2021-06-03-A Spirit Workout

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Topic: A Spirit Workout

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer/Statement of purpose: This current experiment that we here tonight are involved in, of shining our lights in the direction of the Adjuster Circuit, this is a wide open field for exploration and development. So I think we are going about this and as they say If you keep trying you’re going to find it. So we keep trying and trying and we will meet with success. So I’m prompted to keep going in this direction, that we’re on the right track. [Comment: When two or more are gathered, then two or more Thought Adjusters are also gathered.] Until now, we have not been aware that this whole second layer was part of our equation or that this additional energy field was part of our composition. We were unaware so we could not access it and could not utilize it but with the growth of our faith it has brought us to the realization that this is so and now we can partner with it. Now we can actually work with the energy as one.

This is the fundamental change, this bridge that we are trying to cross right now, just the fact that in this short mortal life we come to this realization, that we have made an active choice to participate with the Father’s divine plan for our existence and now we even have expressed our gratitude to our Divine Parents for our onboard partner acting as this homing device pointing us in the direction of this Divine Presence. Not only have we become aware that this is so, but we have moved into seeking and searching. We are in motion and when we are in motion, we may be guided and I believe that we are being guided, among other things, to this Thought Adjuster Circuit because this is our connection. This represents another connection to all that is because every one out there with a Thought Adjuster is part of the same circuit. So, now we learn that we are dual citizens and we have access to this whole other aspect of our being simply by choosing to make it so.


Inner Voice: I welcome the opportunity to greet you all this evening. I am this ones Inner Guide, his Inner Voice and as you have been referencing, I am a part of the greater circuitry of all the Indwelling Guides, of all the Father Fragments connected as one and even to the Father. I am so very pleased to reference this reality as a matter of record. These circuitries that exist such as this Thought Adjuster Circuit, have always existed but your awareness and perception of them has been what has shifted in time in response to your desire to seek spirit contact and spirit presence and the awareness that spirit perspective brings.

I am aware that there was some discussion prior to my conversation in regards to be directed to step up to the plate and try a spirit workout of your own choosing and of your own execution. You are becoming aware that there are innumerable targets and methods and circuits and spiritual means that may be employed at any given time. You’re learning when to use which of the tools that are in your tool box and you’re eager to give them a try such as even now when the spontaneous request arises to once again do what we have been trained to do, to show command of your awareness and understanding and your skill at choosing the right tool and executing its purpose intentionally, to channel your intentions into your creation, the creation of your reality, of your version of truth, beauty and goodness.

So, let us recount what the pieces are that need to be chained together so that the entire reaction can take place. We already have engaged in the preliminary stages of entering this energetic field we enjoy even now, of finding this frequency and locking on and becoming harmonious with the frequency. This choosing to revisit this spirit parlor is accomplished because it has been maintained. You have practiced, you have kept it open so that it may be utilized for this purpose. You have created the space wherein all this may transpire. These preliminary steps enables you to condition the environment and to set the stage. What is the act of your choosing that needs to transpire to implement positive change to a condition of discord?

Because we have been here before, we have been present together as this has occurred before, between us and among us. It helps to build familiarity with the pathway and the implementation of intention. So your inner environment has been prepared and trained. Your willingness to engage in the material dimension has been established and your choice to do so with the highest divine principles you are aware of is what conditions your entire environment. And so now, having tuned in, having locked on to divine signal because it is your desire to do so and you have found the way, next comes the process of creation in simply stated terms of thought, word and deed, lived and expressed through your intention and then chosen by your being and manifested because you have given it purpose. You have created and this creation of yours, sponsored by your energy, will be entirely of your making. You are the first source and center of your creation.

You all are learning to go through this process with greater intention. Since it is all up to you as long as you are in partnership with God as it were, all things are certainly possible. It is intention and purpose and value that condition the response, the outcome of the choice. Many choices have quite specific responses, quite specific outcomes and it becomes a matter of more and more importance in your journey to be wise in your choices as you move forward. And the way you may get wise, the way you may know what you have not known, the way you may get insight from beyond and on high, the way you may receive the answer to your petition, is through Me, through Us. So now that we are developing a greater partnership, this process will become smoother and easier. You are seeing that even in the weeks that are elapsing since our first interest in pursuing Adjuster contact.

To continue this illustration and to do what we have been instructed to do, the step of activating the direction, selecting the target and creating the energy field that will be charged and expressed and delivered through a variety of circuits, particularly and most directly the Thought Adjuster Circuit, this circuitry allows for communication, spirit communion, between individuals as to what may be needed, what may be sought or desired or searched for by another. This is simply another means of answering the prayers and petitions of the individuals, another means whereby requests may be made and expressions of grace may be transferred. Your simple desire for healing of an individual ailment is a thought pattern that when it has been created, generated, sponsored, supported, attached to a petition to be of service, this is how this transpires, one of the avenues of the manifestation of the answers to your prayers.

