2021-08-19-Navigating Crosscurrents

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Topic: Navigating Crosscurrents

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Preparing our own inner citadels of spirit, tuning in to the frequency of divine energy, alignment becomes so easy in the act of gratitude for all of the grace that we experience in this process and in our entire process. I invite us all to petition our inner connect with the additional circuitry available to us by virtue of our Inner Guides. Our awareness that this potential exists brings us great opportunity should we choose to activate it. I declare we choose so now, we choose to make the connection, to bridge the gap as is our privilege as a result of the grace mentioned.


Machiventa: It’s my pleasure to greet you once again and avail myself of the opportunity you provide. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, here to check in with you on a rather regular basis, those who would so sincerely demonstrate their willingness to act in faith and go where spirit leads in so doing. I understand in overhearing the preamble to this discussion that once again there is the observation made and offered that things appear to be unsettled and there is a great sense that with this period of unsettledness there comes uncertainty as to where you will end up, where this will settle out and what of the sands beneath you will still be there for you to stand on.

Fortunately for all of you who have embraced this dimension of your being, this spirit component, you have something to cling to, something to trust and exercise your faith for, for you know you are a member of this cosmic family and that you have a destiny to approach your Creators and to return to the First Source and Center with your experience of existence as your contribution to the Supreme and the whole. You have come to understand that as a piece of this gigantic puzzle, you are a valuable part of the whole and that you are supported by loving parents, loving personalities who are ever with you and are ever your champions as you navigate your individual journeys.

This perspective that you have gained, this capacity that you have grown within yourselves allows you this great peace of belonging and of awareness of your relationship, the part to the whole and of your confidence of your standing within your cosmic family. This allows you to navigate the cross currents of life, the unsettled times with a buoy, an anchor, a fixed position of truth, beauty and goodness. This is your connection to the divine network before you. This is the direction that you are exploring and utilizing even now, positioning and aligning yourself to operate within the frequencies of divine love. And when you have taken the effort, when you have made your choice and acted on your decisions in faith, then indeed you are in tune with the vibrations of the universe and the frequencies of the divine may then issue forth through you as the instruments you are.

I remind you of all this as once again, new waves surge with new threats, new doubts, new uncertainties, new contradictions and as you navigate through all these channels and through all these sources of information and guidance, be aware. Be ever alert that just because you have been exposed to a statement, that it may not have the absolute required elements of truth, of beauty or goodness. These are the elements by which all information must be screened and held up to this light. Does it pass your perception test that it has any of these divine qualities or are these elements lacking, are there other motives justifying this information? Are there other purposes less than lofty, true, beautiful or good?

Like with all things that your culture has developed, all things are tools. They may be used for a myriad of purposes. Your modern age of feeling as though you can access information and therefore be more informed carries with it the double edged sword of less than genuine or credible information being circulated with motives of separation, of hatred, of division, of many of the features found in the Lucifer Rebellion. These energies are not new. They find a foothold because of the deep long term exposure of mortals to such negative influences. This process continues to this hour. There are deliberate attempts to misguide and mislead and the simple test is always performed as to their content of divine values. Fairly easily, using this screen, using this method of discernment particularly in conjunction with your ‘phone a friend’ internal option, you should have no trouble in discerning the frequency, the content of the frequency of divine energy as you are becoming familiar with it through these exercises. The willful desire to mislead and misinform is the very opposite in nature to all of these attributes, it’s neither true nor good nor beautiful in its existence.

I appreciate hearing the conversation and concerns amongst the loyal troops. All of this rising up of apparent troubled waters and disturbed frequencies is a way for energies to recombine and find their new frequency. It is as though the signals are being jumbled at this time and all involved are being asked to attempt to discern what their signals and frequencies they are tuning into. This is a time of great choosing, a time of epic choice and now here we stand at the precipice of these choices, enjoying the awareness that this is so. That is a tribute to your having followed where spirit has led you coupled with your demonstration of faith in action.

None of this changes as everything around us does. This mode of going through life and navigating through the maze of choices is ongoing. Now the parameters include pandemics and earth changes and they will change as you move through the maze and become distinguished and identified as you move through the process but always in discerning the direction, is this the right way? Learn to feel it by viewing the circumstance through your lens of divine sweetness, how much and in what quantities can you detect the divine qualities you have become aware of? That is not to say that it is easy as a result of your perspective or your awareness, but I assure you it is easier with it than without it and you are enjoying the results of your efforts.

