2021-05-05-Aerial Walkways to Love

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Topic: Aerial Walkways to Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “The many challenges arising in the daily life of imperfect creatures of time and space are the bearers of symbolic road signposts. Where would they take you if you kept marching in the direction to which they point rather than taking lengthy evasive detours on the roads most-traveled?

In hindsight, you can pinpoint the valuable lessons they imparted you that contributed to your spiritual growth. Through what appears to be chaotic progress, you earn in the prescribed order your belts in the martial art of self-mastery—never skipping any, as each one is indispensable to reach the next level of achievement.

The embodiment of unconditional love is your ambitious—yet realistic—spiritual destination. You cannot get there without acquiring its flavors of empathy and compassion. You explore its infinite scope one relationship at a time, expanding your ability to love while simultaneously becoming more loveable. Emotional maturity is the fruit of your diligent investment.

As you become proficient at erecting aerial walkways between your heart and those of your planetary conscripts, acceleration occurs. It becomes easier for you to feel genuine affection toward those you initially rejected as incompatible with you.

The Father infused the common denominators and vital elements of truth, beauty, and goodness in All-That-Is. Yours is to focus on these connective tissues that are conducive to the mastery of unconditional love.”