2021-05-21-Path Toward Progress

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Topic: The Overall Path Toward Progress

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia, Daniel

TR: Simeon



Michael: I greet you tonight from a place of spiritual residence, both within and among you and about throughout my universe. I am Michael. I feel that tonight is a good time to engage with you to share regarding our enthusiasm, mine and my consort’s, for the patterns developing on Urantia. I know you see chaos at times, and stubborn willful acts of selfishness, but our view recognizes these as minor blips in the energy of the overall path toward progress, not unlike the gnashing of teeth and wailing, fighting against change, wanting to maintain control and have a sense of ownership. But the wave suggests otherwise, that there is a spreading desire for equality of opportunity, for ensuring justice can prevail, and that the “have nots” are not left behind as the map of the future unfolds.

Yes, there are challenges. There will be struggle and strife as these issues are ironed out, but I would hope that you could let go of the anxiety and the fear that the tipping point is toward the dark instead of the light. I hope that those who know me, both on the surface and within to what I am about, can rest easy in the knowledge that I will not let your world - my world - fail.

As my ambassadors, I encourage you to speak of the good things in life, to talk about higher values and to replace despair with encouragement. Seek me within and your outer life will shine, for I will embolden you. I will strengthen you to recognize that the course of positivity will always impress more than mere commiserating and expressions of fear and failure.

While you may not see yet how it all fits together, join me in the endeavor. Let your light blossom within as a result of your connection to me and my Father and the vast ministry available as an ever present recognition that the family of light is here and is encouraging you forward in your progress.

Seek me within and recognize me in your outer life. Look for those expressions in others who similarly seek and desire to be in the light of love and truth. I thank you for this opportunity to connect and to share.


Q1: Michael, before you go I just want to say thank you. That message really resonated and restored some of my belief in this process. Thank you for your message.

Michael: Indeed, my child, I respond to each of your desires to know truth and find inspiration to help you forward. Know that I love you dearly, individually. This is not merely a group process, but also for you each to find connection and hope and opportunities for growth and expansion. My love to you.

Mother Spirit: Greetings dear ones, I am your Mother, Michael’s consort, also here to express my joy and delight in each of you and in each effort you make, no matter how large or how small. Each attempt is, in and of itself, a success.

Indeed, is our world blossoming, is the virus of love spreading, not the same type of love as was understood in the 60’s and 70’s when these seeds of the social momentum that is building were planted, but a deeper recognition of love, a recognition of a spiritual brother and sister in the face of each individual, whether they are of a different political tribe or race or gender. The recognition of each as a child of the one God is growing.

As your Mother, I wish to acknowledge the role of nurturers in bringing forth the future, the now. Whether that nurturer is male or female, it is in the attending to the needs, the cares, the detail in the situations of others. It is in the cultivation of positivity that individuals may blossom and Urantia will flourish. I say these words as your Mother and in recognition of the day that honored mothers that has recently passed. I want you each to know that I was present with you, upholding you, loving you, honoring you.

My children, as you look to the future, be of good cheer. Know that the fruits of the many laborers over these many years are indeed taking hold.

(Long pause)

Please, my children, sink into my presence. Allow yourselves to become a part of my embrace, become a part of the fabric of love that is and sustains. Go in peace. I will take my leave. Farewell.

Daniel: Greetings friends, I am Daniel, taking this opportunity to express my gratitude for you, for my father Michael and Nebadonia. Recognize, we are truly a family and although we may not see each other, touch hands, and share hugs on a physical level, some realities go beyond touch, are feelingly experienced in the soul.

Allow this energy to fill you now, and as you go forth this week, recognize that many of the issues of turbulence and pain and stress can be resolved in the spiritual presence of our Creators. Open to this love manifesting inside of you, creating the potentials that we witness and recognize are within you.

While we would love to discuss with you this evening I recognize the time is short, but I also am honored to tie it all together, so to speak, on behalf of our staff here present working under Machiventa for Michael and our Mother, and ultimately to our Paradise Parents.


Ask the question in your mind this week. What can I do? What can I offer? What realization is there for me? And then rest in the presence and allow those answers to come. And let us talk about this at our next meeting more in depth.

I greet you each. I thank you each and will close this meeting with a prayer. Dear Father, Mother, Creator of all that is, bless us in our efforts to portray truth, beauty and goodness to those we teach in the hopes that they also likewise can be so moved to allow these expressions to grow in their own lives and to create the circular pattern of love, flowing from one to another to another throughout your vast creation. Good evening.