2021-05-27-Friends Are Those You Get to Choose

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Topic: Friends Are Those You Get to Choose

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia




Dear Mother Spirit and Michael: Thank you, dear, sweet parents. Thank you for being such a big part of our lives, and yet, so unobtrusive. You are both always here, as close as our next prayer saying hello, “Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Thank you for being here with me.”

Tonight, with respect to these transmissions of yours, we are happy to receive you and spread your messages abroad to the best of our abilities. Mother Spirit and Michael, I want to thank you both, especially for being so informal with us by using our old, ordinary, everyday concepts and language. You invite us to feel that you are not only our spiritual parents, but that other most precious thing for human beings--our dear friends. You come to us on our own level so we can readily understand you and feel welcome. Thank you so much for the way you approach us. We are very grateful. Amen.


Nebadonia: Good evening, dear sweet children, and dear friends. Michael and I are quite tickled that you receive us this way and think of us as your closest friends. We ask you to think of our mutual Father—God-- the same way, because this is also his greatest delight--sharing as much as himself with you as you can take in.

(Friends are those you get to choose)

Think of your whole spiritual family above in the same way. Because, while your family is just kind-of given to you at birth, your extra-family friends are the ones you chose. You meet and sometimes almost immediately, you can relate and start sharing the marvelous essence of your lives and souls--what you have experienced and come to know. Sometimes friendship seems so magical because there is no final accounting for it. It’s just an inexplicable ability--and joy--to share so much.

Friendship helps you share and then know the most important things in these souls of yours, these records of your life experience. You share with these other “little walking infinities”-- we call you, because not only are you infinite to yourselves--especially your souls of your whole life--but each other. With a friend people have sometimes known for decades and decades--maybe most of their life--there is still a wonderful newness in the way they can help each other be here-and-now. You have so much to relate with each other in the trust that you have come to know. They’re another person with whom you can share so much of your inner life. What a blessing to be able to discover each other this way.

It’s also what you can discover and understand of your own life because you are sharing it with someone else, with their understanding and acceptance of you. It’s the two-hundred-percent-ness of life, through friendship, you can be blessed with.

(Friends help you be here and now)

So here again you have something past that is both continuing and growing, yet it helps you set that aside to be present to feel the life within you and between you. Friendship is this magical thing with no top, or bottom, or sides to it. Life is a wonderful thing that is enhanced just by acknowledging and being consciously aware of it. Your awareness of this enormity is such a wonderfully humbling experience, it gives you a great spiritual quality of humility. You’re aware that life is so much greater than yourself; and yet you have it!--and it has you like a dear friend. You have each other.

Michael and I hope you think of us as someone to share your life with, someone who helps you have more life. Think of my little boosts in this moment-to-moment life you are living. These are your abilities to knowingly feel and experience life in a way that helps you understand there is so much happening within you that is truly beyond you.

(The spiritual blessing of humility)

This is the spiritual blessing of humility, the wonder of being alive. It’s not being humiliated, because that is a negative thing when you are being put down hard by something, usually for your own arrogant over-reaching. Reality itself gives you a little pat on the rear, saying, “Not this time! You just over-stepped yourself a bit.” Rather, true humility is actually the opposite of being humiliated. It’s knowing the greater spiritual reality surrounding you, my dears, that never humiliates you. Being humble lets you know we are all pulling for you. There is no condescension here, because we are actually part of you from the inside out, and the outside in, and all around you, as a spiritual community--as well as our Father.

You are our Father’s delight. You are God’s purpose for having others than himself. All the personal beings on his own spiritual circuit add to him. You are giving him your life. That is why it is such a blessing when you are aware of this. It is part of that two-hundred-percent of not only living your life, but having his reflection of it. Truly, my dears, the presence of God within you is the truest mirror you have that reflects who and what and where you are.

