2021-08-08-Focus on the Rising Christ

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Topic: Focus on the Rising Christ

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Paradise Trinity, Divine Mother and Father, Magisterial Son and Planetary Seraphim, we once again join this circuit of intention to collaborate with you, providing that human will environment for more spiritual energy to uplift the planet as it undergoes its transformational process in many ways. We center ourselves in our Indwelling Spirits and asking for that connection to be forged that we are all connected as one. The circuits of Mind, Personality, Spirit and Soul. We appreciate this opportunity to be of service to our brothers and sisters and to our beloved world. We thank you for your presence supporting us in this sacred time of change and transformation. And above all, we thank you for your WILL being done as we hold the focus for your ministrations through us, with us to support the entire transformation process of all life here. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is your Father Michael. Center yourselves in me now. Call upon your own indwelling Spirit of Truth to gently expand as my presence becomes more perceivable within your being. Sit with me now in these few moments of quiet inner reflection and allow the word energy dynamic of the RISING CHRIST to center over your hearts and to gently expand.

Invite your Mother into this sacred place, inviting Her BREATH OF LIFE to catalyze this presence within you of your own rising Christ Consciousness, and your Mother and I will minister in you now. Simply relax and receive us, my beloved children—the RISING CHRIST PRESENCE now growing and gaining greater dimension within you. (Pause)

Do you hold this intention every day to become more Christ-like in your own sense of self? As your human brother Jesus, I paved a path for you to follow my spiritual example, by communing daily with the Indwelling Spirit of God to help you open to the higher spiritual potential that is your gift to develop through your decisions, your experiences, what you encounter through living each day.

This RISING CHRIST energy is a growing presence of spiritual dimension that will stimulate more interest in you to achieve what you can of your human potential. In your last session with Monjoronson, you were guided to focus on activating human potential. This is another aspect to this. The RISING CHRIST energy is a component of how you express your own unique potential in the ways your own Indwelling Spirits are guiding you forward.

There are many lessons to be learned, become a part of your soul as go about your daily activities. And all of these types of intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions that are motivated by Spirit add to the RISING CHRIST energy within you. So as I speak these words continue to feel that intention for this presence of the rise in Christ to continue to gently expand, thereby allowing your Indwelling Spirits to provide you with more insight to foster your daily development in the ways you are being guided. Continue to receive me, my beloved children. (Pause)

The development of human potential is paramount to the creation of a Light and Life planetary culture. The more you invest yourselves in your spiritual development, the more you add to the light of the world. In principle it is this simple. In practice it is challenging because you are constantly having to assess your inner perceptions against your outer environments and there are many influences that would wish to knock you off course and prevent you from growing in this dynamic way.

However, when you come to me and ask for my presence to reverberate in you through your Spirit of Truth, you are now assisting your own inner Christ presence to rise. You have now elevated your thought processes to a higher level to engage with me where I can assist you and provide you with information that will be helpful for your development.

The RISING CHRIST potential in you is something that you have been given to develop on your own. The Spirit Within knows what you can achieve, and so it encourages you to be humble, sincere, and faithful to what the presence of Spirit is trying to convey to you. When you quiet your mind as you are doing now, and coming into that receptive environment of your mind. All of these spiritual dynamics function more harmoniously and congruently and bring you into higher state of spiritual awareness. Although it happens subtly, it happens nevertheless, and you cannot see your development at the time. You can when you look to the past and see how your thoughts or feelings and behaviors have changed.

But in this present moment all I ask have you is to receive me and let my presence uphold you for a few more moments, and then I will withdraw in this manner that Monjoronson may address you and continue with what we wish to accomplish through you today. Continue to focus on the RISING CHRIST and notice what you experience within. (Pause)

My Children, you are all so dearly loved and expertly guided on the path of your soul growth. Do not falter during this challenging time as what you witness in your material culture changing course into a new direction. This change of course has not been easy to impart upon this world due to the corrupted circuits of mind. But this is all changing now and the more you focus on the RISING CHRIST energy in you, you will sense a type of elevation in your thinking and in your responses to what you see unfolding around you.

Take heart that these changes are paving the way for the bright future for this world and for all life here. Stay close to me. Call on your Mother and me stabilize you in our PEACE and SECURITY that you may continue to make great strides in crafting your potential and the ways your Spirit is guiding you.

I will withdraw from speaking in this manner but my ministrations continue as the synergy between myself and Monjoronson continue to bathe this world through the action of your Holy Mother Spirit. Gain spiritual maturity through these days of challenge, my children. You have it in you. You have only to call on me and I will be there to support you and help you grow. Be in my PEACE. I withdraw.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear brethren! This is Monjoronson. Continue to focus on the RISING CHRIST energies within. We are now ready to engage with the circuits of planetary mind in this energetic dynamic of the RISING CHRIST. So, as you see this in your own hearts, project this into the world in your mind's eye before you. Envelope the world in the RISING CHRIST energies as we conduct our circuits into this field where more upliftment is necessary and needed. Experience a heightened sensation of love for your brothers and sisters and for this world itself as this RISING CHRIST energy flows through you now and send that intention with as much love, compassion, and mercy as you can into the planet where we engage with the other co-creative circuits that have been constructed and are now resonating throughout planetary mind. Let human potential continue to be activated and catalyzed through this RISING CHRIST dynamic now. (Pause)

Life is precious to our Creator Father in Paradise. The potential seeded in humans by our Father is also precious. It has been designed to stimulate human creativity and imagination to elevate to the higher ideals of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY for humanity to participate in the development of a culture that reflects for heavenly ways.

