2021-05-23-Infusion of Michael's Spirit of Truth

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Topic: Infusion of Michael's Spirit of Truth into Personal and Planetary Mind

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, Paradise Trinity, Magisterial Son, receive our intention today to collaborate with you in these circuits of mind with the intention for more Truth-Light to bathe this planet, for more spiritual energy to infuse the circuits of mind that will assist our brothers and sisters in their healing and transformation process ,and to bring about more healing to the fabric of life itself for all life to benefit here.


We ask to be encircuited as one through these lines of communication that connect us: the Personality level, Soul level, Spirit level helping our minds become more attuned to those higher tones and notes of LOVE that emanate from you, Father, at the center of all life. Prepare us now to engage with our Planetary Seraphim and with our Magisterial Son that what we hold and what we emit from our hearts may be put to good use in service of all life here on Urantia. Thank you. May your WILL be done, Father.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! I am Monjoronson, pleased to join you once again in this forum of co-creation for the divine plans of Urantia to continue to unfold throughout these vast circuits of mind all around the globe.

Today the Christian world is celebrating the day of Pentecost, the endowment of the Spirit of Truth by Christ Michael, to uplift and upstep human mind to perceive what is true, real and good underway on this planet as a momentum of what you might call “the parting of the ways,” and the Spirit of Truth that lives within human mind is well qualified to engage with human thinking to impart more light of, what you might call, the higher value and meaning of life.

This is a gift given to you by your Father Michael after His ascension and His becoming a Master Son in the universe of Nebadon. And when He imbued this world with the Spirit of Truth, it was designed to uplift humanity and to recognize His presence within you. Now, as you know from your Urantia text, this was an endowment for His entire universe. But we are dealing particularly with Urantian mind now, and so in keeping with the Spirit of the day of Pentecost, I invite you to place your focus on your Father Michael.

He is the living WORD. His presence in you, through the Spirit of Truth, affords you another opportunity to bring yourselves into greater spiritual alignment that your Indwelling Spirit may have more room to function through your thoughts and feelings and convey to you exactly and precisely what you need as fuel to grow your souls.

So, as we begin today, focus on your Father Michael. Invite Him into your hearts. Receive Him in whatever way He conveys Himself to you now, helping you align more into that role of the Parent-child relationship, which is the foundational message of His gospel, and know that your Indwelling Spirit will also engage with you. So, feel that intention to be more embraced by Michael and allow His presence to move in you now, my beloved brethren, (Pause)

The world is hungry for TRUTH. Michael, as the living embodiment of TRUTH, supports His children all through the universe to elevate their minds to higher perception of reality. And you only have to call on Him when you are in times of doubt and confusion, ask Him to help you see a situation through the Spirit of Truth.

When you engage in this way, you are expanding your capacity for TRUTH comprehension. And this is a great gift for it assists you in correct decision making, which is an important part of everyday living. So, if you have a question on your heart and mind, you can simply pose this to Michael now and ask him for what it is you need to apprehend and grow into a greater depth of understanding through His WISDOM, GOODNESS, and MERCY. Allow this bond of Universe Father and human child to strengthen you that you may be held securely in this circuit of TRUTH and become more unwavering when the winds of change blow about your thoughts and feelings trying to take you off course. Stay on course with Michael. He will help you. (Pause)

During the Feast of Pentecost so many years ago when the Spirit of Truth was endowed upon all flesh, the account in your Urantia text indicates that those individuals who were in the chamber receiving this were inspired by a great energy to preach the Gospel: the Gospel of being a child in the Parenthood of the Father and to engage with humanity in loving service to help them awaken to Spirit Within and recognize their relationships with their own Indwelling Spirits. Much has evolved over the centuries. Christian thought has developed in ways that have taken humanity in different directions from the purity of Jesus’ original gospel.

However, in today's infusion, we are here to support the return to that simple purity of the Gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity. Is this not what you have yearned for, my brethren? Is this not what you are now participating in through your own individual inclinations and inspirations to be of service to others? And so, it is time now for this to expand even more. The circuits are there, but now we invite you to shift focus and move into that space where we hold this infusion of spiritual energy to amplify the energies in the Spirit of Truth that more hearts and minds may open during this time of the great awakening and recognize their relationship with Father and their responsibilities to the collective.

As you shift focus now from receiving Michael, I invite you to hold that intention for more of these energies to be directed toward all humanity, for more humans to respond to the reverberations within their own Spirits of Truth. If you wish, you may hold the focus of the globe in your mind's eye with the words SPIRIT OF TRUTH embracing the planet. I hold this within the context of DIVINE JUSTICE, which is a great part of my MERCY mission to this world. And so, these energies can become highly synergistic—the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and DIVINE JUSTICE to engage in the collective for more awakening, for more remembrance to help humanity recognize who it is and the relationships of spirit that are an integral part.

