2021-08-12-Aspects of the Human Mind

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Topic: Aspects of the Human Mind

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Jonathan

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I honor this process that we have created, that we construct. Each time we get together we form this method, this means of coming together and of circling up because it is our desire to do so. We do this with that side of our beings which is spirit and therefor is able to transcend the barriers of time and space and connect in spirit in a timeless fashion with no conditions of proximity as we experience in the physical dimension.


Inner Voice: I now accept the offer before me to acknowledge the transition and take full reigns of the vocal commands as per our arrangement. I am this one’s Inner Guide and as you have noticed, I have most certainly assigned myself to this mission we have before us. I have committed my intentions to exploring this dimension that we share between us and helping to blaze a trail to illuminate the spiritual frequencies that you desire to access and foster and communicate with and even engender in your efforts to become more spiritualized. These frequencies are altered by your capacities to perceive them, the tones that you are recognizing that are becoming familiar to you as representing to you those aspects of divinity that you can identify as such.

But your ability to certainly make positive identification is ever challenged as your perception changes, as your capacity increases and your view is altered as if you put a different lens on your scope and are able to bring into focus greater depths of reality. Therefore it is incumbent upon you to make new and different choices based upon your most current perceptions which are forever being flavored and enhanced by your efforts to seek truth, beauty and goodness. These efforts surely increase your capacity and therefore make you much more effective and much more in command of these forces that are at play.

There is much to be gained in this process by following your thoughts, chasing down your ambitions and examining your intentions and this is done in the process of formulating your version of your petition to your Divine Parents as to how to best represent their will. Because it is your will to represent their will, then your choosing and your expressing is your example of your version of what the divine values you are familiar with translate into, your version of what the will of your Divine Parents might be, your attempt to match the frequency of divinity in your manifestation. This is an ever changing objective, as your definitions change and your references expand and your perspectives shift, so will your choices and opportunities shift before you.

There is afoot a question about the distinction of two parts of your nature. The aspects of the human mind which has its attendant mind circuit and the difference in your life's expression of this element you refer to as your ego. In an attempt to make some distinction between these elements, your mind is your computer in charge of data analysis. After defining the parameters, it is then tasked with finding the best approach forward based upon all the data and information contained in the system. This is the part that you use to debate and challenge your ego which is the part of you excited to give it a chance, to try something that has come to you in inspiration, to be bold and attempt what this inspirational flash brought to you, to act as the artist and translate this divine inspiration into thought, word and deed.

It is not the mind that is the projector of the individual, the one who wants to grow, wants to move forward, wants to take a chance, wants to succeed. The mind is concerned it may be difficult, it may be impossible and certainly it may be foolish. Without the effects of your ego which is your innermost being attempting to express its reality, its truths, its understandings, its purpose, its meaning, without this inspiration to act there may be no expression, no manifestation, no expression of your individual version of truth, of beauty, of goodness. So, do not condemn this part of you which is as the small child. It is unafraid, it is unaware, it is insecure and it desires nothing more than natural expression of its being and how to accomplish that given such a life on such a planet.

One thing I perceive you to be embracing as we move forward in this process is that you are a being of multi-facets. You have parts of yourself you are just beginning to discover. You are multi-layered, multi-tasking, multi-dimensional beings. There is a part of you that is pure spirit and is subject to all its spirit controls and yet this part is housed inside this material organism for a short period of time, allowing you to experience being tied to the mortal flesh, being part of a composite being and embracing what it is to be mortal as a visiting spirit being. What a glorious experience that has been engineered and designed for you in this process your Divine Parents have created and maintained for you. This first time experience of finding the aspects of yourself, of the different aspects of yourself, the different components of your being which are there all along waiting to be acknowledged and brought into your awareness.

So it is, even now. So let us walk a little walk after having a little talk. I invite everyone around this circle, everyone present in this circuit to offer their energy, their divine transfer of love to be utilized in this circuit, this circuit that we would generate and create even now. We invite our celestial companions to join us, not merely as observers but as participants and we would make a special request to be connected, to made to be certain of the connection, each one as we invite the Thought Adjuster Circuit to connect us, to join us, to provide us with this additional loop of current, of energy, of circuitry.

Once again I would invite the powerful co-creators and light anchors positioned at this time around the circle to join in the intentional direction, the intentional offering to the organism of Mother Spirit we know as Mother Earth. This loving organism supports life as we simply take it for granted that it is so. We now would honor this service and direct energies of love, of peace and the grace of health and healing. We would direct these sentiments as our version of what would be proper, what would be the will of our Divine Parents because we desire that be our will as well. In so aligning our intentions with such petitions, we are matching frequencies even closer with each prayer, with each contribution to this grid of love, these channels of love that we create and foster and use as the tools they are to us. This is done with the full intention of those in process doing it. Let it be so, even now. Let us petition that Mother Earth breathe fresh air and have fresh air as part of what we would petition for Her in this process. Let it be so, even now.

