2021-08-11-Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health

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Topic: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, Machiventa

TR: Simeon



(1st T/R) Daniel: Beloved children, I am Daniel. I have never spoken through this individual before, however she is receptive to my pleadings to speak on my behalf. I wish to assure everyone who is present tonight that there are eternal blessings and hope and dreams shall be fulfilled for all of the individuals aforementioned and all who desire to embark upon the eternal pathway. Even though death may be facing some sooner rather than later there is assurance in eternity. There is peace. May you rest in assurance that your beloved individuals you have put before us this evening will have all of the aid and comfort available to them and the celestial help given to them. Thank you for your attention to my words. I love each and every one of you.


(2nd T/R) My friends, companions, and children, I am Michael, here to be with you as you seek solace, comfort and healing for your friends and associates. I also wish this for yourselves in your hearts and minds. The paths of healing on this world face challenges, for there are deficits you have of a physical nature. Some of the measures that would have been taken long ago did not occur to help you strengthen the physical being, to augment and allow the balance of body, mind and spirit growth. Rest assured that measures are being taken, and will be taken, to rectify this in the time ahead, in the generations to come.

Aside from the aforementioned difficulties there are also many streams of turbulence that affect many of my children mentally. It is difficult sometimes to discern what information to go with when making decisions on what would allow physical wholeness and healing, particularly when divorced from the attendant recognition of spiritual leading. How does one who is not spiritually inclined discern and recognize the spirit of truth leading them forth toward better paths and perspectives? Some infirmities on your world would be greatly reduced by the relaxation of the mind into the spiritual presence of God. Not all infirmities are merely of a physical nature and even when manifesting physically there are mental components that can be barriers to finding the wholeness.

I would have my children come to me if I could, and trust that the path to wholeness truly is the three part component of physical, mental and spiritual health. As you explore answers, and as you share with those who ask for answers, I encourage you to not forsake the spiritual aspect. Encourage your brethren to, not only be educated mentally, and to seek to strengthen themselves physically, but to exercise, perhaps even take a leap of faith, to explore spiritually within what energy and healing components are available spiritually. It is exceedingly difficult for you to force or coerce healing in another when the surest path to wholeness is for the one seeking it to also seek within those answers and allow the healing to occur within. When in alignment with God and utilizing the beneficial practices physically and mentally, bringing those aspects into alignment, then the healing occurs more naturally and is able to occur because the aligning powers within the soul have allowed it. Healing one out of alignment is a far more difficult task.

I embrace each of you for your noble intentions, your humility and acceptance and love expressed to your brothers and sisters and to me, my Father – our Father. Thank you for allowing me to provide these words this evening.

Machiventa: Thank you my friends. As you pray in the silence tonight, we witness with awe your luminosity that drew you into Michael’s circuit. I am Machiventa. My presence is here to allow you to inquire if you have questions this evening.


Q1: Yes, I do have some questions. As you may know I am a therapist. My life work is to help people heal. I’m coming across some difficulties. One, there needs to be the balance between the physical, mental and spiritual self. I read a transmission from Rondel that spoke of the inability of some people to touch or experience silence due to abuse and they had to heal that first before reaching the silence. That seemed unfair to me when many people don’t have that issue and are able to experience silence much easier. I’m also wondering if there’s a fourth component we’re not really talking about which is whether it is their destiny or karma to go through a certain type of struggle. Some of my clients have mental illness, others have diseases that are difficult to attend to, and others trauma. I’m reading about how their abuse interferes with that. What advanced techniques are there to have them go to the next level in their journey.

Machiventa: I appreciate your inquiry, my friend. The term silence is perhaps not the best term to use when talking about the stillness, for it is true, different personalities and beings approach a state of stillness in various ways. Simply being in the quiet and the silence will not work for everyone. Sometimes one is more relaxed, calm, and centered in the middle of a crowd than they are when it is quiet. Some need the sounds of drums or music to feel a sense of connection. So the idea of stillness as silence is not completely accurate. What is it that will allow someone to relax, be calm, and be receptive to their inner leading?

The spiritual journey, while having certain patterns that work for many, is not a one size fits all journey. Particularly, as you mentioned, this is true with people who have experienced trauma. Sometimes the negative voices get louder in the silence, bring more anxiety, fear and tension. The better question is what makes you calm? What puts you in a place where you feel connected or that you can connect? And when you find this place, listen, be open, know that there is a partner on the other side who is a part of you looking to unify and build your soul powers and perceptions so that you can make better decisions and enlightened choices in life.