This is why we suggest a meditation of simply but wonderfully, wondering, with humility, reaching out to he who is greater than you. “Dear Father, here I am. What do you have for me--this time?” And then be ready!—for here it comes. You are in a living Eternal Now that is in motion, and will always be in motion for you--as long as you want it! What a choice. What freedom you have. So, be curious!--my dear ones. It is not a curse to make you discomforted--that you can never fully know the end of things. It is a blessing.

It is a blessing because there need be no end of things for you, or for these other truly beloved ones—these friends with whom you share so much. Think about spending eternity with your friends. Think of tossing this marvelous reality that God has created--this infinity all around and containing you; think of tossing that back and forth with a dear friend forever.

(You get together, then you let each other go)

You get together with a most wonderful hug for a few precious moments when you wrap your arms around each other. Then you let each other go. You totally let each other go for a while so you each can go off and have your independent adventures. You each get to know your own unique reality, and your own unique take on things. This is what gives each of you something different to bring back to another. It’s wonderful how two friends can complement each other and fill in missing gaps that neither even knew were there. Here comes your friend with something new, something you never would have discovered on your own.

It’s the wonderful miracle of difference--being unique and different from each other--that allows you to share so much by opening, and acknowledging, and welcoming that which is other than you. It goes with being grateful and appreciating the whole creation.

Go out on a clear starry night and be amazed. It can be, “Oh Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining!” This is up to you letting go of yourselves and finding a wonderful self-forgetfulness in order to let in all The Other.

If only for a moment, be so self-confident and assured of your own being, and meaning, and value—you just let it all go. Let it go. Fill yourself and your soul with another--maybe another whole situation. See it as a blessing that forever--eternally: Here comes another situation! Whether it’s willy-nilly, and welcome or not, these bodies of yours change, right up to a really big change. Find the courage and the curiosity to welcome the next moment, even the next unknowable situation. Have the courage to reach out and make a friend, and be a friend.

(Being mortal requires courage)

It takes courage because--you both being so mortal--accepting a dearest friend is--as they say—having “another hostage to fortune.” But still, use your very mortality to appreciate what you still have in this living moment. And then—let them go. They’re safe in your soul, safe in God’s hands forever keeping these precious moments, this warm hug, this laughter, this joy, this fun. This is how you thrive. This is how you grow. This is how you even welcome being overwhelmed, because you already have been a thousand times. You lose yourself?--you reappear. You just pop up again. Something is giving you life. Some great Other is your companion.

And so you realize: “Thank you, dear Father. Thank you for these dear friends I have known. Thank you for the dear friendships with all the spiritual beings I will come to know. They will come to show me what kind of beings they are--to add to my own being, as I add my human being their angelic nature.”

You will get to meet a Melchizedek someday. Think of these eons to come, my dears, full of your personal friends, plus all the different kinds of beings you will meet, and come to take on their essence . This goes all the way to when we will meet sometime. Michael and I will gladly meet you as who and what you will have become. We will meet as equal beings because even now that is our ability.

Even now, as we stretch out to greet you and be part of your lives, don’t forget to say hello every now and then, “Hi, Mother! Hi, Dad! Let’s share this next adventure together.”

Now if you have any questions or comments. Let’s share them.


Student #1: First off, I would like to thank you—Jerry--for your service and commitment to Father and Mother in this Correcting Time. Mother, it is so good to hear from you and remember you are holding us in your hands and your arms. We can see there is more light than there is dark. Sometimes it’s just that we are only seeing the loudest.

Nebadonia: Thank you, my dear. Don’t forget this reality we are in--including these living bodies of yours--are all features of light and dark and shadow. Something is here!--rather than nothing but pure light. There is something! There is a whole universe you can look out and see, and wonder about. There is even another whole Central Universe we tease you with, your coming to enjoy someday, on your way to Paradise. So, thank you, my dear. Be in my love.

Student #2: OK. Mother Spirit?--Hello. You were talking about friendship, and fellowship, so I was just wondering: Do you ever communicate with other Mother Spirits?

