2021-08-22-The Rising Christ in Divine Justice

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Topic: The Rising Christ in Divine Justice

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Divine Parents, Paradise Trinity and Magisterial Son, we are so grateful for this opportunity to share our heartfelt intentions with you today to build more spiritual energy on the planet that more people may respond to this time of the great awakening. We thank you for connecting us as one in your LOVE. Bringing us into that holy union, not only with our Indwelling Spirits but with one another, that what we project from our hearts and minds and souls today may be used in support of planetary transformation in the ways you know our world needs. We center ourselves in Spirit now and we thank you for your WILL being done through your GRACE, through your MERCY, and through your LOVE. Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to our forum today for more change to be imparted through these circuits of mind all across the globe. As you center yourselves in your hearts, keep that intention to be a loving presence on the planet uppermost in your thoughts. This begins to generate that love dynamic that is so fundamental for all life to thrive here on this beautiful but the beleaguered world.

There is much underway in the fields of planetary consciousness. More and more people are responding to the inner call and sensing a need for justice to prevail here upon this world. Over the course of our association, we have invited you to participate with us in building many spiritual dynamics under the auspices of the Correcting Time put in place by your Father Michael, who was also here as Jesus during his human incarnation. Michael knows this world thoroughly and He understands the dynamics here of what is underway.

As well, we fully appreciate the challenges that humanity is currently undergoing, and so in today’s infusion, we will continue to support the RISING CHRIST dynamic that was the focal point for our last time together. As well, we will bring about this infusion of DIVINE JUSTICE to support the RISING CHRIST dynamic.

To begin, I encourage you to take a few moments to commune with the Spirit Within in whatever way you are being guided now. Take a few moments to appeal to that God presence seated within you. Ask for your mindal currents to be more directed by your Spirit guide. Ask to be infused with more divine vitality that the energies you project when we move into the collective focus will be strong and steady.

Fill yourselves in divine LOVE, my brethren, and as you commune with your Indwelling Spirit, allow my presence to resonate upon you and bring you into greater unity with me and my purposes for my engagement here with you on this world. Receive now beloved brethren. (Pause)

I also invite you to focus on the RISING CHRIST dynamic, letting it gently pulse within you, gently elevating your vibrational rate to a higher frequency. Allow your energy systems to absorb my presence and secure you in a greater dynamic of DIVINE JUSTICE. (Pause)

During this particular phase of the Correcting Time, there are many new spiritual energies infusing the planetary system of consciousness with what you should have evolved by this time had your planet not deviated from its original divine plan of evolution. It is as if you are being jump-started in your Spirit to promote these wonderful energies of LOVE, to build a planetary culture that is based on the goodness of human nature and the truth of your being members of the divine family of LOVE.

Think about this for a moment. Think about all of the goodness in human nature—the compassion that you can feel for another person, the peace of heart and soul that you can experience from time to time, the kindness that you convey to a person in need. These are just a few of the examples of what a human nature can produce in relationship with others. And there is a growing awareness for the return of this goodness, for the development of this goodness dynamic within—the bestowed human nature given to you by your Creator. The RISING CHRIST energy is a part of this. It is stimulating this need to return to goodness, the need to perceive truth, and to recognize the beauty and the harmony and the synergistic nature of divine LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE.

This can be particularly difficult for humans to perceive when there is so much chaos brewing about human mind right now. And we understand why this is so. We invite you to step beyond this chaotic influence that stimulates fear and anxiety and to continue to deepen into these dynamic of the RISING IN CHRIST growing in DIVINE JUSTICE. We will minister to you for a few more moments before we engage your focus in the collective. So, allow these energies and these words to settle in to help you resonate at a deeper level of the RISING CHRIST presence within you and how you may uniquely express it in your daily life. (Pause)

Many of your suffering brethren do not understand why they feel the way they do. There are deep pockets of grief and sorrow within the human heart. And in today’s infusion, especially into the collective, we will be supporting this dynamic of the RISING CHRIST IN DIVINE JUSTICE to help your brothers and sisters begin that elevation out of these very, very destructive emotions, and to help them perceive an inner spark of hope—the LIGHT that leads them out of the shadow into the joy of becoming the individuals our Creator has bestowed upon them—the potential to become.

