2021-07-14-Focus Within

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Topic: Focus Within

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



I extend my greetings to you tonight. I am Machiventa, here to discuss with you, both about your questions and ideas related to your spiritual growth and endeavors, and to also explore the universe with you, or at least this sector and system and planetary happenings.


I know you each have varying perspectives regarding what is occurring at this time on your world. Rest easy that as long as your perspective includes truth, beauty and goodness, it is valid and worth exploring. There is a great diversity of thought regarding our work here, but know that we are here and your planetary administration is working for you, for Michael and Mother, and for the great Creator of all that is at the center of all things. Asking those questions in your mind will provide for you the illumination you seek.

Indeed, there could be a time where we would be materially present, in part, on your world again, so I encourage you not to dismiss the possibility, but also many things need to occur to allow for a full fledged, full throttled effort to reincorporate Urantia, its governance and communities, into the awareness of all that is occurring.

We are encouraged by the various touch points that have blossomed from our initial endeavors with you 30 years ago. At times you may think that this group or that group may be missing the mark, but recognize that, just as Michael forbade his apostles to turn away the strange preachers, I encourage you to know that with sincerity, all efforts do have meaning and value. As the planet aligns, many of these efforts will draw forth others who come from varying approaches to touch their Creator and his ministers and ministry.

The most productive path forward for any individual or collective group of individuals is to seek within, be inspired, and then act accordingly. You all know that if someone tells you the kingdom is over here or over there, this is not entirely true, for the kingdom of heaven is within each of you. You exist in the kingdom of heaven. Urantia is part of the kingdom of heaven and your recognition thereof is simply a momentary awareness away.

So this is what I wanted to share with you this evening and to encourage you, all of you, each of you, to keep inspired, focus within and produce what that connection calls for you to do. You will be amazed at how it all comes together in eternity. If you have questions this evening I would be glad to address to the degree that I can.


Q1: So have you opened the floor to discussions about our neighboring planets with the first part of your address to us this evening?

Machiventa: What is your question, my friend? I would be glad to address any inquiries you may have.

Q1: You mentioned “we” and I wonder, are our planetary neighbors involved in the work of spiritual connection with you?

Machiventa: Thank you for your question. My focus at this time is the progress of your world. We do have communications with other worlds in our system. As far as material beings communicating with other material beings, I would say that there is generally a barrier to this occurring. This does not mean that we do not have spiritual administrations working on those worlds, as well, and that communication can flow back and forth from those worlds to our world, but as we are re-engaging the system into the universal patterns, each world is working generally for its own progress. Is there any other specific area you would like to comment on?

Q2: Your working group, were you assigned to this world or did you volunteer?

Machiventa: This is an interesting question, for I certainly have been both assigned to this world and have volunteered and perhaps the realization of this occurring was simultaneous.

Q2: As in one thing led to another?

Machiventa: Yes, my efforts here have certainly shifted due to the course of events in your history and choosing to materialize, but this effort has been both my assignment and my wish and I do not separate them into a before and after.

Q3: So are you working toward the lifting of the isolation from universe circuits to our planet? Or is it already done, or perhaps somewhere in the middle? What’s that look like?

Machiventa: This has occurred and is occurring in the sense that the main circuits have been connected and even most of the secondary circuits have been connected. Perhaps we are in the tertiary phase of connecting circuitry and this involves developing your own connection to your internal guidance as well as how that interplays with the other energy patterns, but yes, Urantia is no longer isolated in the truest sense of the word.

Q4: You often mention the fact that many things must occur. Some of those were the circuits hooking up and us, but I’m thinking that might mean conscious evolution, government change, global consciousness. What kinds of things have to occur for you to manifest as our leaders or helpers?

Machiventa: Much of your world is still mired in the throes of materialism and various other efforts that cause distraction, and I would say, a fair percentage do not consistently think of higher things. So our current efforts involve inspiring those who are listening to inspire those who aren’t, to perhaps listen in or open to the possibilities. The awareness is there to be had, but one also must have the time and inclination to seek out and find the connection. This will require efforts to stabilize resources, and to build a greater measure of equity, and to work to minimize or dissipate the clouds of fear. Your efforts at this time will certainly have an effect to the extent that you can encourage those you meet or have the ability to connect with, to consider the potentials and benefits of listening within. You often have utilized a term on your world called the 100th monkey syndrome…

Q4: So it’s true.

Machiventa: No. But it’s not completely false either. As more people communicate and seek within and share, more people recognize the possibilities of connection and then they communicate, seek within and share, and eventually there is a buzz about that can create a shift in the mass to consider what they would not consider prior. So I task you with helping to create the buzz.

Q5: I don’t really have a question but a concern. I’m deeply concerned with the weather and the temperatures and the fires and I’m asking for special assistance. If you can send some rain or something. I feel so helpless as to what to do but I can always ask for help.

Machiventa: And your wishes and prayers are heard, although we generally must allow the course of free will choice to manifest. We do look for guidance and understanding, even from our superiors, regarding the degree to which we can assist on your world. There can be difficult times ahead for parts of your world. Sometimes difficulty allows for greater understanding in the long term. Something that our Adam and Eve know quite well, is how choosing to act on their own could seem so kind and yet cause more difficulty.

So while we do pray along with you, our prayers are centered mostly on how the best can manifest eternally and in eternity rather than in one area or spot in time. I know this doesn’t always solve the immediate issues, but we do have complete faith and knowing that whatever and however it manifests, will ultimately be for the long term benefit. I hope I didn’t sound too callous in those remarks, my dear.

