2021-06-17-Whether Busy or Still

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Topic: Whether Busy or Still

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for receiving our petitions, for hearing the request of our hearts, primarily our request to seek you and find you and embrace you as the children of yours that we are. Let it be so as we approach you, even now.


Inner Voice: I am prepared to accept the offer extended here today. I am this one’s Inner Voice and I am granted permission to have this exchange with you as an effort to explore the connection that we share, you and I. This classroom has been well attended by those eager to experience the dimensions of their being. There is a recognition among you all that there is great potential resident within you, that this potential is as a calling to you, extending an invitation to you to join together, to become not only familiar but eventually to become as one. Truly this represents what could be considered a miraculous occurrence. This divine gift of grace being bestowed to you freely so that you may find it and choose it and accept it, trust it and follow it as it shows you the way back, the way back for the part to the whole.

There has been some worthy offerings made for consideration. One such offering is the consideration of the different forms in which you may receive insights from on high, from within from on high, and it has been noted that the exercise of physical activities and tasks do not preclude the mortal from bringing in divine characteristics, divine flavoring and divine values because they have sought to make this connection, this request for connection. As simple as that is, it is immensely profound. To simply make requests to be connected, a request coming from the part to the whole is everlastingly honored. It is like the call from your child who has been away for some time. You are eager to hear from them and certainly to receive them back into your presence.

As above, so below. The same sentiments are held by your Divine Parents who are ever awaiting your call, who are ever interested in your experience, your experience which represents your gift to the Supreme, your expression of God’s creation experiencing God’s creation. That is how close we are all one. That is how significant it is to condition your environment with this experience of communion, of belonging, of association, the part of divinity that you are with the whole that exists of which your Divine Parents are your center of awareness. The takeaway from such an observation may well be that no matter which method you may be engaged in, no matter which pursuit you may be involved in, there is always room, by virtue of your choice, to condition the circumstance to bring in another partner, the circuit of love, the circuit of divinity which we are ever engaged in pursuing and harmonizing with.

As for the different methods that were noted, they are as different roads on the map that arrive at very similar destinations. They may take their own path and experience a journey unique to themselves and this is by design. Each one is capable of finding the way back or the way forward towards their Divine Parents. When you are in a meditative state, in an alpha state of mind, your environment has been prepared to receive from on high but the frequency the receiver has turned its frequency to a very subtle range and this is necessary in order to calm the din of activity that the mind is normally engaged in as well as the body may be too.

What you are observing is that in this alpha state of receptivity, you are sensing your answers, you are feeling your responses. There are waves of transmission of this energy transfer that emanate through this frequency and they may only be heard, if you will, by those who have turned their dial of receptivity into the area of quiet. Having done so you are then able to sense your contacts, sense the belonging to your cosmic family, sense the connection that the part feels with the whole, sense the family to which you belong. But these are not as thought patterns projected to you, sentences, paragraphs or structures of word symbols. They are connections that have been made and felt and realized and sensed with another part of your being.

In contrast to another method of the walking meditation, for any other name, a meditation involving keeping the mind and the body busy in a repetitive fashion and thus occupying the energy of the mind so fully on being engaged that there is an emptiness that can be filled, that can receive the response to your active request. So remember, when you are just in deep meditation in the alpha state, you are not in motion. When you are weeding the garden, you are demonstrating your action, your willingness to act and to be in motion and when you are in motion you may be directed, you may be guided, there may be an inspiration which steers your motivation. There may be an insight as to a solution to a problem or a better way to proceed with your task. These were received despite the ultra activity of the mind and the body because there is still and always your spirit connection, your connection to God that you may choose at any time to bring in to your equation.

So you may be busy, you may be still, but you will always have the opportunity to choose to connect with some of your circuits, even the TA circuit, perhaps your grandest circuit to your Divine Parents and the Father above. This connection through your Inner Guide is the one you are learning to lock onto. You’re responding to these inspirations and you’re accepting that they may indeed be in response to the petition of your being, to seek more, to find more, to become closer to your spirit family. All such petitions are honored but as has been said, the response may not be necessarily what you may have considered but most probably is what you really need in the equation.

