2021-07-29-Your Greatest Advocates

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Topic: Your Greatest Advocates

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Inner Voice: I am happy to greet all of you present here today. I am this one’s Inner Voice in response to your petition, in response to your comments regarding the Thought Adjuster Circuit and working with your attendant guardian towards a common goal. These are certainly thoughts that are inspiring from our perspective and certainly call me to the scene to contribute as I am offered the opportunity to do so.

The nature of your association with your own passenger, your guide and your own Voice Within is a relationship forged out of trial and error which is in fact is never error but merely a means to correction or another chance at perfection. It is important to understand that the component of yourself that you are attempting to describe and define is not the dominant aspect of your being whatsoever. It will never make demands of you or ask of you anything, it is merely here to support you in your process of choosing and growing and learning. Therefore all context, all meaning and all values must be seen from your vantage point or from your human perspective. From your material gaze you are trying to view spirit in action and from the visual perspective, you will never succeed in viewing spirit movement but you may certainly see the fruits of the spirit on display and you learn of the avenues you may use to approach and you utilize these channels and means to bridge the gap and make the connection.

But in all that transpires, it will be observed through the lens of you, it will look like you and sound like you. It will be the small voice behind the reflection of you, that is, all of your perceptions will be flavored by all of your perceptions and therefore be subject to your own limitation of perception. This is where spirit comes in and can help expand your dimension and expand your capacity so that you can move beyond the static repeating of experiences and expectations and projections and be able to move to a dimension wherein values may be exposed and meaning may be enhanced. These are the steps we take by degree and the suggestion, the hint, the ahah - I got it, those are the times we are the closest. Those are the times when we are both trying together to connect and we, I call you to witness, feel when the connection is there, feel when we have made the connection and it is this feeling of connection that will grow and expand and permit us to eventually function and act as one.

In the meantime, I assure you, we are your greatest advocates and we will never make any demands of you, rather, we tend to be protective of your level and respective of your position. All things in their own time, in the time of their own making. So it is with the connection between you and I until eventually there is no great distinction. For now, there is this gap that we must bridge, that we must forge this spirit net, this mode of connection and we do this out of our sheer will and desire to do so. And so it is and so we do and then we must empower ourselves, we must accept the empowerment of our position and don the cloak of an authority in the ministry of spirit. So be it, even now. The connection we share in this moment is not subject to time. We may have this experience and visit this energy field that we create and share at will. So be it, even now. And these simple acts of worship, of gratitude and of service align the intentions and bring into focus the frequencies of our combined intentions. This is the channel we are creating, this is a new expression of creativity because we have chosen to make it so.

Now we look to move forward and work with the assurance and the certainty of our conviction and our faith. That is what may move mountains, that is the conviction of Michael to seek and do His Father’s will and that is the conviction that each of you have the opportunity to display as you do even now, the boldness of your conviction, the certainty of your faith because you treat your lives as your religion, your purpose and the manifestation of your faith and this is so. The fact that you are interested in connecting with your Inner Guide means that we are able to literally take the next step at your request. So be it, even now as we invite all of the fellow members of the Adjuster Circuit, all of the parts of the whole as we invite them to share our connection, our creation, our offering as instruments of peace. May our prayers be answered in that we are given the opportunity to serve. So be it, even now.

I now make request of this powerful organism that is now functioning and thriving, that we direct our energies and intentions in the direction of our Mother Spirit, our planet Earth, the entire womb that we are in right now. We ask that this Divine Parent of ours be the focus of this gift of grace we desire to make as we desire to work together towards this end. Let us all make it so, even now. This intention, Divine Parents, rises above the mortal planes of this or that into a greater picture, a grander scheme of awareness, a greater totality envisioning more of truth. Certainly in functioning as ambassadors of peace, certainly functioning in this capacity as instruments of peace, we ask to do only the will of our Divine Parents and we grant that we lack the capacity to know the best approach, the best direction for us to envision the health and healing but we are certain that they do know what needs to be done, that you are aware of all the conditions and where love may be needed the most and certainly we would offer this creation of ours this portal of love, we offer this as our contribution so that you may direct it and focus it where it is best. Ours is but to generate this pulse of love energy, to activate this frequency of love energy, to contribute to it with our own intentions and purpose best co-creating as we go along. If we desire to shine the light, then let us be the light, let us activate the light, let us contribute the light, let us donate the light to this effort at creating this peaceful transfer of love energy and divine frequency. No words, no grand plans, simply intentions applied and it is so, even now.

