2021-12-23-The Deity and Unqualifited Absolutes

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Topic: The Deity and Unqualifited Absolutes

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, here we are again. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. We happily extend the greetings of the season to the two of you, and to any other spiritual beings who might be tuning in, maybe curious to see what these transmitting/receiving events are here on Urantia. So welcome all.

This particular season and event is for us Christians, but I am sure that all over our world in every religion and culture, and even irreligious people have their own way of celebrating with us. Mother Spirit talked so wonderfully last time about this inexplicable unfolding in being alive, sometimes waiting moment-to-moment to see what is coming next, alone with our heartbeat. We can be humble and grateful to realize we aren’t even keeping it beating.

There’s a wonderful kind of relaxation and trust in that. With this God-given reality of being alive comes an appreciation and thankfulness directed especially to the two of you--Michael and Mother Spirit—and also the spiritual family within our whole Local Universe. And Michael, particularly now, thank you for the human life you choose to have on our world among us. We feel very full and complete in this moment to welcome the two of you. Amen.


Michael: Dear wonderful children, this is Michael. This is your spiritual father, and I feel so blessed to be this kind of father for you. You have your own dear human father who participated in your coming about, and then, above me, we all have someone you might consider your spiritual grandfather--God himself. He is the First Source and Center of all life that flows from him, through me, and through you. You too have this unfolding, mysterious thing called being alive that does weigh each moment.

(The universe Deity Absolute, and Unqualified Absolute)

We are all part of what your Urantia Book calls—and God experiences as--the Deity Absolute, the sum total of all personal/spiritual beings, since all living personal beings are endowed with his creative spirit. In addition, moment-by-moment we are all confronting something equally real that is still not yet qualified by time and space. This is the great Unqualified Absolute, an absolutely bottomless, eternally unfolding potential.

Another great mystery is how this absolute reality that is yet unqualified does in fact respond to us. Some potential equally great to what already exists responds to our own spiritual creativity. This gives all of us--especially including you, my dear ones—a part to play. With your spirit you are able to co-create your life because there is something that responds to you. This too is God’s plan for us. There will forever be a mystery. There will forever be an untapped, unfathomable possibility in the next moment of being alive.

On this special pre-Christmas evening I’d like to salute this human life of yours and, once upon a time, my own. I too had a human life, and it was a glory to experience this utterly real, yet somewhat mysterious gift from my Father. Understand, Mother Spirit and I have been out here in our Local Universe as the spiritual mother and father for some three million, eight hundred thousand worlds like your own. There have been trillions of human lives we have known so intimately. Human beings have shared their lives with us over hundreds of billions of years. Still, it was not only my father’s requirement of me, but an unfathomable glory to have a human life of my own from the inside-out.

(I had a genuinely only-but-fully human life for a while)

To do so I was given a literal suspension of God’s great quality of personality--self-consciousness of a past. My Father gave me this great gift of not being aware I was a Creator Son of his so I might be a genuine little baby, and then a youngster. I could grow up with the most wonderful parents in Mary and Joseph, along with my younger brothers and sisters. When my dearest father Joseph was killed in an accident, I had the further opportunity to be like a father myself—a human father for my younger brothers and sisters, for all the rest of my life.

As you said in your introduction, every religion and culture has a celebration of life and the others in each life who fill their souls, as they contribute to the others’. So tonight as I speak of another blessing, it might appear very odd to you in this season of those of you who are happy to get together with family and friends. This is the quality of aloneness, and the way I was so fortunate as a youngster to be able to be alone for a while, out walking around.

I didn’t know at the time this was something not possible or given to so many youngsters of your world, then or now. In large, crowded cities or suburban areas there is often too much danger for young boys and girls to be allowed to go out and roam around on their own. There were even more innocent times when parents would tell their youngsters, “Get out of the house, and don’t come back until dinner time.”

(The blessing of aloneness, and the presence of God)

So I was extremely blessed to be able to go out and be by myself. I discovered that you can be alone, but not lonely. I could feel a presence that is still possible, and experienced, by many young boys and girls who can also go out for a walk in the countryside, or woods, or maybe a neighborhood momentarily bereft of other folks--just to be alone.

