2021-04-04-Resurrection of the Soul Path

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Topic: Resurrection of the Soul Path...

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Father in Paradise, Eternal Mother-Son, Infinite Spirit, Father Michael, Mother Nebadonia, Monjoronson. We are so grateful, so grateful for all that you provide to us to help us during this very important time in our planet's evolution. Today is a day when many people remember and celebrate the resurrection of you, Father Michael, as Jesus. We offer you our heartfelt intentions today to collaborate with you and the heavenly helpers in these circuits of planetary mind for more spiritual energy to prevail. As we center ourselves in our hearts and in our intentions to be of service. Thank you for weaving us together as one through the circuits of Personality, Spirit, Soul, and Mind that what we generate from our hearts and souls and minds can be put to good use and service to the collective whole of our planet and all life here. We thank you for this opportunity to be of service and we ask for your WILL to be done. Thank you.


CHRIST MICHAEL: Beloved children, greetings to you on this celebration of Easter Sunday. This is your Father Michael, and I welcome you into my embrace of LOVE. Allow yourselves a few moments to become centered in me and my LOVE for you. Allow this to be a free flow of exchange of love between us—Spirit Father and human child. Feed upon me, my children. Grow strong and steady in our relationship as we commune together for a few moments in this embrace of LOVE. (Pause)

I rejoice in the awakening of many more of my Urantian children, especially on this celebratory day of Easter Sunday. Many individuals in the Christian world are celebrating my resurrection. And this is an experience that you will one day share with me as you resurrect in a new form on the mansion worlds continuing your soul progression of eternal life. Take a few moments to just align in this powerful energy that is on the planet now. It is a potency of the RESURRECTION dynamic that we will be asking you to engage with us in a few moments. Continue to commune with me in our relationship as the RESURRECTION dynamics move in this dynamic that we share together, Parent and child. (Pause)

Humanity is being seeded with some very important spiritual dynamics that will help you become more synergistically aligned in Father’s WILL for your lives. Think of these days as days of transformation when you are truly awakening and beginning to blossom in who you truly are. Human potential is being carefully cultivated to express something very important and significant for, not only this world, but for the entire fabric of life. You see, my children, this is the awakening of the soul and the path of ascension of eternal life. For many of your brethren it is a rough and bumpy time because they have not yet recognized their true worth and their great potential.

So, as this meditation experience progresses, you will be invited to assist your brothers and sisters in this. Take a few more moments to receive from me before I withdraw and let another speak. You have access to me at all times, my children. I welcome your engagement whenever you are in need. Become comfortable with sitting in our embrace as Spirit Parent and human child that you may more safely and trustingly allow me to support you on your own ascension path.

My peace is upon you and may you thrive in my love and know all things are well. Good day.

MONJORONSON: Beloved brethren, I greet you on this happy day of celebration as many hearts are opened to the power and presence of Jesus. This is Monjoronson. Underway on this world is a potent force. It is Spirit and it is knocking on the door of your human potential to help you awaken to the GLORY and the GRANDEUR that the Father in Paradise has seeded in you, that you may truly awaken to your soul and live more steadfastly and earnestly from that perspective each and every day.

This is something that humanity has yet to experience. The rebellion has created much interference on this path of soul progression. But that does not mean that that dynamic is still not available and operating in Urantian mind, for each one of you has been gifted with a mighty spirit presence. And it is up to you to make use of this throughout your daily life experiences, and we encourage you and we support you in this. However, we also recognize that the interference in human mind has diverted your attention and made you distracted and confused as a planetary culture. So today, in this infusion, I invite you to now step into that circuit of the RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION; that it gain more space, presence, function within human mind all through the collective.

You have access to this infusion. The circuits have been primed and prepared for this focus today. However, before we engage in the collective, I invite you to also let this dynamic move in you mightily, steadily engaging with your Spirits as you affirm this RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION in your own mind and heart. Sit with this now for a few moments. Focus on your Indwelling Spirits and affirm these words: RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION, RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION, RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION and notice what its energies are cultivating within you.

