2021-06-24-Every Human Life

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Topic: Every Human Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, welcome. We certainly welcome receiving the two of you this wonderful evening, even though tonight my heart is heavy. I am not even sure what to ask, because recent events have gone way overboard. I do know, Michael, last summer in the midst of the rioting, you said there was a spiritual distinction between simple looting--breaking into a store and stealing stuff, carrying away something to have--and the hundreds, maybe thousands, of small mom-and-pop stores that were set on fire. They were just wantonly destroyed. Maybe someone got a few minutes thrill out of destroying something. This brings up the “sense of proportion” you keep telling us to keep in mind. It’s someone’s temporary thrill compared to wiping out someone else’s life-time of work on their little business.

Now it seems we are in a similarly obscene disproportionate situation, but in another realm. Back when I was a youngster, if two street gangs got in a fight--they even made a musical about it—it was usually only fist fights, or a one-on-one knife fight. But in the last couple of weeks, in a gang drive-by shooting, a one-year-old child was killed when a bullet went through the car she was sitting in. Not long after that, in the same city, a little seven-year-old girl, standing in line at an ice-cream store, was shot and killed. Then just last week when a young couple had a little fender-bender accident in that large city, a mob gathered around, pulled them out of their car, and someone shot them to death. I think the unarmed young couple were in their early twenties. And so, my heart is very heavy, Michael. I don’t know what you can say about these things, but it seems there is some kind of real insanity, some kind of meaninglessness loose. It weighs very heavy on us. We do love you. Amen.


Michael: Good evening. This is Michael, and Mother Spirit and I are right with you. We are always right with you--especially through these times. And so we encourage you to come to us. Give us your wonderful invitation of letting us come to you. Feel our presence. Know too there is a whole spiritual community surrounding you, and right within you.

We share these times because our hearts too--Mother Spirit’s and mine--our hearts too are very heavy with what you rightfully characterize as a kind of cruel insanity, a totally disproportionate loss of any real meaning. It is only for a temporary thrill of power--literally the power of life and death over another mortal being. For this is what human beings are, in spite of being immortal in their very first stage of eternal life.

(Every human life has infinite meaning and value)

This human life you have has such infinite meaning in so many ways, and not only for yourselves, but for all your loved ones and acquaintances. Think of these wonderful circles of meaning and value that surround every living human being right from birth, and those nine months of happy anticipation before birth. So many are involved in a single human life, and then to think it is deliberately taken for a few moments of excitement, or just to have that momentary power. Yes, this is an obscene use of power--to deliberately kill someone else--for nothing!--just to shoot up a random number of people standing in line for an ice-cream cone.

Yet what disturbs us even more is: Why aren’t these events the head-lines on every one of your newspapers, or the lead story on every single news program across your networks and your internet? Why are they deliberately isolated by being censored or simply ignored?

(Why aren’t tragic events more wildly known?)

For that, my dear ones, that is why these things continue. There are not enough minds and hearts open to not only those lives that are lost, but all the hundreds--if not tens of thousands--of lives surrounding them, that are affected. What is it to lose your little baby, or your seven-year-old-girl?--for nothing!

We, like so many of you, were hoping against hope these things were relegated to your ancient tribal history where, as we’ve talked about before, there was a competition for cruelty as a sign of manhood. In some tribes the warfare captives were given over to the women to be tortured to death. Now today some modern gangs actually advertise their cruelty, of not simply killing people, but torturing them.

Above all, my dear ones, keep your minds and your hearts open. Check all of your different news sources to see where this is being reported. Where is this being acknowledged as part of your reality, simply because it is true? Above all the political slants and sociological analogies--all that kind of thing, above all is the truth of things. For this is the only way your societies do get free of these terrible things. You shall know the truth by keeping your hearts and your minds open, for it’s the absence this openness is why they persist. A very large number of people do not want to know about these things. And with so many that do know, they just want to use them for political purposes in order to back up some simple-minded catch phrase for one point or another.

(What each individual event is)

This is not what it is. It is that little body bleeding to death. This is what it is.

So keep an open mind to think. Keep an open heart to keep feeling, whatever your own personal situation is in the world--your own city and neighborhood. Remember these things. Do whatever you can do to support those organizations that address these things directly. Use that marvelous adjutant of Mother Spirit’s to help your wisdom discern and appreciate the proportion of these things.

