2021-07-08-Time and Timelessness

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Topic: Time and Timelessness

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Mark Rogers



Machiventa: I welcome the opportunity you provide, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and as you have made the observation, I seem to be everywhere these days. This is in direct response to the plan that has been put in effect. These are the signs of fruition, these are the observable aspects that may give you a sense of movement. There has always been a great difficulty in attempting to refer in discussion with you anything regarding the time that events would take, the time that is necessary to grow the soul, the time that is required for the next dispensation or the time it may take before the goal of Light and Life.

All these concerns reflect the perspective of the mortal in which you are deeply embroiled in this event and you have made defining characteristics to make sense of the passage of this time, the coming of this time and the moment of time. There is a great reckoning of the mortal to this process as he sees its very impact on his own life. And so you break your increments of time down into pieces so that you may assemble them into this structure of understanding. As the cycles occur over and over again they form their current reality and there becomes some dependence on cycles to bring about change and to move you through time from one era to the next.

And this is the reality you must work with, this is your position in this matrix. You must as a mortal of the realm, reckon your life and your actions in accordance with time as you perceive it. I am here to remind you that in the spirit dimension time is not as significant or as pressing or important. Time in the spirit context does not make any demands as it does in the mortal context, it merely exists as a line moving into the future. You are on this line somewhere, you are on this route towards your Divine Parents and towards the First Source and Center. You are destined to return to the Supreme with the sum of your experience as your gift, as your piece, as your part of the whole. In this regard, you are most certainly en-circuited in this divine family and you will be received on high as you build your way forward.

You here at such a meeting have arrived here with some realization of your own creative power. You have sensed working with divine energies and you have been an instrument of peace in your own way. You have offered yourself to be used in service and in fact, you are here in training to do just that. It is up to you to put these pieces of the puzzle together, these steps that have been laid out before you, these patterns which if adhered to, achieve regular results. It is not a miracle, it is not magic, it is simply working with the laws of divine frequency, the laws of love which is the Spirit of God. As messengers of this new form of communicating you are seen as an example, as some new posture to be taken, some new position to hold, some new perspective to view from. These are your gifts to bring and impose on the equation, these pieces of the puzzle. So many aspects, so many different elements required to come together, so many circuits to be joined by the one who knows of the circuits, who is familiar with the frequencies and can invoke in the process the connection of any number of available circuits of love from on high.

This notion of creating the great circuit, the great shortcut to your Inner Guide is well worthy of your consideration. All of the other circuits are lesser in the regard that your Indwelling Guide is the representative of The Father, is the connection to God. Therefore, all others may be seen as indirect so let’s go for the most we can envision, the highest we can communicate, the greatest expression of your understanding and your awareness of your spirit connection and the connection you have to your Fragment Within. These will unerringly guide you and have brought you here and so however this manifests in the real world of time and space, remember this is also functioning in an environment that is timeless and not bound to position. Spirit is unrestrained by these conditions and that is why you would like to establish these spirit connections, these trails to threads of spirit that you may connect to and join and participate with and share. So be it, as you do even now. These are simply the steps that have materialized before you as you have had need of them. Now the exercise begins, but you of strong faith are not afraid to take the next step even if you are uncertain as to the exact outcome. You have trust in your spirit leading that there will be a next step and that it will be provided for you as you have need of it as has always happened throughout your entire life.

It’s nice to be working with the likes of you in this particular arena. It has long been speculated what a Melchizedek classroom would look like and how it would materialize into the time/space dimension and I offer to have you observe around you now, this is what it currently looks like. This is where we meet, this is our university of understanding and increasing our capacity to understand. It is with gratitude that I observe the participants, the students who have arrived of their own accord and have chosen this path. I welcome you all as co-workers in these fields of the Lord, as it were. I may be busy in doing my part, I may be more visible more frequently but it’s you who live the life of a mortal of the realm. It is you who others see living a life of the mortal of the realm but you have an insight, a spirit vision of greater truths, of higher values that has come to you in spirit. And while this is yours to take with you forever, a tool in your toolbox to use, might I suggest you take it out and practice even while in the dimension of time and space. All too soon you won't have this worrisome imposition to take into account.

But now, the current challenge is to bring the timeless elements of spirit into the time/space realm you inhabit, to impose a higher vibration because you desire to do so and you have reference to a higher frequency, therefore you may impose your desire to raise the frequency, to change the vibration, to impose your ideals, your divine desires into the equation and such efforts change the focus, change the mechanics and change the goals. What transpires is a more divine version, a new example of a higher ideal expressed. This may be done in innumerable ways but when there is new fresh inspiration it is as a breath of fresh air and you my friends are blessed to have had some very refreshing experiences yourselves. You have become aware of these gifts of grace. You have become aware of the power of gratitude and so you may choose to promote those characteristics and infuse them into the creation that is occurring before you. That is a point to be made for I must remind you that you are always creating. You never stop creating. You literally simply move from one to the next. Your thought patterns fall into place as to what the next step is. It has been rehearsed in your mind, you push play and repeat action and all this is very mechanical, very rehearsed and expected.