The soul path of ascension is the natural order of life for humanity to evolve based upon the divine plans for the material world. As you know, this world has suffered a great injustice as the soul path has been stridently kept hidden from you for many, many generations of time. What is now coming back to life is the remembrance and recognition of this soul path as the natural order. I invite you to drink deeply in this, allowing its energies to gain more space and presence within your own mind and heart, helping you recognize what it is that you are here to accomplish—Father’s WILL for your life

As this dynamic settles in deeper into your being, let it go into memory—go deep into memory. Let it go into cellular memory that the Father's presence in you may become more active, synergistic, and dynamic. You have a right to receive this. This is part of your divine inheritance. You have a right to grow your own soul in conjunction with the divine plans for your life. You get to craft this for yourselves. Spirit provides the environment in which and for which you do this. Continue your focus on RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION for a few more moments and then we will engage with the collective. (Pause)

Humanity is being stimulated spiritually as never before. The internal pressure you feel at times is part of this stimulation to look at the experiences of your lives through the lens of LOVE and LIGHT. Do not fear that which is unlovely in you. Appreciate that it is just a part of yourself that has not been yet fully spiritized. It represents something very beautiful and good in you ,but it needs the touch of Spirit to help you recognize what it is that you have not yet consciously appreciated it in yourselves.

Do not let these inconveniences of self-discovery deter you from engaging with spirit that you may live more dynamically each day thereby helping your potential to activate and lead you into greater father consciousness. This is the path of life. This is the way of life, and it is being returned and restored to you to make use of in your own unique way to reveal the father to others around you. And in doing this, you are living through your soul, you are adding more light of the soul into planetary consciousness.

This is an awe-inspiring responsibility and privilege that you have. And we encourage you to make good use of this each day as best you can. So, continue to commune with your Spirit in this powerful synergy dynamic of RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION as we make our preparations to move into the collective.

We invite you to now engage in the collective. Envision the world in your mind's eye before you and allow these words to spiral around the planet counterclockwise, north to south pole: RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION UPON URANTIA, RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION UPON URANTIA, RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF ASCENSION UPON URANTIA. With all the love in your heart send this fourth. (Pause)

Invite the energies to go deep, deep into the earth asking for it to engage with the divine life plan of the planet. Ask it to go deep into memory that more of humanity may awaken and recognize the rightful way of life and living. Use your spiritual potency, my brethren, through your heartfelt and love-felt intentions, motivations and inclinations for this to prevail throughout planetary mind as we conduct our ministrations in these circuits. (Pause)

The spiritual energy from Paradise is a current and it is now engaging with these circuits. You may think of it as a gravity grasp upon human mind to elevate it to higher levels of receptivity and perception. Hold this focus as best you can. Let the RESURRECTION energy spiral around the planet, deepening into human mind awakening people to their soul path of ascension all around the globe. (Pause)

I invite you to shift focus now to the core of the earth where the divine plans for Urantia are seeded. Engage these words in the core of the earth to co-mingle and combine with the divine plan. Invite the RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF URANTIA to now move in that direction of ascension—the Paradise grasp of Spirit moving the planet on its trajectory toward Light and Life. RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF URANTIA TO THE ASCENSION CIRCUITS OF PARADISE. RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF URANTIA TO THE ASCENSION CIRCUITS OF PARADISE. RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF URANTIA TO THE ASCENSION CIRCUITS OF PARADISE.

Feel your love for this to grow to move upward from the depths of the earth to engage through memory and to combine with the new circuits on the planet that are spiraling into the circuits of mind. Let this duel dynamic and synergy combine and blend, harmonize, and unify; healing all life here as this RESURRECTION dynamic strengthens, vibrates, and transforms. (Pause)

Over the course of our many years of participation with you, you have engaged with us to build mighty spiritual circuits upon the planet. Much preparation has been underway for this time. The world is preparing for a divine MERCY mission to manifest in the flesh one day. This period of cultivation has been very deliberate, and careful plans have been put in place for humans to sense, intuit, perceive, digest, and eventually collaborate and cooperate with us.