So, let us now shift focus. Engage from your hearts, and this time with all of the love that you can feel and all of that intention for this planet to be healed, project the RISING CHRIST dynamic from your hearts and into the globe before you. In your mind’s eye you may see the planet spiraling in a counter-clockwise rotation. In your mind’s eye, envision the words the RISING CHRIST being seeded into the planet, letting the energies move down from the north to south pole in that spiral rotation. Hold this as best you can for a few moments as we engage with what you are generating as we move into these areas of great need, moving in certain circuits and situations where we can apply that need for the RISING CHRIST dynamic to gain more presence within human mind.

As you visualize the RISING CHRIST energies spiral around the planet, also envision the world being held in a field of DIVINE JUSTICE now and these energies will blend and circulate, especially when you keep that intention for this to become stronger and more pervasive throughout planetary mind. And we continue. (Pause)

As these energies are applied into various circuits of mind, know that it will continue to be time-related as to when individuals are able to perceive the inner spiritual signals growing within them. Be patient with your brothers and sisters who have yet to awaken. They may be very deeply enmeshed in fear and confusion. The more you grow in your own Christ presence, you are holding a type of spiritual energy that can be perceived by another person. They may begin to feel safer around you and more trusting to share what is on their heart and mind. Listen to them with great compassion. As you listen to them, ask for the RISING CHRIST presence in them to gently stimulate their emotions, helping them feel a deeper sense of inner security and peace. This is what individuals long to experience. Because so many individuals have had their security rooted in the material world when there is confusion at that level, their inner security wanes and they do not know where to find that bastion of peace and steadiness.

Those of you who have awakened to your own spiritual presence know that this is a growing dynamic And, you can actually hold that in yourself and let it shine outwardly from your hearts and souls and go directly into another person’s heart to help them perceive a deeper level of something that will support their activation and stimulation of their own inner Christ presence. Is this not what the world needs now my brethren? You have all benefited from your own spiritual growth and you know its value.

And so, continue to feel that growing intention and desire for more of your brothers and sisters to experience this, because as a shared experience, it unifies human conscious. It brings about more understanding and harmony in the collective. You are not all designed to be alike. Diversity is one of the operating dynamics of creation. Diversity is celebrated but that does not mean it has to be a dynamic of separation. There is UNITY in DIVERSITY because it comes from the divine Source of all life. And when you are truly invested in this dynamic, you no longer tend to strive with your brothers and sisters, but seek to understand them and you look for the jewel—in the gem—within them because you know they have a Christ presence. You are curious to perceive what that is. This is how you help another person, as you send those spiritual energies into them from your heart, as if you are trying to draw them out of their shell and into the grandeur of who they are becoming as sons and daughters of God.

So, this is not a time to strive with people’s opinions and beliefs, but to move into the Spirit to let your own RISING CHRIST presence take you to greater heights of joy and peace and perception of the Spirit Within. And, this is one way you are engaging in the activities of DIVINE JUSTICE and learning to love a person just where he or she is, and being a balm unto them in the ways that only you can do.

So, let these words settle in. Let them deepen in you and as this RISING CHRIST presence reverberates in DIVINE JUSTICE, we will continue to minister in these circuits. Continue to engage with us in this sacred human-spirit collaboration together. (Pause)

I invite you to shift focus slightly and envision the words PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY in your mind’s eye. As children of God, you are created with the right to exist and become who our Creator has seeded in you to participate in the evolution of this wonderful creative divine plan that spans a vast, vast cosmos that you will one day fully explore. You have the right to become who you are, and when you focus on your PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY, you are affirming this right—this natural God-bestowed right. It is a birthright, it is the divine inheritance, and I invite you to simply focus on this now.