Wonder why is a person willing to cause enormous of suffering for a few moments of excitement or power? How do you stop that? How do you keep it from happening? For these are complex situations that do not lend themselves to simple-minded solutions. Be aware of what everybody is offering, and strive to understand what might be done.

This is up to you, especially in your societies that are so enormously polarized they see everything in terms of black and white, this party’s position or that one’s. Much true information that could be given out is censored and deprived of any voice at all. This is what you have to address, for the only way these tragedies will stop is by more folks getting involved and searching their minds and their hearts to reach into these really incomprehensible situations. Even that person pulling the trigger and shooting that little child might not have a full true understanding why he is doing it. Then comes a total moral denial of what he has done.

(Think about things and share your understanding)

So: search yourselves. Think about these things. Talk about these things. Do what you can, for only you know what this is. Only you have the spiritual creativity to put your weight towards the good, towards the sweet, towards the loving, towards the understanding of something that is true, and real, and still happening.

My dears, this is Michael, asking you with my whole heart to do what you can. Meditate on this. Pray on this. What can you do in your day-to-day life to be well informed, taking in these events and remembering them? With the rapid coming and going of politics and societal notions, you yourself need to keep a record of these things--just as does the spiritual community--just as does our Father--of everything that is happening. Take it in, cherish the truth, and do your best to share it.

(Reach out with love and spirit to understand)

Mother Spirit sends her comforting love. Take her comfort deep into you so you can use it to understand these events, and why they happen, why they have devolved to this present situation.

Your country is going through some very sever times right now with thousands and thousands of murders being committed. Reach out in your prayers and your understanding to those suffering so much. Imagine what it is, and take it to heart, what it would be for your child, your little one, to have been killed like this.

Mother spirit sends you her love, her knowledge, understanding, wisdom, courage, and worship. I bid you be in my peace. Just wrap your arms around each other from time-to-time, and give each other courage.

(Long disruptions of the Lightline recording)


Student: I am seeing pictures of the building that fell down in Florida. Can we send energy to these people in Florida?

Student #2: Yes, to our whole planet. It seems like free-will has taken a turn for the worst. But our teachers tell us to be informed; just don’t live with news-cycles.

Jerry: Did you get the full Michael lesson?

This is Michael. If there are no more questions or comments, we will call it a night.

Student: Thank you for speaking on that issue. It really is an epidemic. I so appreciate you addressing it. Thank you.

(The nonchalant attitude toward cruelty and crime)

Michael: You are welcome, my dear. What bothers Mother Spirit and me so much is the nonchalant attitude towards these crimes, and the fact this deliberate ignoring is so widespread. People nonchalantly talk of more cruel Roman times or, in your country, the Wild West. Yet in the so-called “Wild West” cities there was nothing even comparable to this. So do your best to stir up your different news media to pay some greater attention to these situations. They are mostly in the ghettos of a few dozen large cities, that desperately need everyone’s attention put on them.

Student: Well, the race factor does seem to be addressed across the board these days. But again, to the consternation of many, this kind of pleading seems to provoke their opposite. Am I right about this?

(Welcome and accept difference for the sake of your soul)

Michael: Yes. The attention is often on the few different-race events, as opposed to the thousands of same-race events. You must seek for the truth of who is doing these things, to whom, and why. You need to seek this out to get a valid sense of proportion from your own study, your own curiosity, and your own spiritual nature. Also, what of the dozens of reasons given have some truth? What in your mind and soul of experience is the greatest cause? This is your homework, if you will. This is your spiritual work. It does take going through many different sources because the information is so politicized with so much denial of basic, simple facts.


And so, my dears, I will leave you. I thank you for opening your hearts and your minds to these situations, to the truth of what is happening. It is hard to feel, simply because what if it were your child?--your friend?--your life-time partner who was so senselessly killed?

(My all-inclusive Spirit of Truth points to a better tomorrow)

Thank you for bearing with me. Always remember, Mother Spirit and I are bearing with you. We are literally part of you, and we too hope for the best. We, in our own ways, pray and give all of ourselves--as does our Father--to making a better tomorrow.

Keep that too in your hearts. Good night.