2021-08-22-Love in Action

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Topic: Love in Action

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, Machiventa

TR: Simeon, Mark, Setha



I preface this address by our Father with a few words today. I am Machiventa. Greetings, my friends and companions on this journey toward light and life we undergo willingly. These times, while seeming difficult, are necessary for understanding and progress to occur. Know that difficulty arises when people begin to make choices for other realities. Conflict is natural. Stay focused on what you can do each day to be in the spirit of God, sharing his will, as you understand it, with each person and each opportunity you have. This is the mission of Michael, that you would love one another as he has loved you. With this said, I will step aside and thank you for creating this opportunity to communicate with you today.


Michael: I am pleased to join you all around this circle this morning, having gathered for my sake, if not in my name. I am the guest of honor of your celebration today.

As you honor me with your tributes and recognition of my service and you make reference to the challenges before you in the current times, my example that I portrayed for all of mankind was to always seek the stability and the assurance and the permanence of the divine way, the divine method, the divine choice. By always looking to seek the elements of divine truth, beauty, and goodness contained in each scenario, then no matter how dramatic the circumstance, the complication, the issue, or problem may be, there is always the steady guidance of following the highest truths that you are aware of, staying focused on love.

The short answer in how you should react to whatever circumstance is in front of you is commonly referred to as what I might have done -- what would Jesus do? And I’m telling you what I did was love in action, therefore that’s what you may do as well. Follow the love. It’s not what would I do, as much as what would love do? How would love approach the circumstance? How would it navigate with kindness, with peace, with compassion? How would love be used to transform the situation? This now is your task. You who would follow in my footprints, who would follow after me in spirit, it is now your directive to manifest these higher frequencies, these grander tones of divinity, of grace, of love.

In my experience on our world I was in the position to be able to directly ask of my associates if they would follow me even though there was great uncertainty as to how to approach any given difficulties before us. I asked them to follow me as I demonstrated the application of divine love. Now, in this day, I am able to come to each of you and petition you to follow me, for you to take the steps upon this earth, to use the voice that you have, to proclaim the goodness of the kingdom, to use your life as the example of your awareness of your divine nature.

In truth, I do not need to ask each of you here today this question, for I already know the intentions of your heart. You have pledged to follow me and you are here now in that pursuit. I honor your commitment and your conviction and I ask for your assistance now. I am only in the hearts of man, while you are in the presence of your brothers and sisters. You are the mortal liaison to your spirit contact and awareness, to even your relationship with me. You are the ambassador for the truths you have come to know and you have been brought here by your faith. You have arrived at this place by your own free will actions. This is what you give to me, to the Father, to your divine Mother. This is the work that you do for us.

You have heard that they will know them by their fruits and sure enough, you all are loaded with spiritual fruit. You have heard those who would be greatest among you, let them be servers of all, and here you are, your hearts full of desire to serve, craving the opportunity to help and assist. This you do for me, you do for us, your divine parents who have fostered your circumstance and given you this life. Thank you for manifesting your divine destiny. As the children are designed to grow up to emulate their parents, so it is your divine destiny to create an entire reality and bring this rich experience back as your contribution to the whole. Let it be so, as it is even now.

My deepest love I bring to all of you gathered here today. You are my children in whom I am so well pleased and I recognize your affection for me which I accept warmly. Go out in joy that your mission is to spread the good tidings, is to calm the waters, to bring peace because you have found it. You know of its existence, you know of its reality, you are aware of the grace because you have felt it. Be bold in proclaiming these truths, your truths, and be in joy about the process as far as you are able, for it is not without stress or struggle, but what much has been achieved without struggle?

Remember I am there always with you. I am to be called upon when you are in need of assistance, counsel, or fellowship. Call on me, as I call on you even now, and let us celebrate the joy of the journey we’re on, of the mission we have before us and the destiny we can foresee. My love to you all. Be in peace.


I am Daniel, and I am representing the many teachers you know and many you do not know who have been called by Melchizedek to teach and to share and to glorify your journeys, each as you have been called. I have asked that a prayer of ancient origin be given to you once again as a reminder of the glory of God. It is often called Jubilate Deo, Psalm 100. I have asked Setha to read it to you.

O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness and come before his presence with a song. Be ye sure that the Lord he is God. It is he that hath made us and not we ourselves. We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. O go your way into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise. Be thankful unto him and speak good of his name. For the Lord is gracious, his mercy is everlasting, and his truth endureth from generation to generation.

Recall, my dear students, friends, followers, and givers, that this prayer has been spoken by generations before, during and after the presence of Christ Michael, who was sent to your planet to serve you and share with you the love that God himself has for you, for his creation, both within and (outside) your physical presence.

I am Daniel and I shall leave you with this thought. The love of God prevails and you are his servants in sharing this love. Take the love within that you have been given and share it generously and with kindness and goodness as you seek your truth and that for all of mankind.

I depart from you now, but I am not gone. Thank you for your presence today to honor God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.