2021-04-24-You Will Never Be Alone

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Topic: You Will Never Be Alone

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved: “It is good to strive and become cognizant of your passing judgments on yourself or others, even if only in thought, for these are just as real as if they were spoken in jest.

You are now beginning to notice that I am answering the questions that keep your mind so very busy.

My aim is to elevate your contemplation to a higher level, away from the humdrum of the world, so you become more conscious of the way you think.

In this manner you will increasingly realize which thoughts are weeds, so you can eliminate those ‘unwanted plants in your soul-garden,’ and leave more room for thoughts of truth, beauty and goodness during your progression towards attaining the real purpose in life.

The noxious weeds of judgment towards self and others are pervasive, and have their roots in all areas of behavior, and perception of outward appearances.

My beloved, this is an advanced level of training during which you can ask Me or our heavenly helpers for assistance in mastering the technique of becoming non-judgmental.

Judgments can be very insidious, so this truly needs careful attention. For this you have an excellent example in your Master Son Jesus.

It also stands to reason that this training brings about a more successful living in present-centered awareness.

And yes, many times you will ‘fall by the wayside,’ but many more times there will be celestial helpers, to encourage you to walk this path of non-judgment in your life.

You will never be alone in your struggles towards self-mastery. I will be with you to empower you with My energy and strength.”