For many of you, this has not been easy. You have dedicated many hours of your lives in sacred service for which we greatly appreciate. And there is growing evidence that these spiritual qualities are producing fruit. But you are in such an early stage of this transformative process. Yet each stage is purposeful and it must be completed before the next stage can occur and produce its fruits.

So, as you engage in this RESURRECTION dynamic, know that there will be other things that you will perceive in time. More TRUTH-LIGHT will shine upon those areas in human mind that are still very much enmeshed in evil and sin. But to counteract that is this beautiful GRACE being extended to you that you may perceive and enjoin a little bit more each and every day.

We provide you the food for your souls, and you must use it by expressing it in your relationships with your brothers and sisters. They need tremendous love and understanding. Those who have yet to awaken will require even more love and compassion than you can possibly muster.

Therefore, we are helping you at a superhuman level that you may be elevated and fully equipped to engage with them at their level of need, and some individuals will need tremendous amounts of compassion, forgiveness and mercy. Are you up to this? We have asked you these questions many times about your readiness for this Magisterial Mission, and I say to you that the time is coming when you will need to be in full readiness to withstand what your brothers and sisters have yet to appreciate. They will have tremendous amounts of fear and anger. And we look to you to help assuage these emotions by your love, by the light you admit from your own souls, thereby leading them on their own path of ascension—this beautiful journey of them discovering their relationship with Father and that which he has disclosed in them for their discovery and expression.

Let these two dynamics of the core of the earth and the circuits of mind conjoining in this RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL PATH OF PARADISE ASCENSION to bathe Urantian mind—past and present—to assist in this great awakening process that is part of the Mandate of DIVINE JUSTICE for this world.

All of the components that you have co-created with us today are gently percolating and beginning to bloom. And this will help others perceive what is truthful, what is right, what is good, and what is beautiful, and lift them out of the muck of their own misery and to the heights of GLORY as a living expression of Father's LOVE. Hold this intention for all life, my brethren, as we continue to engage with you for a few more moments in this RESURRECTION dynamic unfolding the world in its rich spiritual meaning and value. (Pause)


Now lift your gaze to the Father in Paradise. Thank Him for His radiant GLORY shining down upon Urantia, embracing it in a mighty dynamic of spirit illumination. Commune with Father as we engage with you in the circuit of worship in our final moments together.

Father, thank you for this world once seared in sin, now engaging in the powerful RESURRECTION energy to return it to its divine life plan, that all life may grow in spiritual GLORY and be a delight to your EYES and HEART. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (pause)

As you bask in the radiance of Father's GLORY, trust in Him more each day as you progress on your own individual soul path of Paradise ascension. As the spiritual momentum grows on tiny Urantia, look to your heart and soul to gain strength in what is transpiring. Thank the Father each day for His plans of Paradise ascension, not only for yourself, but for this world and for all life. Know that you have within you a potency to be an agent of change in a mighty and profound way. And as you descend from the heights of GLORY, know that one day this mission will descend to the material level of Urantian life and we will guide you on this dynamic path toward Light and Life and the perfection of life here to be manifest one day through human will and striving.

Do your best each day to strive for this, my brethren, as you add one more thread of LIGHT to the growing fabric of LOVE and LIFE here on Michael's beloved world. Thank you once again for your participation today. May you all receive a great benefit and a mighty upliftment from what has been imparted, and may you thrive in the LOVE that has been given to you by our creator Father of all. I wish you all a most blessed and joyful Happy Easter! Good day.

Ed. Note

Resurrection of the Soul Path upon Urantia of Paradise Ascension—Personal and Planetary is the title but was too long to be expressed in a single line.