What is desirable about looking at the same challenges through different lenses is to look through with the lens of opportunity and see every transaction containing a gift. Some you are inspired to take up and inspired to build on and move forward with your eternal career and to the degree that you invest yourself in this idea or perhaps ideal, you will manifest results. The results will be in accordance with your investments but there will be results because that’s what creating is. Creation is an ongoing process in creating every minute of your day anew, afresh. Even though many times we fall back into repeat routine, every moment of every day is subject to being arrested and seized, to be claimed as being different, as being a new and altogether different moment. Indeed you are so powerful as creators that oftentimes you injure yourselves by creating the very things you are attempting to avoid. That’s how powerful your thoughts are. If you invest thoughts into the trouble that’s coming your way, that is what you’re creating. If you invest your thoughts and your energy into creating the pathway to receiving an answer to your prayer, to establishing the conditions necessary,å then traverse the circuit as often and as easily as you like.

I perceive I have ventured astray of the comments I came to make based upon current interests. I’m always ready to go where spirit is leading and investigate and bring the light and assure ourselves that we are in alignment with the highest values we are aware of. We seek nothing more in this process than to manifest truth, beauty and goodness and we are successful in our mission. Our very interaction with others is flavored with our perspective of the longevity of our eternal careers. I understand that you have a regular meeting with your host so I turn the floor over as is the plan. Thank you all again for receiving my words and setting a place for me around your table so that I might join you, good day.

Inner Voice: I am this one’s Inner Guide as you refer to it, the Voice Within that may be requested at any time. What you are honing in on in this process is this very frequency we now share. This circuit is the frequency used by the Thought Adjusters, the circuit that exists already between and among all of the Fragments of The Father. So this is the frequency you are attempting to tune your dial to. If you consider that all frequencies are present, it is simply a matter of your adjusting your receiver, of acquiring a state of calm that allows the freedom of the mind, the freedom of the senses to perceive spirit communication, the spirit sense of transmission. These are the frequencies that are being projected, that are being utilized even now as we are all en-circuited through our partners. This is so whether the participants are aware and able to sense and attune to it or whether there fails to exist a connection. All who contribute to this exercise grow their own internal dimension. You are all expanding your capacities to receive and this takes several steps that we have been going through. It takes the formation of a sturdy path that may be relied upon and that may become so familiar that it may be traversed with just a thought.

So, now that we are circled up, we are all connected because we have chosen to do so and we are all investing our spiritual energies into this process, into this circuit that we create. Let’s spread some around. We have had the benefit tonight of having been offered targets in advance that may be used for purposes of focus. I ask now of the participants that we perform some exercises. We have a circuit that we have created that is used to transmit and receive peace and grace and the love of our Divine Parents that we would sponsor, we would promote, we would contribute to and we would focus as an instrument of that grace and peace. At this time let us shine the light of health and healing on the energy signature we refer to as *****. Let us project this light of peace, of calm and of grace. Let us see his internal patterns as reflective of divine pattern. Let us envision divine nature, divine pattern restored. Let us proceed in gratitude that such rearrangements, such disharmonies may be made whole and let us give thanks for our faith and conviction that it is so.

Let us also shine on the familiar energy signature of ****** and let us project this powerful beam of light that is a focused beam of all of our intentions, representing all of our purpose and all of our good will combined. This beam emanating to our target shines light on the difficulties. Again, divine pattern needs to be restored, a more divine condition may certainly exist. Such would not be merely our desires but certainly the desires of our Divine Parents. So let us proceed in faith, let us make this right. Let intention be pure, let vibration carry the intention and the purpose forward. Let the vibration be raised and elevated to one who has been given the grace of healing. We also have other targets who have been unnerved having lost their balance. Let us ground these individuals, let the light bring them stability, calm and peace. Even the exhale of the human tool may be used as part of the instrument to project intention. We ask, in the name of all of these targets and for others unnamed but included in our process, we ask that the will of our Divine Parents be done, that it is our will that their will be done and any projections we offer are only our limited perception, and it is so.

I tell you plainly that the more time you spend in these registers, exploring these frequencies, the more connected you will be with spirit and the easier the connection will be. But this is the process of a lifetime designed to take the mortal of the realm, at least this one encounter with their relationship to spirit, and here you are before the end of your mortal career now approaching the gates of the dimension of you that is spirit, the dimension and part of you that is timeless and is not confined to any space. There is a part of you right now existent within those parameters and you are seeking to be more and more engaged in that dimension and this is as per plan. Having met the expectation of those who have discovered this truth, you are even now full on applying yourselves to unpacking this and determining its dimensions as best as you can perceive.

And that’s where you come in and that’s where I come in. You are seeking for the connection that I can provide for you, the connection to all connections and you are destined to have it. You can foretaste it even now but you are required to make these discoveries yourselves. It is not good enough to be told how or shown how another managed to do it, you are creating your own path as has been said, every minute of every day. Therefore it is thrilling that our awareness level has risen to the point where we can discuss the dynamics of this dimension, we can practice the use of these powerful creative dimensions of your being. There is so much to learn and explore so it is with joy that I come to such a group who would celebrate such an opportunity and be ever willing to pursue where spirit leads.


We have enjoyed a most productive session and there is quite a bit to consider when you are able to take it in again thanks to the efforts of your faithful scribe. I am so very grateful for having been extended this opportunity to this partnership with my partner and that we have enough faith and boldness to move forward in this direction. The time is right, the energy is flowing, the circuits are being created as we go, are literally being formed of our intention. So be it, so it is even now. I now take my leave and express my gratitude for all those participants. We are as one when we focus as one and it is quite easy to do that in spirit as you are seeing. I look forward to meeting you again on this frequency. Until then, enjoy life, good day.