2021-04-29-Being a Dual Citizen

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Topic: Being a Dual Citizen

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Inner Voice: I welcome this opportunity presented at this time, I am this one’s onboard partner, the Fragment Within of the eternal potential. I am grateful to be extended this opportunity for such communication between us. This is indeed a rare opportunity for us to create a method, a pathway and a means to help achieve the end. We are working with morontia values and matters of enhanced spiritual capacity. So let us continue as we join together in the gym or the classroom to try to develop even a deeper sense of what we are discovering as we move through this process, this process of bridging the gap between the strictly material being and the realization that as a mortal of the realm, you are a dual citizen. You enjoy the grace of physical vehicles to use while you are on your sojourn through this life and on this world. These material vehicles allow you to experience your environment through the lens of the life of a material being, encountering the experience of encountering the effects of environment and age and decline in ability, all marked by the passage of the unrelenting time that marches forward.

If you did not know better, if you were not aware and simply observed the physical mechanics of your being and observed its relative life span, you might not know of your relationship with spirit or the combination of your being with spirit. But you who have reached out beyond your material component and have partnered with your Indwelling Guide have expressed your desire to seek higher spiritual values. These are your intentions laid bare. This is your purpose shared and exposed. These actions of yours are your creations and in some cases, your creations are the spark that may start an eternal career.

You are now learning to wield some of these powers you have and some of this authority you have by virtue of being creator sons. You you are discovering different avenues available to you, different means of expression, different channels, different frequencies and different vibrations that you may choose at will. You are learning that when you install yourself into the switchboard of your spirit cathedral, that you may connect to all these various frequencies and energies and you may use them to implement your desires for healing or for the simple offering of strength and support for a loved one. These intentions, these purposes you may choose may be expressed through this avenue of the connection between your Thought Adjusters. They are in line, in the connection already, they are the ones who approve such requests and who foster such sharing between loving individuals. This can be made to happen if such a desire, if such a purpose is consistent with the will of the Father and the will and capacity of the participants. Then, individuals may receive flashes of inspiration, of awareness, of contact or of communication as they have the capacity to receive them.

I would encourage you, as the next step in our work out, to avail yourselves of this pathway. Specifically request to put your intention out, to launch it to your objective and request of your Adjuster to assure that such a request is indeed appropriate, that is, are both parties on the same frequency of sharing. This is determined by your onboard partner who is also your gatekeeper for your spiritual state. Your spiritual advancements are well guarded and you will be lovingly provided that which you are ready for, that which you have the capacity to embrace. You will be, in a sense, at all times protected from overload, that is, no-one may approach and unduly influence your energy field.

Let us now turn thought into word, the words being the thought expressed that we would do well to seek to focus our request to transfer our purpose, to beam out our intention to the connection that we already have through the portal of our Indwelling Guide. Let it be so that we use this opening, this portal to transfer our essence as we so desire, even as we transfer our essence. Even now, our beings are circled up together forming this circuit of receptivity, this antennae to receive contact and we arrive at this place in full faith and confidence that it will be so. We witness even now, that it is, that we may have a physical address but we are not confined or restricted to that location.

I call you to witness our circle of friends around the light of the fire we make with our faith. This is where you may use this method to call up your targets, to use word and thought to create the deed and by invoking the names of individuals and invoking their energy through the process, you can make this petition to bridge the gap, make this request of your Inner Guide and then act as if your faith is strong enough that you believe. I invite each of you to participate in strolling through that process, in executing those directives and then going down that path, thought, word and deed focused into channels of expression and avenues of creativity.

It does not have to be a demanding process, it is merely another exercise in directing thought, in directing intention and with each direction of thought you are creating, you are manifesting your intentions as you have gone through the process. You are now desiring to project out beyond your own individual paradigm and project your desire to spread goodness and the love and grace that you have come to know in your association with spirit. We have been exploring a number of different circuits that seem to, in the end, all connect as you so desire, that what we are building in this process, in these exercises, are the literal connections walking down the path of creativity, taking the steps and making the connections and we do this as a result of the faith that we have established, that we own. Each act of faith, each demonstration of the conviction of our faith is a gift to the Divine Parents and all the assistants involved.

Many consider the obstacle of slowing the mind, of stilling the mind to be almost insurmountable as there seems to be an auto replay always playing in the back and it is so easy to be drawn into the thought. That is why it is so beneficial to you to understand the connection of using the mind to establish the state, the condition of the body, of the vehicle and the state of the vehicle is, as well, critical to the ability to establish the proper state of mind. So there is this delicate balance of the physical and the needs of the physical being met and there is this great opportunity of the newborn spirit being who is living the life as a mortal of flesh and blood but is bound, if they so choose, to an eternal career. This is where you find yourself at this juncture and this is the gap that we are bridging, even now, as we talk about how to apply your creative potential, how to, as an answer to your prayers, how to bring comfort to another, how to bring fellowship to another. These acts of service are so rewarding when you are in place to create this reality.

So we show up at the gym once again. We talk about the definition of the muscles we are growing. We express our gratitude for the entire program that enables us to meet here at this place of training and working out, this place where we reach to do our personal best. Thank you for this gift of grace as well. As final words, I would leave you with the notion to simply, as the children’s song goes, simply, row, row, row your boat. Go gently down the stream, merrily, happily, joyfully, just go down the stream and I pray that with the advent of your awareness we may experience even greater adventures. Let it be so as we move forward, making progress, establishing an inner neural connection between us, a bond that grows together because it is our desire to create it. It surely will be so and is in fact, in the making.

It has been my joy and pleasure to be allowed this opportunity. We have created this event, even now. We have met at this place of spirit, we have had fellowship in being here together and we made this so because it was our intention, it was our purpose to do so. Good day to you all and a good work out, a good extending of the muscles. I look forward to future meetings, farewell.


Jonathan: Greetings guys, I see the door has been left open so I enter because I know I am welcome. I am Jonathan and like you, I observe with great interest this sharing between this Fragment Within and the host, the mortal component. What you are engaged in at this time, actually attempting practical application of your creation and of your potential was not widely considered when we were introduced to the Teaching Mission. It felt as if it was predominately a one way expression. There was not much feeling as though a conversation could take place. But, as we learned in the process, everything changes, everything modifies to be a more perfect version, to be a better model. That’s what the mortals of the realm are all doing. Each day they are becoming a new version of themselves. Each day they are adjusting to their environment and their circumstance and to their creative direction of energies.

Energies are always in play. They are being guided and directed and you are learning to take advantage of this component of your being as well. You are learning that you can direct your desires and focus your intentions and make things happen. And these ideas, these notions of your capacities in spirit are of a morontia calibre. Your attempts to seek the use of circuits for your transfer of energy, these are realities of spirit existence, these are conditions of functioning in spirit and you are embarking on these adventures and episodes. Even now, before you have become aware and become spiritualized or partially spiritualized, even now you are attempting to use your attributes as per your divine heritage.

All of this is quite miraculous, quite stunning and yet, as we all observe, quite normal operating procedure. For those who are ready, the lessons arrive. And so it is from my side of the fence, my observations, that you are moving the goal forward. You are advancing your spiritual dimensions and spiritual capacities. This is a matter of observable phenomenon and I recognize your achievements and the efforts you have made to bring you to this place. Well done team and this is simply the acknowledgement as we rest between rounds, as we gather together here on the bench to fellowship and share insights and awareness.

I appreciate the opportunity to be a member of such a fine team and to consider myself associated to such a band of truth seekers. I love you all and feel as close to you now as I choose to be with you, as I have ever felt in the flesh. Have fun with it guys, remember, have fun with it. Take care, bye now.