2021-05-20-A Well Worn Path

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Topic: Transfer of Divine Energy is Consistent

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Machiventa: I greet you all once again, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I enjoy the open door policy that I have with you, my dedicated classroom of associates. You have a term made familiar to you through your Urantia text referring to the reserve, those individuals who are called and who respond to the call. The Reserve Corps is awaiting their signal and as projected, you have arrived at this place, you are responding to this signal sent out, to this homing beacon that you send and you have locked on to. Now your process is to find out how, to find the mechanics of how you move through and navigate this process before you. You are also being made more and more aware that the process at hand is of your making. That’s how generous your Divine Parents are with their creating. The desire has been for you to have all that you choose, that you can experience the results of all your choices along the way and experience that which you choose to create around you.

So as all of you have come to the likes of myself and the other assistants you have come to know, there has been this forging of the connection between us, this creating of the spirit network between us and we have built this road, this avenue of connection and now we enjoy being able to travel it, to easily use this path that we have created. As it becomes a well worn path that we frequent, it becomes easier to follow and the groove becomes well worn and even in the dark of night it is easy to follow a path that is well worn. As you gather at times like this to exercise together and to share the fellowship of the workout you build greater strength each time, every time. Every time we apply our intention in spirit it is expressed and becomes real, becomes not just an option but a choice made real. This is how powerful your choices are; your desires that you project forward have great energy because they are expressed from the intentions of a powerful creator. This is simply who you were designed to be and simply the expression of who you are becoming. That is the magnitude of the grace from your Divine Parents. They have bestowed upon you the very creative prerogative that they enjoy and you are the source of your process and of your eventual destiny. It will all be a matter of your creation along the way.

As those who have heard the call and who are responding in real time to the spirit urge, you are granted by degree the answers to your petitions, the response to your request. You are furnished with what your real needs are. They may not closely resemble your expectations of your needs but they more closely match a more perfect pattern to address your needs. I invite you to consider this matter of the shift of authority from your seat of awareness. From your perspective in your position, I invite you to consider assuming the mantle and accepting the appointment that you are in fact seeking. You are on the right path and you have earned this plateau because you have gained it and magnificent things lay before you as potential. Your Divine Parents await to see your choosing and your manifesting as you are becoming the unique blend of reality that you represent.

It has been my sincere pleasure to be allowed this access with you, to be granted this opportunity to be a part of this expression of grace as you are. It has been my honor to do so and remains such as I anticipate a great expansion, a further expansion the likes of which we have already seen and greater as we continue down this path and form the groove and the well worn nature that is only derived by the repeated use. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you tonight, to observe your conversation and participate in dialog. I understand there is a decided interest in maintaining the circuit that is being developed between each one of you and your onboard partners. I applaud this emphasis to maintain your focus in this direction. Any such energies are well spent. Enjoy the process, farewell.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you all. I make my presence known in voice as I stand in gratitude for this opportunity to join you. I am this one’s Inner Voice and I speak for the Inner Guide within you. I speak from that frequency, that tone, that vibration that we are partaking of even now. When we join together in this process it is required that we have made allowance, that we have made provision and room for this to exist. There has been much discussion about creating of the environment and this is indeed a critical element. This preparing of the environment, this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of your creative application. This ability you have to choose can set into play the energy field necessary to set the tone, to create the frequency and charge the environment with it. This is how it works. This applies to all the environments involved. Your internal environment of awareness, the environment of other individuals involved in the process, the environment involved around the process of both giving and receiving are all conditioned by frequencies, by divine pattern if it is of your choosing. You can sponsor this divine pattern because you are familiar with it, you are aware it exists therefore you can promote it, you can offer it as a choice. You can choose to manifest that frequency and it will pervade and it will indeed change the environment.

So as we have been exploring, these are the junctures where you may really make a difference because these environments will be conditioned and in the absence of any choice they will simply reflect current reality. With the addition of divine choosing and intention applied, the environment may be upgraded, may be raised, elevated and enhanced because it is infused with a higher frequency, a bigger and better version and this shift is accomplished through you. It is accomplished when you who have become aware of higher divine values and principles, bring them back, bring them into your choices, your life experience. This is where I can be helpful to you. These things are occurring regardless of your level of awareness. With your awareness, these environments may be infused with divinity from the very beginning and your choices can be a matter of divine inspiration should you so ask.

We have maintained an exercise of beaming out positive energy and love in whatever form it may need to manifest. I invite us to pool our energies once again, even briefly, to charge the circuit and to rebuild the fire of which we enjoy the glow. In this process of feeding the fire of our intention we enjoy the fellowship of each other and only seek to be closer in this process. And the beautiful thing about our circumstance, is that we both desire to be closer, to grow together. I am constantly seeking for ways myself and now you are as well and we have been shown, even in the limited experience of spirit we may have, that when we seek for our Divine Parents and their energy signatures, we certainly find it in manifestations of love. So be it. If there are any individual names, references our energy signatures still refer to, make them part of your petition. Include them in the circuit, in the circle that we form even now.

After observing your previous discussion about previous exercises and the reconditioning of energy and form, I invite you to consider applying the same technique. Allow that this area of distress may be relaxed, may be able to assume new form as it responds to the frequency that is being projected and that is being received. This energy will sponsor pattern allowing energy to shift to different pattern. It is most challenging to use word symbols to describe what you are engaged in when you are involved in this process of spirit, but behind and underneath the words there is a frequency that we join and share and this frequency, this sharing and forming the connection is an eternal pursuit. That is, it is our eternal destiny to become as one having pledged ourselves to each other, having fallen in love and become one. Such a grand design that we are privileged enough to execute as our purpose.


I am so very grateful to have this connection with you and to share our experience of connection and to reenforce this connection with these meetings where we exercise our faith and are rewarded for our pursuits. To all of those who have responded to this call, to follow spirit where it may lead, I welcome you as fellow sojourners as all of our efforts represent a return to our origins after a grand journey of experience. I stand with you in gratitude for all this grace that we enjoy in the process and like you, we seek to make the most out of this journey, out of this association and out of this opportunity. It’s a pleasure to join more consciously with you as we go through this process. Our experience is made richer when we can more actively share it and more realize in the present moment that which is transpiring in spirit.

I bask in the glow with you of this strain of energy, this frequency. I enjoy sharing it with you and bonding more closely each time. It appears to be quite enough for right now but it is hard to break away when we have secured such a connection and it represents such fellowship just to share it and be here together. I offer gratitude in which we all might resonate, the gratitude for such an experience. I leave you now but as I affirm for you each and every time, I only change position away from the microphone and the drivers seat and turn them back over to you and I honor your choices and respect your process for all time. My love I leave surrounding you always, be in peace.