Unfortunately with some of the deficits this world has faced, not all things can find resolution in the material life. Sometimes the soul is enhanced further by learning to adapt and to make due within the circumstances they find themselves. Is this fair? On a material level, no it is not. Life is not fair materially for everyone, as you all know. On a spiritual level, however, their willingness to persevere, to grow and make choices, and to, within that, seek to expand and connect, these will all lead toward beneficial outcomes as they move forward in their ascension. I hope this has answered you to some degree what you were asking.

Q1: Yes, it does help. So my next question then, is as a human how do I work with them? I get stymied with what direction to go with them, how to lead them, sometimes what to say other than I’m sorry they’re going through this. It’s very difficult because as a therapist you experience part of their pain to help heal them and to let them speak their truth without judgment or fear, but it does land on me.

Machiventa: I hear you. I recognize you have chosen a path that is not for everyone and your path brings you into contact with people who are hurting whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. The challenge is to resonate and empathize with and yet not to own it in your own being but to see yourself, perhaps, as a conduit of insight, one who can encourage thinking about how to become more aligned in each of these areas. You will know who you can speak more spiritually with and those who would be closed to that type of discussion but there are ways to introduce concepts about wholeness and connecting that do not need to become about an overt God recommendation, but about how to bring this calm, find this calm, whatever calms them, and to seek within that, the answers, and not to let go of the challenging explorations, but to utilize that within, perhaps viewing it differently, and this will not solve everything but it can potentially augment how you relate.

Q1: Yes, very good. Thank you.

Q2: So we see that by invoking the presence somehow of the client’s soul into the equation, there appears a different sort of healing from what might be expected on the physical level. Is that what I’m hearing?

Machiventa: Yes, in some sense, my friend. Our primary effort is spiritual uplift, how to enhance for you, as mortals, the potential of spiritual connection. The attendant repercussions of this will affect the psyche and will affect the physical life. Therefore, we begin there, trying to find ways to encourage your connection with spirit knowing that it will aid in so many other ways the human life and existence.

I would take a moment to speak on the flip side of this, to mention that our efforts are not merely spiritual uplift, however. Many things and beings are here on your planet to encourage physical alignment and mental alignment. Sometimes it is perplexing to us that you can trust that we are involved and your Father and Mother and the universe of beings are involved in your lives, and yet not always recognize how that affects the work of material beings across various spectrums, in the scientific world, in the political spectrum, and more.

I know one of the key questions being asked by more mortals than any other question at this time is how to move past this pandemic? And yet, due to the polarizing nature of the discussion, there is no trust that the solutions being presented are real, that we somehow wouldn’t be working with your scientists at break neck speed to produce solutions. There are technologies being developed at this time that will be used in many ways to help offset the deficits that you have faced as a result of the rebellion. Trust that we are involved, trust that solutions will come forward and when they do, trust that you can partake in them. We are here not simply to tell you to love one another and love God, but to also work with you practically to uplift this world through the minds and hearts of those seeking to do so.

Q3: Yet the afflictions provide no barrier to love’s presence.

Machiventa: The love is there nevertheless, descending upon you and is available to you. I would say that, for a struggling soul in pain and mentally anguished from some trauma, the ability to perceive it is challenging at times, therefore that encouragement to find the place of calm so they can recognize that connection at a greater degree and realize the barriers generally are self imposed or circumstantially imposed rather than being withheld.

Q3: That sounds like a basic truth.

Machiventa: That is our mission, to provide such, as we can.

(1st T/R) I have a comment, an insight that was given to me as (Q1) was speaking. Using the analogy of being a conduit, which she is, here’s the gist. If one can get outside of one’s self sometimes and shift the mind to another way of looking at one’s self, then it may take the person out of where they are and the anguish. If by your direction you could ask some question of this nature to them – “What do you believe could be said to you by an individual who truly cared about you, who truly wanted your well being, which would help you shift from the anguish within to perhaps another space just enough to get a little relief?” And that person then could perhaps unknowingly be connected to a conduit who could speak. Does that make sense at all?

Q1: Yes, it does.

(1st T/R) When a person is in agony and pain, to help them move to another outside way of looking at it, if they could imagine someone, whether a spirit or human being, what do you think they would say to you? It might shift a bit of burden off you and perhaps shift them out of their self to get outside of themselves and see things differently. That might have been from Daniel, but I'm not sure.

Q1: Thank you.