2021-04-12-This Ascension into Glory

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Topic: This Ascension into Glory

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved: With utmost joy and satisfaction do I behold the stronger connection you are striving to make with Me. As always, I shall entice you to come ever closer. Do not waver in your dedication to come to Me in the Stillness.

When your mind is utterly at peace and devoid of any intruding thoughts, that is when I can truly speak to your heart, so My words become a healing balm for your soul.

This balm is very enriching as it balances your heart and mind with your soul, so a unification can take place – an unfolding of a strong character – a letting go of weak links that would keep you earthbound.

You are now beginning to seek the real values and purpose of life: The values of truth, beauty and goodness. These represent a purification for the human mind, an elevation of thoughts to a higher spiritual way of thinking and living.

This, My beloved, is the way I would have you walk in your mortal estate, and in so doing you are on a steady climb upwards, inwards and outwards into the cosmic regions of thinking, being and acting.

Let us together glorify the eternal Creator, who has made possible this ascension into glory for His evolving will creatures.”