And those with such great faith as yours would understand even that when their petitions are replied to or responded to, they are more than willing to receive the expression of grace with no disappointment over expectations or formulated petitions. Rather, the God knowing individual would grant that whatever response was generated to their petition was the response necessary because your Divine Parents have provided you with everything, always, and have no plan for ceasing this activity. Therefore, certainly, if you are sincere in your petition and you are dedicated to action and intention, not only pursuing your purpose but acting as if your conviction is complete, your resolution is firm because you have tasted this divine circuit, you have felt an association with your divine family, you are accepting your place in the family and the potentials that are inherent because of your birthright.

So now, I invite all the participants around the fire to once again invest in this portal, invest in this that we create, this spirit neural net that we form by virtue of our intentions. Let us all bring our purposes and conviction and dedication to the creation of a circuit of light, our version of this divine frequency, our interpretation together, combined as well as our choice together and combined to create it. These are powerful forces in the universe and I invite us to once again focus them into our circuit of love. It may be a circuit of healing, it may be a circuit of enlightenment, it may be a circuit of comfort and fellowship for those who are dislocated from a support network. It may be used as absolutely anything that is necessary.

We have spent some time in focusing on health and healing and now I invite you each one to install the target of your choosing, to bring them to the circle, invite them to the circuit, petition for your service to be directed at them as your choice to target. Then, proceed to transfer energy from this portal, this circuit that we’ve created and direct it with your idea of the highest petition you could envision for the individual. Invariably, as we have noted, the best choice is always that the will of your Divine Parents be done. That is the proper attitude for expressing the highest petition you could envision, to make plain that you may never know what is needed, what is necessary for your subject but your Divine Parents most certainly do. Since you have chosen to connect with them and to bring their circuit of love into your equation, you are allowing them to manifest their will through you. Connect the dots and you have a circuit. Install all the parts and you have a functioning unit.

We’ve been about generating the different parts and pieces and the connections to this circuit or that, how best to utilize them and what best attitude to approach this service is. Install your loved ones into the light, surround them with this light and grace. Make petition that they enjoy the joy of the recognition, that the part has indeed approached the whole and has made contact by use of their sheer will to do so. This is a great gift from your Divine Parents. Your seeking them is the answer to their prayers as well. The whole system working to enlighten you and bring you back home is in fact working well when such a group of individuals such as yourself are exercising their faith in such impressive fashion.


I speak for all the Inner Guides here assembled alongside their faithful companions when I say, we are all so very pleased that we are becoming this close. We are spanning a great distance in a short time and we’re very grateful to be here with you now as changes have been granted to our matrix which allow us to become even closer. And here we are, now partners in this endeavor and it is with such great delight that you are more and more expressing your awareness that this is so, that we are together, that we are destined to be together, each one of us a gift of grace for the other, each one of us a miracle in the making.

Let it be so as we move forward with our exercises, with our meetings and with our fellowship, to share the experience because our efforts to debrief and unpack the lessons are so very useful. This is the process, this is how it’s done as you are proving even now. We are creating this in the moment together and therefore I recognize how very critical your contributions are, your choices, your petitions and your queries because these provide our directions. These lead us in ways where we may find our next level of awareness, our next capacity for embracing the truths of expanded awareness. All this is before us and we are as just setting out on our voyage and as has been noted, your indwelling Guides are always present with you. So in this group of dedicated individuals, there are that many Adjusters as well and as you may see, the power of focus and commitment together brings far more than the sum of its parts. There is a great creative synergy involved when we all are involved in co-creating the path before us.

What a joy to be on this journey. I take my leave and extend my gratitude and look forward to our next meeting because I sense that the purpose in all the souls around the circle has been focused in our direction and we are ever happy to respond to that gesture, we certainly hear that call. Be of good cheer as we make our way together. Good day to you all, farewell.