(Supreme contact between Mother Spirits)

Nebadonia: Oh yes, my dear. We are all so very capable of sharing our lives, we have to tease you to imagine what it is like having so many sisters, all equally hundreds of billions of years old--as I am. And there are hundreds of thousands of us. We share a space-awareness of where we all are because, keep in mind, we are all in motion out here. I’ve said before--with respect to my other Mother Spirits--think of us as bubbles in a very dense foam, even though--from your standpoint--we are spread out across millions of light years of space. Still, we all have a super space-sense of where we are.

Student #2: Yes: we were just talking about Mother Spirits in space, and Michaels in time. There’s a time/space relationship between Michaels and Moms, and time and space, and you have space.

Nebadonia: Yes, and always keep in mind, everything in space is in motion--right?--everywhere in motion. This is what creates time. In other words: Something is happening! Further, you can only think of us as having perfect memory, so extra-dimensional, everything we have ever known is still present for us. These are our many dimensions you can only imagine, that you too, yourselves, will grow into.

(Keep growing in many dimensions)

For now, your own souls-- co-authored by God himself--are so vast and enormous you can only touch on them briefly, you are so involved in living in the present moment. But this too—Michael’s and my extra-dimensional awareness --my dears, is something you will grow into. You will achieve more and more of a space and temporal awareness. It’s another thing we tease you with, that you have to look forward to.

Student #2: I was thinking: I‘m 70. and I feel like I know some things, but I really don’t know anything. There is so much to learn, and it is so big out there. What I do is be calm, and think I understand anything is a kind of joke.

Nebadonia: Well, my dear, isn’t it wonderful then to know that God is keeping your soul for you? Even though you can only touch on all the moments of your life so far, it’s a fact you have this infinite, perfect Being delighted to be a part of you and keep it all for you. You will become one with this enormous soul of yours someday, but you have a lot of growing yet to do. You got the idea. Don’t worry about that, let it go. Just keep growing. Keep reaching out with your curiosity, knowing it is all being held for you in the most tender hands.

Student #2: Thank you.

(Stop to catch your breath, then take another step)

Nebadonia: This is quite a challenge, my dear--just to keep going and growing. Stop to catch your breath from time to time, and shake your head and wonder about it all. But pick yourself up and take another step.

Student #2: It’s not all moving for us--you know what I mean? I don’t think we feel that. We forget we’re on this little spinning ball. We get caught up in the world and forget things are changing rapidly all the time.

Nebadonia: Don’t forget, my dear, that you yourself are something that is not moving at all, and never ever changes. This is the mystery of personality. This is the only thing in all of existence that doesn’t change. True enough, you have experiences, and develop a soul of that experience. And yet you will always be you.

Student #2: Right, right. There is that line in the Urantia Book about the Father, that everything changes, until you finally learn that the only changeless thing is God, and the God in you.

(The wonderful chapter called Personality Survival)

Nebadonia: But it’s also you yourself, my dear. Look up that wonderful chapter called Personality Survival to get the tiniest little touch of your truly ungraspable own self. Personality is the presence--the “nodule of experience” we call you--that experiences, and yet is always you, a continuity beyond time and space, yet also within time and space. You cannot really be captured within time and space, yet here you are--living.

Student #2: So: your other sisters, what do they think about you having rebellion worlds?

Nebadonia: Well, my dear, this is the true reality of free will. Personal beings are creative spiritual beings who can have the notion: “I’m going off on my own and have my own reality.” They are able to live in it for a short while—like you in your own “bubble of familiarity”--until all of reality comes about—ironically-- to their own benefit. So for a while, there can be rebellion. But it carries the seeds of its own ending because it is not part of the Eternal Whole, but only a rebellion against it.

Student #2: You don’t have any shame about that, do you?