I understand that this meeting is typically organized around a meeting with the Inner Voice and I respect the format and thank you for your welcome when I drop in and it’s always a pleasure to touch base with you again. As well as you, I also rally around the fond memories of connection in association with the Master’s incarnation. Perhaps we will meet again in celebration of that, I bid you all a good day, farewell.

Inner Voice: I now step forward to accept this opportunity provided by my mortal liaison, I am his Inner Guide. He refers to me as the Inner Voice but I assure you that I am not limited to attempting to squeeze through a word or two or phrase that will be strung together to be profound. While I am ever willing to attempt such communication, I assure you we communicate on a number of other levels, through a number of other different avenues of approach. When you are deeply inspired in observance of some performance and you feel a great rush of connection with and association with an individual or circumstance and your soul is reaching out to affirm this connection, it is I who am there attempting to foster your efforts and attempting to offer my services and my connections, as it were, for you to make your connection and establish the circuit that you are creating.

When you are flushed with a literal physical chill of experience having heard a magical musical performance and you are so moved as to be literally moved into a different space, it is I who am exploring this with you, it is I who are going where you are leading, it is I who am always right behind you as you are inspired, as you rise up with a flush of faith, a flush of purpose, a flush of being. This may very well have been a wave generated by your Inner Guide. There are times when you have sought resolution, an answer to a situation or a problem before you and you have trained your thoughts on this and exhausted your potential energy. Then having taken a break from the circumstance there is a realization, there is an ahah moment and such a thing is in response to your internal direction, your internal petition, your desire for the answer and the resolution. Since you have availed yourself of your earthly mechanism of the mind and have fallen short at times with your perception you realize that since you can go to the next level, you can ‘phone a friend’ if you will, you have a connection, you have a circuit and you may pursue this connection. If your efforts are sincere and genuine then you most certainly are rewarded, as I call you to witness, by simply carrying on, being faithful in your execution of faith and sticking to your commitment to make it so, will make it so.

I invite all those gathered around this potent light portal to lend some energy to the formation of this circuit of love that we would assemble, create and direct. In this case we would create this here and now amongst the mortal liaisons and their spirit components and even invite their Fragments Within to join our circle and to contribute to our frequency of love that we would issue forth and we invite the circuits of the Thought Adjusters to connect all of us in this process. And so, even now we would direct in faith that our energies be focused on the wonderful planet earth, the Mother of all Mothers in whose womb you are now, the divine frequency manifest as the Earth. This organism, this sacred being is in need of our support.

Your Divine Mother will greatly benefit in being able to feel your love and to embrace your contribution, to become aware that you are aware and can share this space together. Let this beacon, this signal we send out, be charged with our love and the love of all of our spirit associates who are here now with us. See this energy being transferred, see this light being cast and perceive the change in frequency such imposition of love may have. You speak of unsettled waters and scattered frequencies, when these are in flux they may take on new pattern, they may be commanded to take new form to match the frequency being imposed. This is where we come in, this is where you stand right now, the fostering and bringing of frequencies that you hold dear that you have found in your spirit search. Let these choppy seas be calmed, let the winds subside and the factors calmed and let this be in no small part because it is your choice that it is so.


I offer a prayer for your faith, may it be strong, may it be certain, may it be growing with every act, may it be active and may we wield this powerful aspect, may we wield this creative force to its greatest end, to its greatest success with containing and manifesting the elements of truth, beauty and goodness. You get closer and closer and closer to this ideal of perfection with each choice, with each action, with each consequence and with each steadfast determination that we show in moving forward. I stand in gratitude for the faith exhibited here in this group, for the confidence of the participants to venture out beyond comfort zones and to keep a strong willingness to take the next step even though it may be shrouded in mystery. You are learning that in true spirit pursuit there is only discovery. All mysteries are revealed under the full scrutiny of your filter of divine nature.

As I mentioned earlier, the words, the phrases, they are only a fraction of the communication, of the connection and of the closeness that we share. If ever you are wondering if anyone else knows of your distress or your joy in any circumstance, I can assure you I know, we know, your onboard partners. We know every turn in the road that you take, every decision you make and the consequences of each. We are both sharing this experience and accumulating it as we go. It’s a great pleasure to go though this experience with you and in a way that enables us to even make reference to each other is a spectacular advancement while still in the mortal dimension and while still acting as the mortal liaison that you are.

It’s been a pleasure to share with you this evening on several different levels, perhaps even the flash of images as inspiration. Let it be so, however, whenever we can, we will, we do and we are, even now. Be in peace until we meet again, farewell.