2021-07-15-Side by Side, Matter and Spirit

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Topic: Side by Side, Matter and Spirit

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Inner Voice: Yes, I am willing to take this opportunity, I am this one’s “Inner Voice” and I now ask for all of you to join me on this frequency of the Thought Adjuster circuitry. We have this frequency available to us to use at any time we wish to communicate and any time we wish to broadcast or receive. The link to this frequency is available, it is one of innumerable links to frequencies available to you in your spectrum of frequency awareness and practice such as this helps to solidify the circuitry and secure the spirit network being formed.

There is an issue offered for consideration today. There is a particular individual with a particular condition and there becomes this great opportunity in such a circumstance before you as to how to proceed and in what manner to proceed. You who stand at the edge of spirit have seen the power of the transformative capacity of spirit, of directed intention and of your creative abilities. Having observed this phenomenon and increased your skill capacity, you are more and more wanting to address issues, even issues of the material plane by using your spirit icon which is the link to your spiritual connection. Side by side with this potential that you sense are the conventional methods of treatment, wisdom, diagnosis and prescription. This mortal pathway has been laid out before you as a valid method to seek to treat the dis-ease within the system. The out of sync nature of aspects of the mortal vehicle have been able to be manipulated with many tricks of the trade including the physical chemicals which are used to strike new balances as well as those designed to simply alleviate symptoms.

These methods of the medical field are scientifically proven valid methods and applying certain stimulants to the equation will most certainly trigger some results. This attempt at chemical balance is the mainstay of the medical profession. If it cannot be fixed by removing it then the other method is to attempt to treat it by stimulating natural processes and simulating balance within the organism. This method is certainly valid. You are a mortal, material, physical being. Your vehicles respond to chemical stimulants and therefore you can rely on certain effects and results as they have been documented and achieved over time. With all of this knowledge, wisdom, diagnosis, predictions, forecasts, averages and likelihood’s, you are certainly functioning well within the material mortal plane and only causing influence to your vehicle by manual manipulation.

But side by side with all the material manifestations, you who stand on the edge of spirit expression know of another cause that has effect even if it is not seen, even if it is not embraced and even if it is not well understood. Your spirt led faith filled mortals know of its existence and you know of its validity. You are aware of its magnitude in your own personal being but oftentimes when the physical vehicle is being challenged, a physical response is automatically furnished. Consider now the opportunity of addressing the situation from a spirit perspective wherein you understand that disharmony and disease in the organism is the method the organism uses to ask for help. Symptoms that arise are the organisms cry for help in the only way it has to signal you, it is telling you that things are out of balance, that something is not in place and operating properly.

So alongside, with the option before you of a chemical manipulation, you also have the option before you of a spirit manipulation, of a spirit transformation when you are aware that there is this whole level of functioning, of awareness, of perception and of action. So perhaps, to the one who is wise in the matters of spirit, perhaps the transformation of ones petition to the universe might be one of help me as an individual, hear from my vehicle, communicate with my organism and help me not to simply pursue healing but rather pursue health, to seek spirit counsel about what might be necessary to strike balance, to bring peace and to establish a more divine order. Your efforts at guiding such a process paves the way for your success and just as you have staked your claim to the outcome by professing and visualizing the end result of the eradication of disturbance, that is but a physical, chemical and mortal goal. You have learned that there is more available, a whole other layer of healthcare, a whole other dimension of expressing balance within your being.

We have discussed before, the value of your prayers and petitions and how meaningful they are and how important they are in your formulation of them as you attempt to refine your positions, to aim higher at more advanced spiritual values and to seek only that which would be consistent with the will of your Divine Parents. Now as we are gathered in this circle once again I invite us to fire up the grid, to make our intentional connection, to activate this portal and for tonights exercise, let us direct the energy from this portal to our comrade who is in need. Let us charge once again this frequency, this connection, this expression of divine love and let us focus this on our comrade, one of us in the trenches of life encountering the vicissitudes of living. Let us support this individuals faith. Let us pray for the well-being and strength of their faith.