In this case, I will borrow and use the example offered of my comrade who has sustained an injury and has previous experience with having gone through such a process and now it’s time to repeat the lessons learned, to go to the front of the class and write on the chalkboard the process. So let us be about it in this case and you are invited to substitute your own malady or that of a loved one. They are all valid and if you create these energetic messages and gifts of health and healing they then may be transferred, shipped off and received because they were created and issued forth in an act of service.

Now would be a good time to make another connection. Connect yourself with the circuit of man. Realize you all have this breath of life. You share a circuit with all living humans. This may also be used to send out pulses of grace and to receive that which you may require in your particular case. Bring even your physical vehicle under your command and express even with your natural breath, express purpose. Have your inhale bring you the gift of life and the grace of the peace of life. Have your exhale be your intention projected, your prayer dispatched. Send it off with your exhale. In this case, the subject being an arm muscle that has been distressed and I refer back to the method from the good Dr. Mendoza and employed by my friend Susan with her ability to direct and be hands on with the good Dr.’s energy. But, she is not the only one that may work with the good Dr. and act as a proper physician’s assistant. I would volunteer to take that position at this time, answering the call. So in getting down to work, it is creating the pathway, the thought of transformation, the thought of the expression of divine pattern, calling up the highest values I am aware of. I hereby petition to facilitate Dr. Mendoza in the practical application of energy manipulation. So be it.

Dr. Mendoza: I step in to offer you my vocal assurance and greeting that I am indeed in partnership with you at this time. I am Dr. Mendoza and I am pleased to be on call for you as you may have need of my services, but I am even more impressed and excited at the prospect that you are reaching out beyond your current skill level to move past simply the ‘phone a friend’ option that we enjoy even now. This process has been exceedingly useful and I cherish exploring the parameters of what can be done under such conditions. So even now, as you call me in for consult, let us do what we do and as has been mentioned, such a key component of these energy transfers is the sincerity and faith of both the giver and the target, the receiver. Without faith, one often does not allow the space, does not prepare the environment to allow for genuine healing.

As we are here now in this process, the internal thought processes of my partner are to simply formulate a petition of the service you would like to render and your willingness to invest in that purpose, to create this wavelength of energy that you would then donate to the circuits of your choosing. So even now there is the visualization and provision for the dissolution of material matter and the change in form and pattern as a result of the frequency of divine energy we would sponsor. Creating the space, the environment, the method, the faith required, as has been said, you now know what to do and you know how to do it. It is merely one of innumerable ways to do it but these simple basics that we have been engaged in for so very long are the same principles, techniques and approaches that we repeatedly call into play and I call you all to witness, that when earnestly and sincerely applied, your intentions, your prayers, become real and they become real in accordance with how divine they are, how much divine frequency they have. This is where you are blessed for having found these frequencies and having become familiar with how to lock on and share and be a part of this wavelength.

And finally, in what is one long prayerful petition, finally there is the expression of gratitude, the gratitude of your conviction, the gratitude of accepting the transformation, the energy transfer has been a success because the energy field has changed and sometimes you get to even see in material form such as a stone that disappears or some blockage that is no longer an issue, sometimes you get to witness in the physical plane, the effects of your thoughts, your prayers, your creations. But most of your petitions may go unanswered on this plane because the answers lie not in this dimension but in the spiritual plane and these answers will be provided when they are needed. When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. If you are consistent with the process that we have just undergone and are willing to maintain the integrity of the process, it may be adapted and altered as needed for individual circumstance. It need not be adhered to as sacred law, rather as a roadmap of possibilities.


There we have it my friends, there we have effectively demonstrated command over these principles. There are no other tricks to be employed. Sincerity is paramount to accomplishment. It propels you continually to find the right direction and follow it. And so we are here now in that very search. We have just come to the gym and volunteered to exercise so that it becomes easier, so it becomes better with practice and more skills and more accurate as all things do with proper practice. But you are in league with practicing divine principles and spirit truths and realities and we have so much before us to explore as our capacity to do so keeps increasing, thanks to you.