Feel that desire for more of Michael's presence to embrace this world that the SPIRITS OF TRUTH all around the globe living inside each individual gently radiates and vibrates in His LOVE, in his majestic PRESENCE and divine GRACE and BEAUTY. Let that intention swell from your hearts: great compassion for your brothers and sisters who need this infusion from their Father Michael. (Pause)

I invite you to envision these words REMEMBRANCE OF FATHER to spiral around the planet in that familiar counter-clockwise rotation. This REMEMBRANCE dynamic encompasses the Father energies of Christ Michael and the Paradise Father. Ask for this to bathe the world in these circuits of mind, that more individuals begin to perceive through their memory this recollection that Father lives within them—the Paradise Father and the Universe Father. Feel that need and desire for these FATHERLY energies of Spirit to prevail in human mind. Let it move into your own need for this that you may indeed expand in these qualities of a true divine FATHER that you may hold these energies and help others resonate with them. REMEMBRANCE OF FATHER, REMEMBRANCE OF FATHER, REMEMBRANCE OF FATHER now moving deeper into planetary mind through your focus. (Pause)

Invite these energies of REMEMBRANCE OF FATHER to move deeply into planetary mind, into memory. The means by which individuals awaken to the presence of Spirit Within is unique for each individual. What you are doing today is providing more of an intentional environment for these energies to seed deeper into planetary mind to catalyze growth in the human potential for Spirit recognition and cooperation. You know Father’s LOVE. You have experienced it and are growing in it. Feel that desire for others to have similar experiences where this changes individual hearts and minds in so many ways, giving people what you might call a new lease on life to be born again of the Spirit.

As the spiritual energy in that person begins to catalyze, new thoughts, feelings, greater relationship intimacy with Father—Father Michael and the Father in Paradise. Now, if you wish to enrich your experience today, I invite you to focus on the words INTIMACY WITH FATHER, to let this deepen within yourselves. And as you experience this, let this flow from the Father, from Michael into you and out into planetary circuits of mind.

Open yourselves to this intimacy. Experience it deeper within your beings. Once you have satiated yourself, let this move out into the collective. For here is where you engage in the loving service dynamic of the Gospel you have received. And now it is time to share. So focus on INTIMACY WITH FATHER and notice what you experience, and let it go deep into your beings that you may expand in this, integrate into this, and share this into the collective. (Pause)

How intimate do you wish to be with Father? Recognize that He lives within you. Everything about you is known to Him. You have everything to gain when you open into deeper INTIMACY WITH FATHER, not only with the Father in Paradise via your Indwelling Spirits, but with your Father Michael, who loves you beyond measure. But you grow incrementally in this LOVE as you demonstrate this to others. So let this be a motivation or a desire of your heart to, not only become more intimate with Father, but to let that intimacy also flow from your hearts into the collective to help those who have yet to recognize the GOODNESS and the BEAUTY of the Father and the TRUTH He wishes to impart to humanity. (Pause)

There is one more focus and that is to envision the planet being held in INTIMACY WITH FATHER. Envision these words are actually pulsing on the earth plane. Invite them to go deep into memory that more individuals may feel the stirrings of Spirit Within, to have their minds be stimulated with thoughts, question what is occurring within them that their Indwelling Spirits may respond, and that their Spirits of Truth resonate. (Pause)

And if you will, focus INTIMACY WITH FATHER at the very core of the earth and let this image be held in your mind's eye of INTIMACY WITH FATHER pulsing on the earth's core. Enjoin with us as we lift this image up to the Father in worship of Him, and feel that appreciative gratitude for all that he has given to you, all that he has bestowed, especially to help this beleaguered world open to more of His MAGNIFICENCE and BEAUTY.

Father, we join with our human brethren in the circuit of worship to lift this planet up to You and we hold it in gratitude of your WILL prevailing here. And receive the thanksgiving of our hearts that all things are being restored to rightful divine order through human effort along with spiritual collaboration. Receive us, your children of diverse levels, loving and appreciating your GRANDEUR and GLORY. We thank you for your intimacy reflecting back to this world, to its inhabitants, to all life here. We are so grateful. (Pause)

Descending from the very center of Paradise and the Father, allow your focus to return to the core of the earth and invite these words: IT IS TIME FOR INTIMACY WITH FATHER TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA, IT IS TIME FOR INTIMACY WITH FATHER TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA, IT IS TIME FOR INTIMACY WITH FATHER TO PREVAIL UPON URANTIA. Just allow this to gently pulse into these circuits deep in the core as we engage in this dynamic and do what we can at our level. (Pause)

And so it is my brethren, you only have to ask to gain more INTIMACY WITH FATHER by your holding this motivation and intention. And so, in the coming days expand that motivation and intention for more of these circuits of mind to be fed with this INTIMARY WITH FATHER, and this will resonate within the Spirit of Truth and help more people awaken to the larger picture of what is underway through this time of great change and transformation. Recognize your own deep need for this intimacy and it will continue to embrace and expand in you giving you more impetus to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit to your brothers and sisters each day.


So as we close this forum, know that these energies will continue to stream into the planet. Remember to do your part each day to participate in this that you may feel that satisfaction of loving service and use it as a springboard for greater motivation to be an agent of spiritual transformation during this important time.

I thank you on behalf of the heavenly host, and I will respond to every effort you make to seed this energy into planetary mind and to help this world regain its rightful status in the Universe Family of Nebadon and the greater Fatherhood of LOVE. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]