Let us pray for their strength in embracing their creative aspect of spirit and moving through the mortal dimension and comfortably residing and manifesting in the spiritual plane where energy has not turned to matter, where energy is fluid and may be shared, may be given, may be received and may be joined. Let us consider that in this dimension, all things are possible when we are in league with spirit and the will of our Divine Parents. Such a realization conditions even further our petitions, that as much as we may visualize and project our intentions, we are finite, incomplete at this point of our ascension, therefore our highest petition must always be that it is our will that the will of the Father be done.

Divine Parents, please be with our comrade as they walk through this valley of shadows, let their faith be their light, let your presence be their North Star. When challenged on the mortal front, the immediate and natural reaction is of mortal nature in response. But in this one short life as a mortal of the realm, you gathered here to hear these words are aware that this opportunity is only a bridge to a greater opportunity and as such you should never think to dwell on such a crossing but utilize it for its purpose and be happy to go where spirit leads. And so we are here tonight attempting to do just that and the very fact that we are gathered under such an umbrella of faith, a mandate of purpose, speaks volumes for the changing times. The episodes that loom before us in which greater and greater communication may take place, greater and greater awareness will preside and this awareness, this knowing of the truth, as it were, shall indeed set you free. It shall set you free from the confines of mortal restraints, of the suffering of mortal conditions and the temporal infractions of time and space.

There is a common expression that one day you may miss all of this and while you are embroiled in turmoil that thought seems very foreign and unlikely but I assure you, such times as these of great challenge and opportunity are literally what you live for, are literally your experience in the making and your piece of the grand puzzle being formed that you will be able to return as a final gesture to the Supreme. So while it is good and proper to address issues on any number of levels, you are beginning to realize that these various levels exist and that you can have influence on these different frequencies. And so while you might envision health and healing of an individuals physical condition insofar as you know it, you may also petition for divine insight, for strength to learn the lesson offered by the universe and to seek what the will of the Divine is in the process and become that.

There is a place for all these methods of approach and certainly if you were to break your arm, you would be foolish to not consider medical treatment for such an obvious ailment. As the ailments manifest more divergently, while it is still appropriate for you to direct your intentions towards the spot that hurts, you may also aim much higher and have your petitions for health and healing include your expanded awareness of the issue, your desire to work within divine pattern, your desire to know of divine pattern. These are frequencies which if you establish and maintain, these frequencies may crowd out and literally shine such a light as to dispel all shadow, all doubt, all misunderstanding.

It is this playing field that we long to be a part of and these exercises are preparing all for embracing the truths that they are such powerful creators and that all such desires are well within their spirit mandates. I understand there is so much interest right now that it is easy to feel the charge and you all each are as spark plugs which when charged, will inevitably form an arc of energy across an open space. This you do on a regular basis. You cause a spark that then creates a circuit and then has an effect. Now we are simply learning to manifest these abilities with intention and purpose and not as an unknown aside.

Thank you all for your attention this evening, for your time, for your interest. Your attention, your thought, your focus is the only thing that you have to give of any value to spirit by making the internal choice to go where spirit leads, to follow the spirit trail and spend time in preparation and receptivity, when these choices are made, they are sacred. They are the most valuable thing you have. Your time, your energy, your focus are indeed quite limited. So when you choose to be here, it is the signal to all the universe that you desire to be a player on the field of spirit as well as a participant in the fields of mortal play. I would express a prayer of gratitude for our coming together, for this plan now being activated that provides the opportunity for us to come together, for the fact that this represents divine will else it would not be, for the fact that we are here to hear this call to spirit and together to decide to pursue it in this moment of time and space even as we prepare for our eternal journey back home.