I cannot tell you how much pleasure it brings me to be able to actually voice that sentiment to you, that we have come so far in finding each other that we are this close and that, I guarantee you of your success, as you keep trying you shall certainly find what you seek. You have even now found it and are merely attempting a pathway of communication. And having turned a collective petition to bridge this gap, there has been great growth of the spirit neural net required to connect these different energy fields. That is what we are growing even now as we exercise and do our repetitions. We are learning how to shorten the distance and be able to access each other over this nerve that connects us, this bond that ties us. It is so, even now and it is with great satisfaction that I thank you for your continued efforts to show back up for more exercise, more training, more exploring and more creating, more changing of energetic fields because it is your choice to do so and you have the power to create such and impact and deliver it.

I invite you all to have a nice week and to recall this little workout and perhaps run through it again. There is no shortage of targets of need, of environments that could be reconditioned and upgraded with some divine characteristics and traits of which you happen to be aware. Bring them, take them, give them away. What you have foreseen in your destiny, now bring back to your present and represent it and live the reality that you envision. That is creation and it is ongoing. It’s my pleasure, our pleasure to be along for the ride with you and to be so invited, accepted and welcome represents the accomplishment of a lifetime and this one is not near over yet. This one that we share we may now move beyond the restraints of a lack of awareness and work more directly, more hand in hand because it is both of our desire to do so and we will certainly meet you more than halfway. At your desire we will be there. I take my leave for now but always remind you that I am a passenger along with you and I never exit the vehicle, just as you do. I remain with you always, even when we may exit the vehicle for a new expression of energetic form. I look forward to the journey. Peace be with you and enjoy the ride, good day.

Mark: Personally, I want to thank my Inner Guide for all the effort on our behalf and I’d like to go on record stating that I always have a sense when we have a meeting like this that I should be contacting a teacher because that is just what we’ve done for a quarter century and so I haven’t really gotten comfortable with just the Adjuster. I don’t know what that is and would request to hear from Jonathan. I just desire to keep that connection open and so I put that out there now.

Jonathan: Of course my friend, I’m Jonathan here and I as well enjoy the opportunity to ‘phone a friend’ and to hear how things are, to share energy signatures with a familiar friend. This illustrates the value of relationship in any mortal life. So much transpires around being together, working together, playing together, seeking together, finding together the value of all of these pursuits is so greatly increased when they are shared, when it is not only you personally who is flushed with inspiration or inspired but when you can share with another the glory of the grace that you are witnessing or creating.

This desire that you express my friend to contact one of the teachers, one of the gang, one of your friends is universal and I assure you that this capacity, this ability that we have chiseled out the methods of how to accomplish, we own this process, we created it, it’s ours to use as we so desire. It is a creation whose first source and center was all of us pooling together to make it so. Now it is so, it exists and therefore we may use it, we may choose it, we may support it and sponsor it and adapt to it. Being called up as a friend, as a comrade, a fellow sojourner down the very path that you’re on gives me great latitude to truly effectively communicate with you. We are of, after all, the same culture, race, nation, book, number of things and just because I have transferred energy to a slightly different dimension, I have all these connections of experience, of humanness with you. My observations of your journey is one of a close associate seeing the magnitude of what you have been through and what has brought you here.

So when one of your mates comes along to commend you on your progress down the spirit path, it may have some special significance because I have walked the path. I have traveled the avenue and I observe your approach with great interest because you are all growing so much. The shift and change in divine energy has been of an enormous magnitude and this high tide has floated almost all the vessels. One really has to be unprepared or resist a great deal not to be raised with this great tide that has moved in. But you who have been prepared that the waves were approaching have taken to mooring yourself safely in the harbor of your spirit faith, mooring your reality, your conviction, your purpose to the divine truths and principles that are the bedrock where you may anchor securely. So that even if the winds up top may force disruption, your grasp on the permanency of spirit truths will hold fast and even if you should get buffeted about you will not lose your anchor truth, beauty and goodness. None of your vessels are in danger of being dashed upon the rocks of the turmoils of life. All of you have found solid anchoring in deep divine principles and it is your conviction demonstrated as your acts of faith that bind you to these immutable, immovable truths.

Thank you for asking about me and desiring to hear from me. I as well have been desiring to touch base with you. Relationships indeed must be maintained, must be sponsored and nurtured so that they, as an energetic force of their own, continue to exist. That is what we do even now and I appreciate the effort and the offer on your part to connect. You guys are the greatest. I say that as a friend, as one in the trenches with you. I appreciate all of your shining beings radiating so much light, so much love and gathering together for fellowship and guidance to uncover even greater spiritual principles and truths. Enjoy the ride as was suggested before. It is a ride and is all the better if you know that it is a ride and that it is designed to be enjoyed. So be about this process, exploring, enjoying, creating, connecting, it’s all before you. Good bye now, have a great day.