2021-04-25-Spiritual Quality of Resiliency

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Topic: The Spiritual Quality of Resiliency

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Paradise Trinity and Divine Parents, we are so grateful for your action prevailing upon this world during this very important historical time of change. We are, as you say, the boots on the ground—those individuals who have awakened and wish to participate with the agenda of the Correcting Time and the evolution of the divine plan for Urantia to prevail.

We ask that you connect us as one—one mind, one heart, one soul, one spirit. We offer you our faith and trust, and we thank our Father fragments for guiding our mental current today in the ways that Spirit Within knows what is best for us to hold as we participate with our Planetary Seraphim, with you, Mother and Father, and with you, Paradise Trinity, with all of the other helpers who are collaborating with us today. What is your WILL? We thank you for guiding us and we ask that we are able to tap into those deeper levels of Spirit: of LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE as your presence, Father, becomes more pervasive and operative in human consciousness. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson and I have a surprise in store for you today. There are many surprises, you might say, underway within the workings of human consciousness. As you know, you are in a very rugged time of outworking this insidious rebellion agenda that has caused so much destruction upon the planetary system of life. But there is a quality, a characteristic, you might say, of spirit that supports this growing awareness of Spirit Within and the potency that it contains for human mind to engage that you align and cooperate with the divine trajectory of all life.

I invite you to focus on this word: RESILIENCY. Take a few deep breaths. Invite the meaning and value of this spiritual energy to communicate into your mind, to settle into your body as your Spirit helps you engage with this now. Take a few moments to focus on this word and receive what it is here to disclose into your being: RESILIENCY. (Pause)

The spiritual quality of RESILIENCY is such that it provides you a means to bounce back after you feel like you have been defeated. This is a gift of the Father’s presence within you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and regain your stride on your spiritual path. It is a quality very vital now to the awakening process underway within human consciousness to strengthen you with this ability to come back after what you consider to be a very crushing blow. This RESILIENCY gives you this strength of character that says, “you will not defeat me,” even though you may have felt bloodied or beaten.

Engage with this for a few more moments in your own sacred space with your Indwelling Spirit to be fortified with this now and then we will move into the collective. Allow your Spirit to help you engage with this more at a very fundamental level of your being; fortify your faith, bolster your courage, inspire you with hope, provide you with that commanding potency that restores your personality sovereignty and your divine gifts of inheritance.

If you find this helpful, think of your brother Jesus and his RESILIENCY, especially when he was on trial. Yes, it was his faith in Father: his unswerving loyalty and devotion to Father’s presence within him. But there was also this quality of RESILIENCY that held him strong and upright and gave him the ability to carry out the natural course of events. He allowed himself to flow in this trajectory. Ask for his RESILIENCY to also support you that you may feed upon this and be nurtured by his Spirit. (Pause)

Envision if you will in your mind’s eye one more aspect of RESILIENCY to embrace your cellular structure, build more light into your body that brings about more healthful conditions. A RESILIENCE to resist that which is out of alignment in mind and body and to become stronger and more dynamic, even after some very challenging trauma you have experienced. Allow this RESILIENCY to engage now within the cellular dynamics of your body’s function. (Pause)

We are now ready to engage with you into the collective. Know that these RESILIENT energies will continue to flow through you and expand you in what it can add to your life, as we grow in this momentum of the great awakening. So, as you have done so many times before, envision the planet before you in your mind’s eye and see it held in the word RESILIENCY. Let it spiral around the globe. Send forth that intention from your hearts for RESILIENCY to gain more space and function within human mind, and even to engage with other circuits of the planet for their RESILIENCY of life to spring forth new potentials for higher planetary function and manifestation of the corrective plans set forth by Christ Michael. Let your intention and desire for this swell as we now engage with you, beloved brethren. (Pause)

Hold this focus of RESILIENCY as best you can. It is providing a very healing dynamic to the overall system of consciousness of this planet. Lucifer’s plans for his own separate system has wreaked havoc on this worlds’ system of consciousness, splintering it off in many directions designed to keep you separated from Father and the greater reality of life. You may liken his action to that of someone smashing a beautiful statue, a precious work of art. The Father’s LOVE acts as the glue—the bonding agent to bring the pieces back together in a unified whole. And the RESILIENCY component of His LOVE strengthens you, gives you that recourse to come back with new life, new meaning, and new value that brings about a higher level of comprehension of reality. That which Lucifer had tried to destroy is now being brought back to life.

So, allow this RESILIENCY dynamic to strengthen those bonds, bringing about a new awareness of the interconnectedness of all life—human, animal, and vegetable, and all of the other dynamics that this world’s system of consciousness may be strengthened and more RESILIENT to withstand more of the truth revelations now underway on this world.

Your brothers and sisters need this RESILIENCY. It will give hope, provide them with a greater context in which to perceive what is occurring on this world at this time. So, ask for this to go deep, deep into the planet’s constructs of consciousness, strengthening the mind of TRUTH, the ability to perceive TRUTH and the ability to recover from seeing the emotional impact of TRUTH-REVELATION

I use these words “emotional impact of truth revelation” due to the sense of confusion and anger and betrayal that many people will experience when they become aware of how distorted this planet’s system of consciousness has been, how egregiously the rebellion agenda has perverted divine GRACE and WILL, and LIFE itself. So, feel that need for your brothers and sisters to receive that. Let them know that you are RESILIENT and you have withstood the rebellion sophistries and that they too can withstand that. The power of Spirit Within them gives them that RESILIENCY. But let them see you demonstrate this that they may apprehend that they too can achieve this just as you have in yourself.

