2021-05-13-Transfer of Divine Energy

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Topic: Transfer of Divine Energy is Consistent

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Dr. Mendoza: Clearly it is my intention to join you as I always do when you make such a request. Recently I made reference to the fact that while you may like to lean on myself or others to affirm your authority, in the end, you are the ones that bridge the gap. You are the ones who are boots on the ground, voice on the phone and the individual behind the sentiment. I am always ready to assist you as are many others, some of whom you have come in contact with. This ability to be able to assist and help is an answer to my prayer, to my petition to be of service. So your call to me is my reward and I am, as I say, ever willing to assist you in the process; but the process is in fact, your process, your choices, your capacity for awareness, your ability to focus, your ability to prepare the environment conducive.

In the end, all of this starts and happens with you. You are the first source and center of your individual journey back home. And as such, you are learning through the guidance and support of the likes of myself about your capacities, you are learning about your potentials, about your abilities and about who you are related to and how you are connected. I am merely here to assist as is your Onboard Partner. So in this exercise, let us run through some of the basics and I’m pretty certain that this process is becoming familiar to you all, is becoming engrained in your experience. You who repeat this exercise are establishing this spirit neural network, this span of connection so that you may fire up this pathway and energize this frequency.


I understand we have offered a target for our exercise. [A request for healing energy from one of the members present.] We have an individual within the circuit whose energy signature should be familiar to all the other participants. So we have an energy signature, an individual energy to desire to connect with, to desire to share with and to sponsor our awareness and insight and our comfort as a result of our spirit perspective. It is then appropriate to condition and focus the intention, to refine the purpose of your extension of energy. In this, the surest path is always the desire to implement the will of the Divine Parents in the equation, to institute this vibration of divinity to make your requests of healing and health, to be a request to return to divine pattern, to match divine frequency, to return the errant pattern at hand into the flexible state, to be reassembled under divine frequencies wherein the very particles of existence desire to match the frequency and to represent the pattern, the pattern of a more divine version, a more perfect vision. And all this is accomplished by virtue of the fact that you are aware and able to wield this power of choice.

So I would affirm your speculation that without my assistance, you may very well have taken all of these measures of your own accord. This pattern of transfer of divine energy is always consistent, it is always accommodating and ever looks for servants to administer divine grace that is at hand for the asking. If these actions are directed towards and manifest in healing, then you might call yourselves the physicians but the same energy may be used in different applications where it may be rendered to assist in many different ways that are healing manifested in many different shades, in many different arrangements but the aspects of commanding energy are universal. The aspects you are learning to navigate in your own interaction with energy are your pathway to finding the methods that you seek.

So having given verbal expression to the scenario at hand, now I invite us all to focus our intention, to even focus the vehicle to command even the breath to project intention and to demonstrate conviction. Bring all of these elements under your command and respond in gratitude for the results because you are so convinced, so full of faith, that you are already grateful for the change to more divine pattern. All things are possible with God if-you-but-choose. The interesting aspect of my counsel to you is that I have no greater potential for healing than you. Although you ascribe to me a post of being a healer, I am merely activating the same divine principles that you are coming to know. As well as the physicians assistants you have referred to yourself as, you are as well the first source and center of this fabulous journey before you. Great things are expected of you. Your Divine Parents have invested in your very being and have laid out a destiny of divinity before you.

Once again, it has been a pleasure to direct intentions with you. You have been as apprentices this whole time, eagerly watching and learning and now you are practicing and honing your skills. It has been a pleasure to mentor you in these ways and in your potentials and in the steps to take in-between. I grant that you all have made great progress in just the time that we have been together and I join your Divine Parents in having great expectations for you have shown your devotion and your desire to find your Divine Parents and to be like them. And so it shall be, and this is what it looks like at this juncture.

So be it, it is so. I now step back as I am aware that this meeting is designed to allow for connection with your Inner Guide. So I invite you to follow this frequency, to allow yourselves to adhere to the pattern of your Internal Guide, the frequency of divinity within. Good day to you all.