It is useful perhaps, in the scheme of human paradigms, to have a common visual interest to represent your common target and so the notion of an image of this beautiful planet and the direction of light to assist and nurture and uplift, energy meant to transform the frequency. Well I feel as though we have had a rather spectacular workout at the gym tonight. We have definitely built some tone into the muscle memory, as it were, or recreating such events, such experiences as we all just shared. Keep in mind, the goal is not for you to hear words that you are able to project. The conversations that we have are much more subtle and it becomes difficult to register my influence the more crowded your environment becomes, to the point where the flashes of connection and inspirations are overshadowed by the routines of life and not given a format of expression.

This is where you who know better, you who know of a better perspective should bring it and impose higher truths and values into the equation. Perhaps they are contrasts, perhaps they are affirmations. Such a thrilling process that we are going through as we awaken to all this potential, to our relationships, to our destiny, to our very eternal survival. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity that my associate provides in allowing me to have use of his facilities, his vocabulary, his framework of understanding, his point of view and so therefore, my conversation with you, since I have no distinct otherness and no distinct other point of view, I will be virtually indistinguishable as different or other. It is very difficult to see where you stop and I begin as your passenger and we are blurring this line even now, it is so.

In gratitude I take my leave and offer my commitment to offer my services as you so request. In a very real sense, it most certainly acts as a means to provide you with the answers to your petitions and prayers and sincere desire for understanding. So I applaud you all for availing yourselves of this opportunity as do I and appreciate that you intend to make the most of it. So until our next meeting, I take my leave, thank you.


Jonathan: Hey guys, before you you go, Jonathan here. It’s the time of year when I recall we would gather and celebrate Michael’s birth as Jesus of Nazareth. I have such fond memories of coming together under that tent, under that umbrella together with you and sharing the fellowship of having this awareness of our spirit component of that side of ourselves that we were exploring and activating and growing, even as a mortal of the realm, but as mortals of the realm who were aware of their capacities to the degree they began searching in the spirit dimension. I call you to witness that there was much growth, there was much expansion of capacities as a result of our actions in faith. The sincerity of our conviction made us act as if we truly had complete conviction.

There is this stepping out into the unknown mentioned. This is the grandest of opportunities to apply this conviction, to demonstrate this faith and in so demonstrating, in so manifesting your convictions, you align yourself and you create the method, the way, the expression. That is how it transpires when one is approaching the abyss of the unknown next step but has absolute conviction that there will be provided a next step or there will be wings or the next step will be laid out before you. To one who is a true believer, what should it matter if all earthly things perish, you will still in faith take the next step. You need not see the whole staircase, just the next step and the next one as you are ready for them.

So tonight we take another step and we gain another vantage. We have expanded our capacities and increased our certainty and conviction as a result of our experience. Therefore, let us move forward in this faith. Let us move forward with the conviction that we have earned in this process and let us be confident that we are never alone. We are always nurtured and fostered and supported on route, let the conviction of this certainty bring peace of mind. May the conviction of your conviction bring you peace of mind. May it be so strong that it is unerring.

Thanks for the opportunity to huddle up with you guys. The mortal experience is a cherished one so I remind you in taking my leave, to not miss a minute of it. Cherish the experience, it builds who you are and you create out of it all that’s before you. Enjoy the ride, be at peace and through the grace of this opportunity [we] may speak again. Good day to you all, farewell.