2021-04-04-Disparate Parts

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Topic: Disparate Parts

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



The lesson tonight is on disparate parts. It is the prime directive for you to seek understanding within. It brings you to a place where you can understand the will of God, or approximate it as best you can within the surrounding environment, however pure or distorted it may be at any given time.


The questions that arise when you seek union with others who similarly work to commune with their maker are generally about variety rather than quality, for anyone seeking connection within has a level of validity in their pursuit that cannot be denied. And yet you wonder why the challenge, the struggle, to build cohesion arises.

Often when seeking spiritual unity and developing service minded endeavors, there are fits and starts and stops and sputters and starts again. This does not necessarily signify a lack of spiritual value in the pursuit. Your world, currently, is like a great ocean, and those endeavoring to move forward in the light of God are like islands. You each have a sphere of influence, smaller or larger, as the opportunities have arisen, and as you have built upon previous efforts. How you would go about finding a way to connect these islands may seem like a massive endeavor, but recognize that between who you were 25 to 30 years ago and where you have come to, much of value has been accomplished.

Perhaps the question is not whether you can find unity, but how do you build culture? The culture of spiritual pursuit needs a growth spurt. Many inspired individuals on your world undertake a project that leads to a certain resolution, but then rest easy in their achievement. Building culture is not a one off. It’s not an arena where you simply have a success, or even failure, and call it good, say “I’ve done my part. I moved the needle forward, so all is well.” Building culture is a bit more complex than that, for it requires a commitment to progress building upon progress, and sometimes progress building upon failure, getting back up and moving forward again to try a different way.

The culture you seek requires effort building upon effort, taking the next step, expanding the view, coordinating with those who want to coordinate and finding another path or avenue to explore, to pray together, to commune individually with God, yes, but also together. You seek a cultural community of acceptance and pursuing higher realities, but the culture is the honoring of those varying viewpoints, accepting not merely at a base level, but also the acceptance of the power potential of each person working in unison, building effort upon effort.

This can be messy. It may feel like you are just a bunch of disparate parts, at times. But don’t fret too deeply, my friends, because disparate parts can find unity and can build something, particularly if each part is seeking how it can come together rather than move apart. We are pleased at your efforts. Know this.

This weekend, in the grace of our Father Michael and the recognition of his transformation from being a mortal being to assuming his rightful place in authority of this world and this universe, you chose to honor him by bringing forth the artistic spirit, to take a chance on something you have not done before. I commend those who participated to make this evening of honor for our Creator a moment and an offering of spiritual unity for those who chose to attend. The technical difficulties arose, but you met the challenges and moved forward, utilizing the talents of multiple people to bring it all together, to carry it out.

To my friend Mark, who opened his soul with his art, we thank you sincerely for your dedication and commitment to making this successful and rolling with the punches, or the difficulties, as they may be, and showing that the human spirit is resilient and can adapt and can make it work and can bring beauty out of situations that can seem a lot like disparate parts. And yet the result for those who came with open hearts was a satisfying evening of spiritual unity with the performer and his supporting cast and all those who applied their energy to the event and made it a successful rendition of what the spirit of Easter is all about. When united with spirit, all can rise.


As you reflect on this event, recognize it is one step toward building culture, but other steps can be taken. How can you utilize this in the process of unification? What are the next steps?

My friends, I am Machiventa. Building those patterns and taking those steps is what we are seeking from those human counterparts to our spiritual mission for Urantia. Don’t be afraid of the disparate parts. They won’t always seem like they are coming together, but if you focus on the work and the effort, the momentum will move in a direction that allows those parts to function better together than apart. But you can’t always see the end at the beginning, so don’t be afraid to step forward in faith that those steps will provide opportunity for further steps. Thank you for your time. Continue on.