2021-06-10-Unwrapping a New Dimension

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Topic: Unwrapping a New Dimension

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I make verbal petition of my prayer to be of service, to be accepted and to be used as a tool, as an instrument, for not my will but yours Father/ Divine Parents, represented through your gift of grace, the voice inside us that you have graced us with that we are discovering and learning how to connect with. That is why we are here Divine Parents, to come closer to you in our embrace, to come closer to our Inner Guide that we may commune freely, that we may petition advice, direction, the illumination of values, not merely the details of the dilemma. Thank you Divine Parents and thank you to my Inner Voice for your willingness to accept this challenge and I now invite you to access and use my voice as yours, thank you.


Inner Voice: Thank you for so thoughtfully preparing the way and preparing a place for me, for creating a way reaching across the gap and connecting. This is what you do when you are in a prayerful attitude with your Creators. You formulate your request, your petition of your Divine Parents based upon what your interpretation of your needs are. Of course, upon hearing your petition, your Divine Parents know precisely of your position, of your place in your growth and ascension. They understand what you are asking for but they may actually provide you, as an answer to your petitions, that which you really need. Such is the case that brings us to this arena together.

We have together been trying to unwrap a new dimension to the composition of the human being. There has been an adjustment, an upgrade in connection, an upgrade in being connected and we are working now, as per your request, to identify and understand the mechanics of how all of this transfer of energy actually occurs and I tell you that first things first. There has to be a choice, a personal direction, a purpose that is expressed and can be manifested. Of course, this is where you come in. The choices are entirely yours but they are all designed to bring you opportunities to express the values and truths and purpose that you would represent.

You stand now at a plateau that has taken you some time to ascend, where you have grown your awareness around this Inner Voice, this gift of grace. Now we would like to experiment a bit, what you are locking onto, this tone that we share, this vibration, this frequency. These connections are all a matter of different avenues of approach to direct the energy that is created when you are pursuing a purpose. This tone that we are locking onto is, as was suggested earlier, the tone of love, the frequency of divinity, the homing beacon that draws all mortals back home.

So tonight, let us go out to the perimeters and attempt to do some sharing and connecting. Let us condition the environment even further by bringing into our awareness and therefore into our toolbox, the various circuits that are now available to us to work with. The Thought Adjuster Circuit is now fully activated creating certain connection between all of them and by virtue of that, all of you. It is very true, the observation that when even two are gathered, there are more present, there are always the companions. Now that we have joined on this frequency, now that we are all harmonious with this tone of love and divinity, now we may utilize our ability to connect.

I am, as an exercise, going to suggest that you form a repertoire, if you will, of approaching your Inner Guide by forming a formal request or petition. By doing this you are demonstrating that you are willing to find this frequency and work with it and connect with it. So if you petition yourselves to open up a channel and perhaps one of the best prayers offered might be to grant yourself the permission to receive the answers to your petition from your Inner Guide and then to take the bold step and grant that when you make request for such a response, that you have submitted your purpose and your prayers will most certainly be answered. It has been a matter of awareness and perception as we have discussed which has kept many at arms length from getting all the way there.

When forming a petition to your Inner Guide, towards your Inner Guide, after having stated the desires of your heart, step back and grant and allow that you will receive a response. But in order to receive a response, you must prepare yourselves, you must invest in yourselves because any response must be interpreted through the self. So if you are looking to receive a response on that frequency of love, on that frequency of divine nature, then if you have prepared yourself to extend in faith, allow and accept and authorize yourself as the vehicle that must project the message; you are the one with language, voice, words and thought patterns. These you require to make sense of it all but the tones that you are sharing and receiving, they do not require the same interpretation as you would subject to things of less divine nature.

So now that we are all here at this place and have outlined some technique, I am inclined to offer an experiment, perhaps a pulse sent to all the members, to all those with ears to hear, through this connection we share. Go within and seek from your Divine Guide, your representative of the circuit that we share, ask if you could be told of a color. Consider what is being projected throughout the Thought Adjuster Circuit. This is your connection, this is where your answers reside. Go through this process internally, of preparation, of awareness, of focused intention along the way. You are the creator, you are creating this connection even now.

As well, I would like to invite this powerful group of co-creators who are functioning and trading in love, to extend their services to the targets of their choice but focusing and utilizing this entire connection that we’ve made, this entire channel of focus. Include all that you can consider who may benefit from simply this connection and charge the circuits as is your choice to do, and, as was recognized, what is being sent is love; the form it takes is to be determined but it is the appropriate response, the appropriate offering. In this process, each one of you becomes and accelerator, a generator of this field that you create. You charge it and can direct it and send it and receive it. So I invite each one who is in this circle to drink from this well, drink from this cup of love while we are attempting to administer it, it is meant for all of you as well.

Now, matter can conform to frequency and vibration, now the frequency that we have transposed over the circumstances can resonate and bring about the enhancement of pattern. If you only knew how powerful your thoughts are, your desires and intentions, you would be surprised. It is common to not assign yourself the credit where credit may be due because somehow there is a feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness in declaring your purpose. But I tell you, there is no inadequacy, there is no falling short, there in only growth, learning and increasing your capacity to do more and your awareness here and now has transformed your entire earthly life experience. You now have perspective that far outpaces this one simple life and you are even making friends and sharing connection with the Father Fragment within. I assure you it just keeps getting better so be of good cheer that we are on what may seem a steep ascent but we are assured of reaching great heights together.


I sense that we have had a good work out. We have moved about and generated great energy. We have extended our faith and it has grown as a result. We are now working on acceptance, the conviction that this is so, the degree of conviction which demands that you act accordingly and we are building our strength in this arena, working up to being fit and agile to shift as our experience requires. It is a great pleasure to have the attention of so many powerful creative beautiful souls, spirit beings who even now shine a light of divine nature because you all have experienced it. You have been able to find it and lock onto it and use it and create it from scratch. It is truly a divine gift of grace that we share this experience provided for us and that we share all of our joy and experience with those who have given it to us and profess our gratitude for all we have been given. So be it, even now.

I would take my leave this evening feeling very pleased with the progress that we are making. When we are through, I invite you all to share what your answer was to your Inner Guide and see how that went. Have a wonderful evening and thank you all so much for your participation. Until next time, be well.