And even though you may not fully understand what this truly means, your Spirit does and can help you translate the deeper meaning and value of this into your mind. At the present moment, we invite you to also project this from your hearts into the planet. And let that be seeded far and wide to help with this RISING CHRIST energy continue to mount in the human mind, in the human heart, and resonate deeply upon the soul that more people may awaken to the presence of Spirit and participate in the growing trajectory of building a culture on this world based on the divine values of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY. (Pause)

What we invite you to hold in your hearts and project as best you can is a dynamic that supports the evolution of the divine plan for this world to reach a heavenly planetary culture that reflects the divine ideals that have been projected for this world to achieve at a future date. You are in this growing trajectory right now, and as you focus on PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY, let these energies deepen upon the human mind that more people may participate in the divine plan coming into their own awareness of what they can do to assist during this time of planetary transformation. We will direct the energies where they will do the most good as you continue to project this from your hearts. (Pause)

This establishes a deeper awareness within the human mind of your right to exist and become who you are children as children of God. It is revealing the mystery within that you make real through daily life one day at a time. Each individual has the potential to achieve this. And so, all of these dynamics that we bring to you are part and parcel of this great transformational journey, not only for the individual but for all life here. Let us take a few more moments of communion with your Spirit, projecting these energies from your heart as we continue our ministrations for this world. (Pause)

Now let us elevate our gaze to the One in whom all things exist, the Source of your Indwelling Spirits—the Source of all life. Let us spend these the last few moments with us in communion and thanksgiving and let that divine embrace move through you, upstepping you, uplifting you, and helping you find more of your own joyful purpose for why you are here in human form to participate in this great time of planetary healing and reclamation. Creator Father, we join our hearts together with our human brethren as we lift this circuit of worship up to you. Thank you for your presence reflecting back to these hearty souls who are so dedicated to doing your WILL. Thank you for the FAITH that you have instilled in these children to grow and to reveal the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit to others. And may they be fortified in your presence to be great way-showers of this time of change, pointing more souls in the direction that they need to focus through your LOVE and MERCY. May your WILL be done through them. (Pause)

Take a few moments now to descend to the planet. See yourself standing on the ground. Ask for these energies that we have brought in to ground into the planet into these denser levels of planetary mind that more people may perceive the inner signals and open to their own RISING CHRIST presence. Allow these energies to integrate into you and into the planet. Ask for more connections to be forged that more people may respond to the inner call and recognize their own spiritual potential. And ask for this RISING CHRIST energy to be anchored on the earth as a living, growing and thriving dynamic for all humans to perceive and grow. (Pause)


Beloved brethren, thank you for your love, for your faith, for your devotion during this tumultuous time. Truly you have yet to appreciate all of the ways you and many others are helping this world change its course and return to the family of LOVE. In the coming days when you move into your meditative time, ask for this RISING CHRIST dynamic on the planet to continue to expand, elevating human mind to higher tones and notes of LOVE and LIFE in the universe that more people may respond. Come out of fear, come out of the darkness, and into the light that is blazing in this family of LOVE in which you are all valued and beloved members.

Our objectives are complete for today, and we thank you for your gracious participation. I encourage you to keep up this focus on the RISING CHRIST before we meet again in several weeks and call upon us when you feel you need a boost of life, of light, and we will support you. This is truly a collaboration, and one day when you are more advanced, you will see that all life is a collaboration and it is a beautiful, beautiful undertaking. And when you are truly invested in this life is no longer is a burden, but a joy. And even though you face challenging times, you can do it with a light heart and peace in your soul. Strive for this, my brethren. This is your birthright but it is yours for the development.

I leave you in our Creator’s LOVE, and in the coming days turn within to receive more to support your RISING CHRIST presence that you may continue to be a beacon LOVE-LIGHT to your brothers and sisters and help them awaken to what has been seeded in them of the GOODNESS, TRUTH, and BEAUTY given by our Creator. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]