Inner Voice: Yes I am present. I have been given voice by my dear comrade and this act of his choice has made it possible for me to bridge the gap and force my way to the top. In tonight’s exercise, where all are flexing their faith muscles, it is good to go through the process with the good Dr. Individuals do tend to specialize in that which they demonstrate advanced skills and so your comrade, Dr. Mendoza, has proven himself to have command over these exercises and these projects. As a result of previous attempts and successes, some of you have developed a great confidence and trust in the capacity and authenticity of Dr. Mendoza because you have encountered some transformation as some result of action.

Now, we need to move from our state of dependency on others in authority. If you are hearing these words, they are meant to convey an authority that you have gained by choosing to take the steps necessary to bring you here, now. As a result of your efforts, your choices, your steps that you have taken, you have expanded your capacity and enabled your awareness to grow and this brings you to the desire to spread this grace, to share this love, to give away the love that you have felt because it never diminishes. There’s always more where that came from when you are an instrument of giving away love. That is what commands your attention when it comes to healing and relieving suffering of another, your desire to see divine grace spread generously and so it is your choice to do just that.

This act of giving is endless. There is no final quantity, it is always available to you as the servant of the Lord and you are in partnership in the execution of its distribution and this is your position, this is your privilege, it’s your opportunity. Seize every moment, they are altered all too soon. This set of experience is limited but the journey may be eternal. If you are interested in what it might take to grant you the authority of a Divine Creator Son or Daughter, I might suggest that for you to be in liaison, in partnership with a fragment of the divine whole, certainly grants you connection. It grants you authority because this connection is to all. That is authority, when you embrace your connection all the way back to it’s source and you desire to engage in the pursuit in returning back to the First Source and Center, to the Supreme Being.

As long as this is the course that you chart, you will be guided and led every step of the way, but it will be your choice every step of the way. There are no mandates or conditions, there is only the manifestation of your creative prerogative, the claiming of your creative birthright. I assure you that as your onboard partner, I am always eager to assist but I am only here to assist your efforts, to facilitate your choices, to inspire your direction perhaps, but not to choose it. Your Divine Parents are waiting to see what you would create, what you will choose and what you will become in this process. I invite you all to spend some quiet time in contemplation of your ancestry and your heritage. You know who your Creators are to some vague degree. They are your divine family of whom you are a part and to whom you belong. These are aspects of your being that need to be embraced, need to be owned and need to be expanded and that is why we are here to help. So much great potential before you might require some assistance from time to time as you seek for the way through. That is where I may come in, that is where you may learn to seek my counsel and to trust my inspirations and eventually we will work together so closely that there will come a time where there will only be one of us.

To know of this reality at this stage of your spirit evolution is indeed an accomplishment in this mortal dimension. Now we must make pathways into this new region. We must explore dimensions together and fine tune methods and means that may be used to bridge this gap that we are bridging even now. All are welcome to follow this call, to respond to this frequency, to condition your being to reflect this pattern and this is what we do even now. All things are energy and you are learning the power and energy behind your thoughts to direct your energies and intention. You are harnessing the potential of your mind to direct its focus and to achieve the results of your choosing.


It’s a pleasure to take the time and to share this frequency together, to feel once again this groove, this pattern, this frequency, this tone and to join once again together on such a wavelength where we can join together our numerous circuits. I perceive it has been a good work out, there may have even been a stretching involved beyond our normal parameters. I appreciate the opportunity to work with all of you and find a way to come together as things are made easier. So be it, it is so. I leave you now but I remind you, I never am absent, I am merely recessive, I am merely behind, underneath or beside. I’m always there to be chosen. Let it be so, good day to you all.

Mark: Pretty soon we’re going to stop asking everybody for help and just do it. Visualizing the randomizing of particles and restructuring into the way it should be. That’s a useful visualization. Now it’s up to you. There is one more piece to the puzzle and that is absolute faith and being completely onboard that you deserve, that you are entitled, that it is the desire of your Divine Parents for you to receive such a gift of grace and how important to maintain that posture of gratitude and acceptance. That completes the circuit, it’s already affirmed, it’s already been accomplished. Invest in that with the same faith and fervency that we do the other steps. Thanks now for the success, conviction and faith all the way to the end, to allow it to happen, to give it room, to make a space and to provide it the space to happen.