So much human potential has been squandered chasing false idols and not appreciating and apprehending the higher meanings and values of life. Now, you know the reasons why this is. Do appreciate how much effort and care is being afforded to you to help you in your own sense of self become the best person that you can be and thereby becoming a beacon of light—a soul light that is alive and can catalyze more spiritual energy to bathe the world?

Do you recognize what is in you, my brethren? It is this RISING CHRIST energy that you are developing. And I encourage you to think carefully about this in the coming days because this is what you need now in order to bring about the positive changes that you wish for all life here--a return to the divine plan, a return and recognition of Father, a return to the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY of Christ Michael as His LOVE permeates this planet. Is this not what you have wished for, hoped for, even expected? The divine intervention comes not through Michael changing this world, but Michael helping his children to change—change their hearts and to strike out on that path of creative spiritual development.

So, as these words make an impression on your mind, continue to seed and send that RISING CHRIST energy into the collective where we can apply it where it will do the most good and help as many people who are ready to open to this and be catalysts in their own potential. (Pause)

The potency of this dynamic will continue to help you activate those components in you that you have yet to bring forth or are in the process of discovering that you may bring these forth through your daily interactions with your brothers and sisters. Keep in mind that your Indwelling Spirits know where you have areas where you still need to cultivate insight as to what holds you back helping you achieve and sense more courage within you to face what you must so that you can triumph over that which is holding you back. Your indwelling Spirit is so qualified to help you move beyond your own limitations and to continue to help you move in this RISING CHRIST energy and to reflect more light into your own system of consciousness that you may indeed share this with others who come before you.

We have encouraged you to minister to them through this loving interchange of soul dynamics where you are connecting to another person’s heart and soul and asking your Spirit or Michael to be the words that individual needs to hear. Many times, all you are being called to do is to listen to them and to pose questions to them that will help them respond to the call of Spirit Within themselves.

Then, have no expectations about whether your ministrations to them are fruitful or not, but to do the best you can each day and being as beautiful and loving an individual as you can be. And we know you are up to the challenge because you only have to look to your brother Jesus and ask your Father Michael (Jesus in divine form) to help you and all things of Spirit will coalesce in you form a more dynamic synergy to support you in this very important transformational journey you have embarked upon.

So, as the RISING CHRIST energy bathes the planet, continue to send your love and your intention for more hearts to open to their own Christ presence, and do it with great compassion and sincerity providing a greater energetic field for the defensiveness within the heart system to soften and yield to Spirit. Allow the balm of love to flow through you to be an unguent unto their souls of LIFE, LIBERTY, and SALVATION. (Pause)

Dear brethren, challenging times are upon you, but everything you need to ride out the storm is within. I cannot encourage you enough to maintain this focus, and when you falter, when you feel bereft or lost, you know where to turn. It is a simple change of heart and mind and ask to be fed with what you need. Ask for patience, forgiveness, peace, security. These are the qualities of Spirit that will hold you secure and steadfast, and the more you focus on this RISING CHRIST dynamic, the greater opportunities of SALVATION will strike in the hearts of those who are ready to receive Michael as their Father and as their Sovereign and open to the presence of the Father Within them and remember who they are and recognize their potential.

What more can I say? We give you encouragement and then we give you time to express. But we are here to instill and inspire in you. So, express it well and wisely with all the love that is growing within you. And be not downcast when you sense that sometimes things don't go your way. But plant seeds of love and peace wherever you go and know that Spirit is using them to move into human mind and catalyze the growth that the seed needs in order to flourish and blossom within another individual.


As we conclude our ministrations for today, let us now elevate our gaze to Paradise and to the One in Whom All Things Exist. As we spend these final moments in joyful and grateful communion as we present ourselves to the Father and He extends His LOVE to you into this world.

Father, receive the gratitude in these faithful hearts and souls and may your presence expand in them, filling them with the LOVE in which you have created them to help them recognize their potential that they may be about fulfilling that as part of their human destiny. And we thank you for all that you construct in them to build these hearty souls that are capable of changing the course of life here on this tiny planet. Thank you for your GOODNESS and MERCY and may they always be aware of your Presence within them. (Pause)

Beloved brethren, take a few moments to return to the consciousness of your bodies, letting you integrate into these new energetic dynamics, letting the energies move deeper into you that you may continue to collaborate with us throughout your day being mindfully aware of your responsibility as a cosmic citizen to foster and shepherd your brethren into higher states of mind and being.

Once again, we thank you for participating with us in this monumental undertaking of building these spiritual circuits for humanity's transformation and for the transformation of all life here. Indeed, you are participating in something so spectacular that it will be many years before you truly appreciate the magnitude of what it is we are creating together. Be assured in your heart that you are being of service, and continue in your intention to act in this way, and you will grow and thrive during this time and be a light into the world.

I will leave you with much to consider and integrate and know that the Spirit Within and your own potential of personality coming together in a unified manner to support you becoming the best ‘you’ you can be as an expression of the Father's LOVE. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]