need of even all that you want in terms of your spirit desires. It is all there for the taking and my assuring you of this again is merely meant to confirm for you that your being here in faith will bring you the rewards that you seek, not to provide you with faith, but in response to the faith that you have.


Before this classroom disperses, I request that we pool energies once again and we direct our intentions, direct our being, direct our minds to focus on our intention, direct our hearts to embrace what we are given and the strength to rest on faith, to use this conviction of faith to steady us in the process even though many of the exercises we are engaged in may be unknown. Faith dictates they will all be good, they will all be part of our ascension career and add dimension to our being. It is good to recharge the reservoir, to refill the cup and to invest our intentions of service, of gratitude and of peace into our grid that we create even now. When the reservoir is full, we may all utilize these healing waters, this healing energy that may be distributed, shared, that may bring comfort to the troubled because of our conviction of faith.

Now having invested our intentions in this circuitry, in this field of energy that we create, we may share it, spread it about, offer it in service and make the connection because we know of its existence simply because you are aware that you may make such a connection. This is your privilege as physician's attendant or as workers in the service fields of the Lord. Bring what you are aware of, what your experience has brought you and bring this to the portal that it may be directed and focused, it may be harvested and used, may be chosen, may be given. These are the tasks at hand and that those who would show up and volunteer, ask to receive. These are the roles that are available. These are the opportunities before you, these are the answers to your prayers and it is a great pleasure to be working with you in such a direct way to identify the components of this matrix.

Thank you all for your time, for your energy, for your love in action. It is a joy to combine intentions with you. This is what you also seek with your own onboard partner, to combine intentions, to become one intention. So be it, as it is becoming even now. I now take my leave having given plenty to chew on at this feast and I bid you all a continued glorious journey as I witness that your journeys even now are filled with opportunities for growth and expression. Good day to you all.