2021-05-27-A Spirit Inspired Life

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Topic: A Spirit Inspired Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved: “Peace beyond understanding is the gift from God you are slowly but surely garnering unto yourself. Your steadfastness in coming to Me each day will reward you beyond measure.

A loyalty to a higher, more spiritual level of thinking is always rewarded with yet a more attractive lure of better things to come. It increases the hope that this life is not the end, but will instead provide a wider doorway to a glorious hereafter.

It is an opportunity for further learning of enhanced truth, beauty and goodness. For you to be of greater service and for you to experience boundless opportunities for discovery.

It brings an ever-expanding understanding of others. It represents the shedding of unreasoned fears. It leaves behind grudges and resentment. Instead, it teaches you to unconditionally forgive yourself and others.

Beloved, with Me as your Guide and Teacher, especially after we have become one, you will truly realize what an excellent opportunity you have been given in this earth-life to have had such an impeccable Guide leading you slowly but surely God-ward.

A spirit-led life is the most ideal life to live on a dark, retarded and backward planet. If only more humans would realize the priceless activity they can engage in, whilst it costs them not a penny!

All are advised to set aside some time each day to honor this Gift from God within, who never forsakes them, and patiently labors to uplift their thoughts, and inspires hope for better things to come.

However, dear ones, it will always be your free will decision to do so, to come to Me and imbibe of My presence.”