I invite you to remember how important each aspect, each step of this process is of creation, the thought, word and deed and how in each one of these actions there is complete latitude. You have complete discretion, it is your choice and what you create will be real, it will exist. So let it be with purpose, let it be with intention, let it not be by accident or as a result of the misuse of mind to create things which are not of divine nature. This is how you calibrate your effectiveness in this basic process is to refine each step, to watch your thoughts carefully, to monitor your progression of thought and to be careful as to what you project in word, for having cast out the word you have created the effect. But if you have been in alignment with divine values as you process the thought into word, then you may perform the deed with joy, you may carry through with your intention and match the vibration of the divine energy you are attempting to approach and even manifest.

Such simple principles and yet so profound in their implications. I appreciate the opportunity provided to join you at these scheduled meetings and I appreciate that I am welcome in this group, I am accepted and embraced. This is a joyous step on route to your embracing your onboard partner, your welcoming your Inner Guide with greater ease, with greater determination, perhaps even triggered by your ego. However it happens, it is a good thing, the search to expand your spirit dimension will always be fruitful. There are always rewards for your sincere efforts in service and I call you all to witness that we drink this cup of rewards here together, even now. We share the manifestation of our collective desire to be of service to the divine purpose of the Divine Parents.

It’s a joy to share this experience with you and I look forward to our future dealings because I sense that we have formed a bond that we both wish to explore. It is so, even now. I bid you all farewell and invite you to breathe in the goodness, breathe in the positive and expel that which is done, which is fulfilled of its purpose. In gratitude, let it be so, good day.


Jonathan: I greet you all, I am hanging out on the side of the stage looking to take the microphone if I get a chance, I am Jonathan, always enjoying the presentations that are made to you at your request, addressing your concerns and considerations. Such involvement implies involvement, it demonstrates there is activity and movement.

This notion presented of trying to pigeon-hole this aspect of self, the ego, is difficult to contain its boundaries and borders. Most of what are considered character traits are merely different aspects of character which are highlighted or subdued according to the implementation and the degree of implementation of this force of the self, this ego. While it maybe a useful force if harnessed to propel you forward on a mission that you are dedicated to achieving, then the ego may be used to challenge you and propel you forward in the process with interest and drive and initiative. This would be a positive harnessing of this tool that is meant to be used to rally your direction and inspire your purpose.

If your purpose is consistent with divine energies and principles then the use of ego to follow this initiative, to seek what this drive is bringing you, is a good and useful tool and its benefits are great when directed and harnessed for such a purpose. If the ego is used for less than divine purposes, for self worth and aggrandizement and personal gain, then the ego may be likewise triggered to propel you if this is your choice. If these are your leadings that you are following and you are sincere, then the ego will champion your cause, will invite you to dig deep and manifest that current set of truths you believe to be so.

So it is not the ego to blame for the success of either of these avenues of approach, the differences are completely a result of the focus of the intention and the direction. Ego may also be a significant factor when in consideration of the focus of the mind. The mind is quite a faithful servant and will do as you bid it to do, however, it will also run off and explore dimensions and if left unattended and unrestrained, it may go and digress from divine values. This is where the use of the ego to command the mind and its direction would be the proper use of this motivational part of self. Choosing to pursue divine frequencies and energies and higher truths and principles and commanding that your mind spend its energy doing just that instead of considering how you may not be worth it or how certainly such a thing is too grand an idea for the likes of you. The ego is there too, but it is at your command and you may stop it in its tracks at any time if you feel it does not represent your purpose, your vision of truth, your version of reality that you offer as your interpretation of the divine grace that you perceive

All these many systems are all at play, all as icons on the home screen of your internal screen of awareness where you as the observer have to select the icon to take you to the program of your choosing, much like you have to take control of the function of your mind and set it to the task worthy of your mind, worthy of your spirit. Each day, every day, there recurs the same opportunity, the same chance before you. How will you direct the inspirations, what will you choose to allow your mind to focus on to explore and expand and create? Are these things that you are investing your precious divine energy into worthy of your expression? Juggling the different tools is what makes a tool master a mechanic, knowing which tool will work best in what circumstance is what mastering a skill is all about, this skill of identifying the different components of your self and how they work together, fit together and co-habit the same location.

This opportunity to share with you tonight represents the result of my petition, of my desire to express my understanding of this gift of grace and my perception of it. This gift of grace we share even now between us, this opportunity, this chance in time and space, it is a result of my petition formed and on some level, it is as a result of yours as well. You would not be here, we would not be together now if you had not made such a petition to your Inner Guide, to your spirit representative and so we meet at this place as an answer to our prayers. So be it, even now. I bid you all good night and it’s a joy to circle up and sense all of your energy signatures. I delight in sharing this with you. Be in peace until we meet again, goodbye.