2021-12-02-Fitting the Puzzle Together

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Topic: Fitting the Puzzle Together

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



[Mark] Here is a thought pattern for consideration: In my seeking for direction and purpose specific to this Lightline function, I’ve been curious how its dimensions and directions have changed over time and now I’m quite aware of this recent direction and shift of purpose to one of seeking and finding and creating and experiencing the connection between us and our Divine Fragment and making that real. We are creating that phenomenon because we have discovered it. We have found it and we desire to connect and reconnect with it and even form a circuit with it. Here we are at this juncture where it becomes possible, becomes easier or more effective because of the shift in circuits. Therefore there is more emphasis in making this personal connection and here we are now having been given the heads up.

First we started with the Teaching Mission’s ability to ‘phone a friend’ or to make contact with another spirit individual and connect with them and create a means to access some communication through our common spirit circuitry. We thought this was a miracle and the answer to our prayers. We responded in faith and created and conditioned the environment to accommodate the ability to connect with spirit. In looking back over this I think, okay, what now? We sense the connection with it and now we have some awareness that there is this indwelling part of us that would like to communicate with us. My question/prayer to the universe was…what now? The answer I got was to put the pieces together and create it and make it so. We’ve been working in spirit and now we stand at the edge of the material plain with our wings outstretched to catch the ascending spirit currents.

Pieces to consider include: The willful conditioning and preparation of the church within through stillness practice and spirit practice. The prayerful petitioning and the signifying of purpose, the desire of the soul expressed. The attitude of gratitude can bring you everything. You can be grateful for something in advance of its arrival and you have created the space for it to be. No more sure way of getting to the Divine frequencies of your Diven Parents than to be in gratitude for your relationship with them. Calibrate your spirit compass while connecting to this circuit.

Remember when working in spirit you have a connection with all the others working in spirit and the many circuits you may have discovered which may connect you. As the creator of your own reality, you choose what energies you will work with and what connections you will employ. We have been over the importance of form, a construct, a method we can put ourselves through. We’ve been told how important it is to condition the environment, to actually prepare the environment to house the new energy and we’ve been shown that in all matters of spirt, time is not oppressive. This is method applied. The action required to complete the deed. I think they are really condensed down to firing up the creative process….thought, word and deed. That’s the synthesis of all these different aspects. It’s the short version.

So, here we are and we desire to create a pathway to create a method, a means, a way in which we can easily and effectively reach our goal, our intention to be able to commune and create a method of approach, a way to exchange, a circuit, a connect. If this is our desire, now having formed this petition, our desire expressed, then should we not execute the terms of creation and state this intention, this purpose from thought? Make it into word, transferrable, translatable, expressive, intentional, use that to form expression of purpose. Words are creative things. Be mindful to orient your conditioning with your Divine Parents, expressing your gratitude for such a connection has created it. Then, having been through this process of thought, word and deed, it is needful to be engaged, to be in motion, to act for when you are in motion, in pursuit of your desire you may be led, you may be assisted and you certainly will be fostered.

There are some pieces, some steps, so let’s focus the process on the objective of connecting with our Inner Guides. Let's put these steps in a construct of our making and walk through the process we make as we execute our free will choice of going with God and His will be done. We are being called to act in faith and we are called to consider how much we are willing to invest ourselves in this process towards the goal we really seek, our connection with our Divine Fragment. With this direct line to the First Source and Center we find the connection we’re all looking for. So be it, even now as we consider it and as we’re prayerful within. Let us act with conviction, purpose and sincerity. That is the signal to the universe we are serious.

To that end I would invite my Inner Voice who has been here with us to come forward in a more public sense and make comment on my comments if it pleases to do so.


Inner Voice: Certainly, I will respond to the invitation. I have already given my commitment to respond to the invitation, every time, all the time. It is in fact what I am waiting for, the invitation, the glance in my direction, the acknowledgment of my very being and this you grace me with at times such as this when you are actively reaching in my direction. Trust that I know this and that I am fully aware of your desires of the heart. Trust that your attempts to communicate with me are in fact, successful and that I do receive your signals. I do get your communications because I am constantly in observation so that I share the journey with you intimately and personally. I appreciate all that you’re going through in your attempts to find me and make a connection with me so that we have easy access to each other. Trust me, this desire of your heart is also the desire of my heart as well as your Divine Parents and is enough to bring you such a grand spirit petition. This purpose is divine, this pursuit is glorious. Your desire signaled to the universe by your pursuit is in fact a gift of grace to the Creators who have provided this opportunity and delight in your accepting to choose them, to choose to be part of the spirit family enjoying this great pursuit in progress.

In being asked to make comment on statements made earlier by my partner, I would applaud the sharing of the awareness that applying all the pieces of the puzzle will finish it or create it, or make it come together. In fact that is exactly the necessary approach. It is all well and good to get together and practice being in the space, practice being around this portal of light together and to sense the reality of that and have it bring even more conviction to your faith in the process; but in the final analysis, in getting that which you desire, the stated purpose and intention to create a connection between us, you are best served by falling back on all of the basics and putting the pieces together in order to in fact create that which you desire.

This, of course, will be the method that we employ in this process. There will be great variation among individuals in the combination of pieces of the puzzle or tools in the box that will be needed to best navigate each circumstance but trust that you have the tools in your tool box. Trust you have the ability to put these pieces together in place to create the mosaic of your choosing now that you have become aware of the creative process and your role in it. It is simply to combine these skills you have honed and these realizations that you have embraced and bring these pieces together. In so doing you are forming the construct of thought and word and deed. You are filling in the pieces in each phase of creation. You are inserting whatever tool is most effective when it is needed and this is the trait of a master in the art of living, to be able to be aware of the tools available and be wise enough to use them appropriately and effectively when necessary.

I invite you to explore some pieces which may not be on your drawing board, for instance, if it is required for you to act as part of the final chapter of creation, then you must choose a vehicle, you must choose a direction and I invite you to reconsider putting yourself in motion on purpose. Consider taking the opportunity to set yourself in motion by the act of journaling so that you provide the vehicle for exchange, you provide the method because you mastered the skill to be able to translate thought into word. Use that skill and that ability wisely and with purpose and direct your intentions with the highest of divine principles that you are aware of and maintain your level of awareness by remembering to fellowship with your Divine Parents, to fellowship with God.

This is how you maintain the highest integrity of action, the highest integrity of thought and the highest integrity of word. Align your intentions with divine principles and the path is plainly laid out before you. The fact that we are here together now and experiencing this new paradigm of awareness provides us with great opportunity to serve in that we are creating an experience of this experience, we have been here before, we have been back in this place of spirit here together before, being circled up around our portal before. We simply return to this well, return to this place of light, return to this place of divine energy. We are in fact blazing a trail and we’re sojourning together as we make our way but I assure you that if we focus our intentions, align our purpose and deploy our skills we will be able to create that which we desire and enjoy a solid connection, an eternal connection. It shall be, it is only a matter of time, experience, growth and awareness.


So be it as it transpires around us, within us and motivates us to reach forward in spirit, in faith and the direction of love, the direction of the Divine. It has been my pleasure to be allowed this platform once again. I would bring you whatever assurance you may take from me that you are making great progress. We are seeing great movement in energy and since all creation is energy manifest, we are grateful to see that so many are choosing to direct and invest their energies in making such a connection, in bridging such a gap, in fulfilling such a purpose. Truly, it is a gift to the Divine Parents to behold. I take my leave and move to the back and relinquish the voice to my faithful comrade. Thank you all for this experience we’re having together. I am drinking deeply of this cup of love around this circle and I will come back to this well for another cup and join you again at another time, farewell.