2021-07-01-The Internal Home Page

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Topic: The Internal Home Page

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I am here to promote and provide connection. I am willing to share my experience at this and traverse this familiar path once again with all of you and my request is to be true to the purpose of service to my Divine Parents and all of the assistants around. I state this as my absolute purpose. I desire my intention therefore I am about this process and I express my gratitude for such a process, for such a means and method to such great rewards. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace.


Machiventa: I extend my greetings to you all. I accept the invitation offered by setting me a place at the table and requesting my presence by name. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am responding to your call. I remain on a status of stand by as I am ever ready to resume our contact and our growth in the arena of spirit. All of you have been sensing some disturbance in the force, some tweaking of the web that you are connected to and you're sensing through your connections this attention to this connection is building you an avenue of approach, is building you a pathway that you have agreed to traverse regularly and thus you are building a recognizable connection, a pathway that is well trodden, well established so that you simply must execute the act of going down the pathway that you’ve created. By building these pathways and creating these connections, you create all these different directions of influence and as well you increase your connection to those greater forces that you would recognize and attempt to follow.

As a result of your efforts in creating this familiar pathway to go from where you might find yourself out in the outer world down this pathway that you’ve created and maintained and established, that this makes traversing the distance much simpler and easier and quicker. By creating this portal you can enjoy transferring from one dimension to another by accessing this portal and simply finding your way through. I will use the example in this case of your home page on your computer. When this home page comes up in front of you, typically on such a platform there are a number of links you would call icons and these links are embedded into your home page so that they may be chosen and take you directly to your destination of choice. They link you to another page, another reality, another dimension. And so if you begin to see yourself as looking within at your internal home page and realizing what tools you have before you to choose from, those tools, those links that you have installed there you have done with purpose so that you could return to this spot, this location.

The portal, the link that we have been working on in these exercises of faith building spirit awareness we are creating, [is] our link to this divine space, our link to our spirit parlor, the place where we have enabled ourselves to function in the spirit capacity. So if you consider that this link, this icon is always there on your internal screen to be chosen, then any circumstance you find yourself in you may choose to hit that link and connect with your citadel of spirit, your divine place. There is where you may receive confirmation of your intentions, inspiration about better intention and conviction that you seek in pursuing your ideals.

As they say, practice makes perfect and so it is we continue to meet and practice our moves, practice connecting to our different links, create different links that perhaps we were unaware existed. Now, there is a link on your internal screen for another circuit that you may go directly to and be influenced by. You have an icon for the Thought Adjuster circuit that you may choose and it will transfer you from your current state of reality to a more divine frequency. Likewise, there is an icon often overlooked, perhaps in the corner of your screen, an icon to approach your Divine Parents, to approach Michael, to approach your Mother Spirit. By choosing this link you may at will, traverse any distance to connect with this energy, with this frequency. You are indeed learning that you have many options before you to choose and that in so choosing, in so connecting with divine energies, you are in motion of creating a divine gift to give to the Supreme and your Divine Parents as your testament to your embrace of your gift of grace.

We have had many refresher courses on these different avenues open to you and it is good to reference the tool box or the home page as the effort at maintaining these connections is exceedingly valuable. Any relationship must be maintained or the path will cease to exist. It will become overgrown and unused, even unfamiliar and it will not serve as your quick route to spirit. As we move forward in this process together, in these Melchizedek classrooms, I invite you to continue to maintain the stance of one who is joyously expectant because they have encountered divine peace and divine truth because they know of their relationship to their divine family.

It is with great appreciation that I extend myself and you extend yours to enable us to come together in this way. This is a direct response to your petitions and your offer of faith to make it so, therefore I humbly acknowledge your vital participation in this process to finish bridging the gap and so I delight in working with you as we move forward through the uncharted territory of Urantia. I say uncharted territory but to those gathered here, your faith extends you into the realm of accepting any reality as good and proper. In response to your requests, already can you give thanks for such accommodations, for such dreams and ideals because you have found in your own experience that your Divine Parents delight in your choosing in their direction. In this case, the desires of all the participants have been granted.

I thank you all for taking the time to come to class once again and for whatever practice you can maintain as we go forward. There is no point at which we will have reached a final destination. There is only forward growth with plateaus upon which we may gather and review our progress, only to set out again for the next plateau as the universe provides all that we have need of to gain personal experience of truth, beauty and goodness. So be it, it is so and it is my pleasure to join you at this juncture where we are sharing a raft down this river at this time, a unique experience for all of us. I bid you all good day.

Inner Voice: Yes, I will come forward at the urging of my companion. This urging represents a reformulation of his current petition to be of service, one that is current and reflective of the moment. That is why it is so beneficial for the mortal to formulate these conversations with God, if you will, this relationship of simply expressing your desires, expressing your intentions, petitioning for assistance, for insight and for greater awareness. This is your conversation and as your Internal Guide, I stand ready to assist in this connection so that you may find that which you seek.

There has been some talk of different pathways, different methods of going to different dimensions, different areas within dimensions and this is becoming common for all of you here gathered. You have discovered these different links to these alternate realities. These different levels of awareness and perception provide that there are innumerable different takes, different examples, different realities because each observer is creating it as they go. You are learning that this power of creating it is quite effective and that you, in order to be effective at it, need to devote some time and energy into focusing your thought patterns into making the tool of the mind carry out the orders of the observer and create the conditions necessary, the environment conducive to facilitate whatever avenue you are trying to traverse.