Continue to send this forth into the collective as we engage with all of the other spiritual dynamics that have been co-created through this collaboration and with many others. If it is helpful, I invite you to focus on these to also stream into the planetary system of conscience: HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE IS RESILIENT IN FATHER. HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE IS RESILIENT IN FATHER. HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE IS RESILIENT IN FATHER. Invite the action of the Paradise Trinity to move through you now to hold this focus and send that into the planet, letting yourselves expand in this quality and let it also have its impact planetary consciousness all around the globe. (Pause)

Envision in your mind’s eye the planet being held in the words: LIFE RESILIENCY. LIFE RESILIENCY. LIFE RESILIENCY. You know that there are many circuits in which the planet is contained. Humanity is beginning to comprehend what these circuits are, what they mean, what are their value to all life. And so, invite these RESILIENT energies of life to move into the core of the planet and to gently generate more of that RESILIENT energy from the core of the earth to then bubble up to the surface like a refreshing spring of renewal and rejuvenation.

Feel that intention and desire for this energy to gain more strength in human memory, bringing back this quality of RESILIENCY and the ability to come back stronger after what appears to be defeat. Let human consciousness through these memory circuits bathe the planet from the core upward that more individuals may be fed with this and recognize that the power of Spirit renders them strong, courageous, building into human awareness a nobility that comes from Father, so magnificently demonstrated by Jesus. Let this all gain more momentum in human mind and memory. LIFE RESILIENCY holding and bathing the planet from the core upward. (Pause)

Although you live on a world fraught with deviation of the divine plan and sometimes its influences do confuse you and defeat you from time to time, the Father’s LOVE is strong enough to withstand this and provide you with that RESILIENCY to pick yourself up to face the TRUTH and to receive the GRACE that makes you stronger and more RESILIENT to handle life. Use this quality. Rely on Father more for all is added into you to help you move through this time with great faith and hope and joy and peace. And with this, you become more RESILIENT and able to withstand what the rebellion sophistries are trying to deny humanity. Rise above this, for you have it in you and this RESILIENCE will strengthen you, especially when you come to Father, ask for it from your Spirit, and ask your Divine Parents strengthen you in this quality and dynamic, to bathe your mind, to feed your soul. (Pause)

All life is unified in the Father in Paradise. All energies of LIFE are anchored in Paradise. The action of the Paradise Trinity sends forth that signal into your beings to help you align and cooperate with Father and His plans for all life. Become more RESILIENT that you may align yourselves more fully in TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY which feeds your souls and gives you more strength to be about the Fathers’ manifesting His unique purposes for your individual lives.

Let this RESILIENCE fortify your faith, expand your perception, and lead you into service to your brothers and sisters who are still languishing in fear and anxiety. Let your compassion be extended to them and help them recognize through your very living presence and actions that they have what they need within them to become RESILIENT and to move beyond this rebellion agenda into the TRUTH and into the dynamics of LIFE gaining strength in human consciousness. And hold that intention for this RESILIENT dynamic to integrate with all of the other spiritual energies we have collaborated with you—the various components of DIVINE JUSTICE and Michael’s PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY to prevail as we bring about more harmonization into what this planet needs for its continued transformation. (Pause)

So, in our final moments together, elevate your gaze to Paradise. Thank the Father for His presence within you and thank the Paradise Trinity for their action prevailing upon the planet, and we will meet you in that place of worshipful communion as these energies continue to hold and gain further momentum all around the globe.

Father, on behalf of all participating today and on behalf of all humanity, we thank you for your presence prevailing here. As the Spirit’s down-reach into the Urantia mind continues, may more souls be liberated to remember and recognize who they are and who you are, bringing about a mighty revelatory transformation to liberate all life here to conform with the divine plan of evolution that you have so magnificently crafted for all worlds of time and space. We thank you. We thank you. We thank you. (Pause)

Coming back down into planetary reality, take a few deep breaths to center yourselves in what has been provided to you today that you may use as spiritual tools in your own personal transformation and that when you are in service to your brothers and sisters.


On behalf of all of the helpers who have participated, I thank you. Truly, this is a time when many people will be utterly enthralled and amazed at the workings of Spirit upon the planet. Celebrate at what is transpiring. Yes, it can be very difficult to perceive the TRUTH of what has happened on Urantia and what this rebellion agenda did to distort reality perception. But you no longer need to be influenced or beholden to it in any way and become more RESILIENT to withstand the fabrications and distortions that the you may perceive from the Father Within you more TRUTH and GOODNESS of what is indeed underway on this beloved world—so cherished, so dear to not only to the universe of Nebadon to the greater reality of all LIFE in the Father. I leave you in His LOVE, my brethren, and I encourage you to continue in this trajectory of aligning in His PRESENCE each day that you may follow the natural VOLITIONAL path of LIFE IN THE SPIRIT. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]