I leave you with my love but I so often repeat, I never leave you. I leave the vocal aspect of this forum and retreat back to my position as passenger with this spirit being that is enduring a term in the mortal dimension where it may become distressed with the material aspect of the mortal plane. Good day to you all, be in peace until we meet again and as I take my leave I invite you to allow the tone of my visit, the tone of my expression even now to linger with you, to be with you, as from your Inner Guide because in a very real sense, we as Inner Guides are all as one. Peace be with you, farewell.

Jonathan: I would seize the opportunity to take a moment of your time this evening, I am Jonathan and I simply yearn to be included alongside all of the energy signatures of such a fine group of dedicated seekers. Tonights lesson on energy and matter has been so significant that it truly is hard for the mortal of the realm to grasp. As a mortal being, things only exist if you are able to identify them with your senses, able to touch them, smell them, hear them or see them. And yet, there is this great portion of your being which is simply housed in all this material mortal-ness around it but yet is subject to the condition of the vehicle and should the vehicle be in need of maintenance and care it is a matter of simple routine to address the maladies of the mortal flesh with the remedies of the mortal flesh. But we are more, we are more than simply this animalistic being that simply senses the world and expresses their understanding of this reality. We are spirit beings who have been introduced to the beginning of our eternal careers, our long and winding paths that we gather experience from and discover ourselves along the way.

As Michael once said, "to a true believer, what should it matter if all things earthly should perish.” The key in that statement is 'to a true believer.' One only becomes a true believer as a matter of effort, as a matter of action and choice and pursuit and all of this progress made, felt, earned and secured is in the realm of unseen and very difficult to quantify and see the effects. But, arguably such an influence has much greater power over the circumstance than merely treating the cause and effect of the mortal condition.

If all matter is energy, then energy may be rearranged into different matter, alternate matter, more divine matter. As far as the physical mortal encounter goes, that is the program for using your divine creative abilities to focus on the manipulation of matter, to make it right, to make it adhere to the frequency that you would impose. And all that is well and good but such material healing must also be accompanied by the adjustment of the spirit for there is much to be learned and gained through the experience of affliction and much of this is not confined to what the results of cause and effect are on the material being but rather what the effects of imposing divine frequency so as to reconstruct pattern and leave no room or crowd out aspects that are inconsistent and incompatible with this new frequency of health.

You have dabbled in this transformation of matter into energy when you attempt to project yourselves out and to reassemble your being in a location remote from your vehicle. In this way you are granting that the energy that is you may be transformed and reconditioned at a destination of your choosing, at a target of your focus. Such is transpiring even now. You are present and a piece of your earthly vehicle, but at this moment you are gathered here at this circle, in this place together with us and there is no conflict for your energy has only changed form and been transferred. It is never lost and can never be misdirected but learning that you are capable of this direction brings you great capacity to move about, even between dimensions, provides you with the ability to go visit a friend without ever leaving your home, to go visit Michael and Mother across a vast universe by simply hitting your link within and transferring your energy across that medium in form.


So much to learn and life is so short. It is very true that for as difficult as this may feel, one day we will fondly gaze back at these formative years of an eternal spirit being trapped in a mortal vehicle of flesh and blood and the journey that has been provided to allow for the exploration and discovery that such a spirit and such a mortal vehicle is but the beginning stage of a vast eternal journey that will not be conditioned by the mechanics of the mortal episode of time and space. We will share in common this unique experience of the mortal being finding the divine dimension of themselves within and pursuing it.

It’s my pleasure to join you on route and to share some of the stripes that we may have earned slogging though this mortal opportunity and discovering these gifts of grace along the way and trying to make the most of them and act in faith and follow spirit. So be it, even as it is now. Let us savor this journey, our experience of finding God, our unique version of this experience is our unique gift to furnish to the Supreme, to complete the picture of the entirety of all experiences of finding God. Let us formulate a worthy contribution to such a magnificent collage.

I love you all and look forward to our meetings and appreciate your extending me the opportunity. Good day and good journey, until next time, goodbye.