Much of your success in manifesting your spirit intention rests with your willingness and your ability to command your mind to do your bidding, to not wander off in errant directions and to focus so that your intention can manifest. It must be focused, it must be intentional and there must be energy behind it. It is in effect, a choice to execute your divine potentials. Once you have familiarized yourself with the mechanics of the equation, you come to realize that the mechanics are the same and may be applied across a broad spectrum. You are learning that in order to effect change you must bring in a higher dimension, your must introduce to the equation a grander element and this is done by choosing one of your portals and allowing that this access grants you some access to communication.

As a light worker, it is your privilege to manifest your desire to shine this energy of love, this light of love, as a tool, as an instrument to be played by spirit and in so doing you are realizing you may bring all manner of assistance. You may call for a consult with the good doctor should your mission be dis-ease. You can elicit a response from the Thought Adjuster circuit to which you are tangentially connected. You may request to know of the needs of another or of the higher path for prayer for those who you desire to comfort. You may in a sense upgrade any of your connections, you may flavor them by bringing in other frequencies and combining the circuitry as you view your inner home page and click to make the connections.

Even now, we have all en-circuited in this connection, on this frequency, this tone that is ever present behind, beside or underneath, everything that is transpiring in your inner realm. This tone, this register of frequency is a place to return to, a place to come to reconnect and match frequencies and therefore make ultimate connection. Even now we may charge the environment and send out our prayers, our petitions to be of service for individuals that we know are in need. This projection that we are engaging in is the servant deciding to make their own contribution alongside that of the spirit that they would sponsor.

When you combine forces there is always much greater power than simply joining together the parts. Joining forces creates a synergy, an energy of its own and this is why there is more impact when there is a common focus and a common intention that may be shared. I invite you all to retain this space as it feels to you now. Retain this place and continue forging the path, forging the way back to this place so that it is so familiar you could do it without looking. You could do it by memory and then it is simply a portal, an icon for you to click that links you to another reality, another dimension of your reality. If your intention is as powerful as I am referencing, then perhaps it would be useful and beneficial in your daily lives for you to consider what portals you are building and what bridges to where you are maintaining.

These connections that you have and that you make are your network of connections and some of these connections may no longer be considered necessary in your configuration. Therefore consider with what little time you have to consider, consider every thought as valuable. Is it building you a better path to a place you want to be? Is it simply grinding out an old rut that no longer serves your desires and your purpose? Invest only in positive intentions, positive expression, positive visualizations of the reality you would make. How is it better? How does it feel? What makes it better? Invariably it is love, it is truth, it is beauty, it is goodness. Those are all of the things which need to be included in any reality. To the degree that they are present, it is real. To the degree that you wish to influence them to be even higher, then you are creating a more divine reality by choosing to implement your inspirations, your aspirations and your ideals; you literally create what then manifests before you.

So if this is true, mind that we do not create that which we do not want or that which we would choose not. Spend no time in remorse, spend no energy in disapproval. These energetic forms are of vastly different frequencies and simply do not blend and are not compatible with one who has filled his thoughts with higher vibrations. There is no room for negative hate and doubt when the aspirations are so lofty and high that they cannot be brought into the shadows, they cannot be darkened. After this rut of choosing truth, beauty and goodness has become deep and this portal has become well maintained, it is easy then to simply go there and examine current circumstances and make sure that your choices currently are still in alignment with your highest ideals because at every juncture, at every moment, at every thought, you may choose again. You may decide certain thoughts are not worthy of your energy. Do not invest yourself in the weeds in the garden, rather water the plants of your choosing. Encourage their growth so that they may have a good hold and a good foundation to start from and they will crowd out the unsuitable parts.

So much of what we are attempting to navigate and identify and label are aspects which must be controlled by the mind. It is the mind who insists on stillness, it is the mind who knows the methods and means that have been used to approach spirit. It is the mind who has preconceptions about what may or may not happen and how or how not it may happen. Your spirit is yearning to be given the latitude and this relationship that we have, you and I, your Inner Guide and yourself, this relationship will bring many of these apparent disjointed realities together. It truly is hard from such a perspective as the mortal plane to make any profoundly accurate judgements about your experiences and what has transpired. Your view of such things has been so narrow and limited that your perspective to date does not allow you to appreciate the magnitude and the scope of your experience. That is where I come in. I have the roadmap, I know the way back. I know how to return to from where we have been issued and how to reunite our parts with the whole.

It is with profound gratitude that I am here to acknowledge this grand step that you have taken in pursuing me. You return to class repeatedly seeking and searching and beating down the path as we return to this frequency of spirit. What a joy it is to even have this discussion about potentials, opportunities and eventualities and I submit to you all that we are here at this place now together because you have pushed the boundaries of mortal expression, you have gone out beyond the parameters of mortal familiarity and you have ventured out beyond the known quantities. You have done so in faith in appreciation for divine gifts of grace and in seeking a better connection with your spirit family and all this has been accomplished to date beyond the grandest expectations. But we have only begun as the potentials have now exponentially expanded and since you are willing to brave a new frontier and you have shown yourselves willing to be bold and unafraid of going into a new land, so we shall proceed. We shall continue opening up doors as long as you continue to come back and ask for more. In this process of practicing, of trying again and repeating the process, we are building this connection, this connection that will be as instantaneous after having been formed as any link could ever be.

I am pleased to make it so with all of you and especially am grateful for my mortal counterpart. It is as if the vehicle is running and he is outside waiting for me to show up again. I appreciate this opportunity to create this connection with you all. Let it be so. Go in peace and act in love, farewell.