(Given freedom, even for rebellion)

Nebadonia: Well, this is where, as spiritual beings, we let things be until the greater reality takes over. For the spiritual beings who joined the rebellion, there’s been a kind of rehabilitation we accept as well. Personality can come around to realize very profound mistakes that became part of their soul, and part of the soul of the universe of what happened.

Student #2: That is helpful. That is helpful to me now with so much false reality and alternate facts. We just wait it out because it will not survive. It is not connected to truth.

Nebadonia: There is incessant growth demanded by the very nature of your soul. The demand is to keep staying in this Eternal Now of everything changing, except your personality. You learn how to welcome change with confidence, to welcome the adventure of not fully knowing what is going to happen next.

Student #2: Yes, like you said, let other people create what they will. You can’t control what is going to be unfolding in their free will.

(True democracy forbids censorship)

Nebadonia: Exactly. As you learn to be more spiritual yourself, you learn how to let each other be, and welcome their unique take on things. That is why Michael said a true democracy depends on no censorship. Let everybody have their say, and take it all in. You keep growing by embracing even the most divergent notions of things. You acknowledge that other folks have entirely different kinds of life than what you have known. This is what they can give you.

Also, you welcome these different points of view by being democratic within yourself. Without denial, you don’t censor yourself, but from time to time you open to ask, ‘Dear Father; Dear God; what do I need to know? What am I denying perhaps?

Student #2: Yes, what do I need to learn?

Nebadonia: Yes, Welcome the wonderful diversity that flows from God’s infinity--trillions of trillions of trillions of personalities, of all the different orders of beings, right down to your local neighborhood. Think of all the thousands and thousands of different cultures just on your world alone, everything from folks living on the fiftieth floor of some huge skyscraper, to being the only person within twenty miles, out somewhere tending their flocks still. It is a big world, my dear. Just be open to it all.

Student #2: National Geographic shows us that stuff. Alright, thank you--nice talking to you.

Nebadonia: Be in my Love..

Student #3: I know you are within me, but where are you within me? Are you the “still small voice?--or what part of me are you? I know you are here because I feel you every day. Can you tell me where you are?

(Mother Spirit within, and all about)

Nebadonia: Well, my dear, the “small still voice” within you is actually the presence of God. I am all around you because this is my Local Universe space. I am like a radio signal that your mind is capable of receiving and using As your Urantia Book says, personalities can have direct spiritual contact with each other. In this sense you are able to receive the dimensions of me we call my Mind/Spirit Adjutants, like pure experience, knowledge, understanding, courage and council, even worship and wisdom. These are dimensions of me that I am able to share with you to give your mind and your spirit a little boost.

(You have experience, knowledge, understanding, and courage on your own))

Always realize that you--on your own!--experience and know things, and come to understand them. You have your own courage as part of you. Yet as you receive me on super-conscious levels, I give these a little boost. That is what I am doing for you. In this way, both Michael and I, and you, we have our lives within each other. Just like God has his personality circuit, and his presence within you, you are living partly for us as well.

Student #3: Well, that is a beautiful answer. Thank You. I get it. Thank you so much.

Nebadonia: So although I am always here, it tickles me when you say, “Hi, Mom.” Like when your own kids may not always be aware of you, it is so wonderful when they come over to give you a big hug, and say, “Hi Mom.”

Student #3: Very great. Thank you. Thank you.


Nebadonia: It’s wonderful--being friends, and sharing our lives. You enrich me and Michael so much. Be in my love. Just keep feeling it.

Student #3: Thank you, thank you.

(Love is the supreme connecting force, power, and reward)

Nebadonia: Be in my love, dear ones. Love is the supreme connecting force throughout the universe, beaming from God. All spiritual beings have this power and reward. Taken all together, we call this total the Divine Absolute, for it is real, it exists. It is the way we are all connected and share so much. This is what I mean by: Be in my love. Let it fill you, and tickle you pink. We love you very much.

Good Night.