Q5: I must admit I’m a little disappointed. I’m asking for help. We need help now. Too many people are suffering and I think of the animals. It breaks my heart and as an individual I am so limited to help. I’d like to ask for some rain and lower temperatures to be very specific.

Machiventa: We are doing everything that is allowed to be done within our mandate and your wishes and prayers are heard. If it is not against the higher will and understanding of our Creators, indeed we know that you will be answered.

Q6: On the matter of linking up with those who are sincere, is this something which will be prompted from within or is it something you can give us some hints about?

Machiventa: Certainly your connection within will help you in this regard and we are working, many levels of personalities are working, to create what you would think of as synchronicities in connection and communication with others in your lives. As you go about your business to do the Father’s will, know that you will have those opportunities to connect with other sincere parties and to both be enlightened and to provide enlightenment.

Q7: I have a question. Elsewhere you have said that a bubble of heat can actually be moved through the same power that the Master used to heal the leper. It can be moved and you even cautioned to watch which direction you move it, to make sure it’s out toward the ocean so nobody else gets saddled with this extreme weather. Can you, or would you comment on that and give us some education as to how to make that happen? Can and individual make a dent in such an enterprise, or does it take a group?

Machiventa: Thank you for your thoughts here. This goes back to my earlier comments about diversity of interpretation, and while you may impact with your energy that comes from focalizing your intentions toward some effort or cause, this does not manifest differently than your prayers and how they are heard and responded to. The intention and focus to help others and to provide some relief in its sincerity does provide some benefit overall. Unfortunately, human beings do not generally have the power to manipulate in this way. I would ask you to look at the communications in this regard from within rather than merely accepting one interpretation or another as valid. Some of this comes to perspective on how you use your will and intention.

Q8: Machiventa, do other worlds further along in light and life have control of the weather on their planet? Do human beings ever get control of the weather?

Machiventa: Some of this occurs on a mass level when planets have developed to the extent that they understand how their efforts impact the environment and thus as they coordinate and cooperate with each other across communities and countries, they know how to, in a sense globally, live in a sort of sustainability bubble where their efforts produce how the environment responds.

Q8: I think we may be too young to understand that, but yes, cutting down all the trees in the rain forest, for example, is going to make a difference in the weather patterns and so we start seeing effects. Maybe this is how we learn.

Machiventa: Yes, and hopefully there will be some aid along the way to make it not such a harsh learning curve.

Q8: From you people?

Machiventa: Yes, I was referring to the degree to which we can aid you at the present time. I did want to withdraw at this time but I did want to ask you, (Q9’s name), if you had a question?

Q9: Yes, I did want to speak several times. I am struggling with helping my clients. As an example I felt the frustration that most of my clients feel about how to connect and relate to people who are so fear based that they are irrational. There are a lot of conspiracy theories and far fetched ideas that some are holding on to. I can accept how adults make that decisions for themselves, for example to not get vaccinated, but it falls hard on me when they make that decision for their children to not get vaccinated and also using that excuse to prevent children from going outside and socializing. I’m struggling with that. How do we talk to people who have this extreme ideology and fear of trackers in vaccinations and things of that nature? I struggle with how to not get frustrated and angry when people don’t use the science we have available.

Machiventa: Thank you. I was hoping you would ask. I appreciate your concern and your empathy. This is the challenge of our time. How to get this under control will largely determine the success of many other things that have to occur for your world.

How do we reinstitute a sensitivity to truth and a recognition of untruth? We know the answer on a spiritual level to tell you to seek within and to become sensitive to your Indwelling presence and the Spirit of Truth that Michael has put there for you. But when other things matter to individuals more than the truth it becomes difficult to bridge and retain that sensitivity. I hope you understand we are working overtime on this problem. On your level, all you can do is to try and be in touch with your inner spirit and to understand where they’re coming from when they’re not in alignment with how you perceive they should be, and try to place love into that situation, for lack of a better word, at the moment.

Q9: So help me with this a bit more. In my work with child protective services I was expected to speak truth and not be passive and to confront lies and take protective action for children. On the one hand am I to just pray for the adult that they get some sanity and then watch as they harm their children developmentally? It goes against my nature to be silent when I know what I know and I see the damage taking place. It’s a self fulfilling sense of making a person sicker and sicker and more fear based. Should I say my truth? Or should I just withdraw and hold on to it and sit back? It’s antithetical to who I am. I’m a warrior. Help me to know what the right path is here to take.

Machiventa: Yes, thank you. The most important thing you can do is to keep yourself centered and maintain your sanity. Some of what is occurring on your world is still relative to the death throes of the Lucifer rebellion, and the inability for us to circumvent free will choice is a challenge, but we also know that ultimately over a period of time this has produced the greater benefit even if, in the moment or present, it does not seem so. You can speak up where you can and try to encourage people, perhaps, to consider thinking of it in a different way, but don’t lose yourself in trying to save everyone to the extent that it destabilizes your own presence and awareness. Breathe it in, breathe it out, and do what you can each day.


My friends, thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you and for your challenging questions and the not so challenging ones. All of them are appreciated and we look forward to conversing with you again, whether myself or my staff.

Keep your spirits up. This world is not at its end. We are just beginning a new phase of planetary growth and development and I hope you remember this even when, or during those times, things seem difficult. We are here, you are with us, we are with you, and we enjoy the work together. Good evening.