They still do--as I did--feel this presence. It is more than what you might call ego, which Mother Spirit and I define as your self-awareness, including memories of things you have done, and have happened to you--your self-image moment-by-moment. This presence is something other than that. It is more like a gift of yourself to you from a source other than you—something special. It can get to the point where folks feel they are living in a story or—these days--in their own movie. Either way it is a gift of being especially alive—uniquely you to yourself. If you are fully conscious of this presence, you can have a conversation with it. Later on in your life, when you become more mature, you may realize that you were always inwardly talking to something or someone. Your thoughts were always happening, even if only half-consciously addressing someone else while thinking aloud inside.

(The blessing of loving and supportive parents)

I had this wonderful company in my wandering around the countryside. I used to go up on a nearby hill to look at the stars and feel the wind blowing. One time when Joseph asked me what I did when I was out there alone, I told him I was just walking around, talking with my Father. This was a very immediate and up until then unconscious realization on my part that this presence I felt was just that. I’d had in Joseph such a wonderful, loving and supporting father, my special companion was so similar to what his presence felt like.

I’m sure many of you who’ve also had your precious moments of being alone. growing up, have had this experience, because the presence of God is part of you. And because he is, it is one way in which you never need to feel lonely. In fact, often loneliness is only your imagination exploring what it would be like to be terribly bereft of some other company, or to have never had any good company.

The aloneness I am speaking of is something very different. It is more like your stillness meditations where you are being alone and still with God’s presence that is always within you. It is unfortunate and tragic so many of your young boys and girls all over the world live in neighborhoods where it isn’t safe enough to be turned loose on their own for a while to wander about.

This gave me an early appreciation--after all my hundreds of billions of years of being the spiritual father to a Local Universe—of having a human life. Now I could have a deeper feeling, and even more sympathy, for the human children I’d known with Mother Spirit--with and through each other all along.

(A whole cosmos of personal spiritual beings)

I gained a deeper appreciate God’s creativity of a whole cosmos of spiritual beings of hundreds of orders, down from the Master Spirits of Paradise—the heads of the Super Universes of time and space, stepping in stages down to the Local Universes with their Creator Sons and Daughters. On their level they create Melchizadecks and Archangels, regular Seraphim and cherubim—the junior angels of the systems. On your world and so many others are eventuated the Midwayers--personal spiritual beings halfway between angels and human, who continue on as the lasting inhabitants of the evolutionary planets.

You are the most physical, you and--once, myself--to know what it is to have a heart beating in your chest, lungs that breath, fingers and toes you can wiggle and use to get a hold on--and use—things, these marvelous things you have created called tools.

(The spiritual gift and uses of art)

Think of human history on your world that Mother Spirit touched on last time, going back tens of thousands of years to stones picked up apart from any kind of usefulness but to do something called art. They carved little sculptures, expressions over and above what it took to survive that day. Yet maybe this giving expression to their creative spirit presented them another way of handling the days they were in. It’s the same creative spirit you are endowed with as part of your personality. Your creations, your expressions of your originality show the uniqueness that is the very essence of who and what you are.

But you never need be lonely because of this uniqueness so intrinsic to your life experience--beyond expression just because it is so unique. It’s all you have known that you haven’t the means to share with anyone else. Still!—there’s your ability to express and share so much anyway with those you love.

(Love is a connection)

What is this gift of God’s called love? We call it a connection. God himself is connected with everything that exists, and as you share his nature, it is the way you yourselves can connect, in spite of being so seemingly limited, being so physical. True, there is only so much you can get around, so many people you can meet, so many hours in a day to be awake and explore things. Still, this connection—your loving curiosity--leads you forth to wonder about things. And then comes the actual touching of things, not only with your hands, but with your mind, and your spirit, and your soul.

You fall in love appreciating what you’ve just discovered. It’s that form of love of being lost in wonder and marvel at the simple but profound existence of this other person, this other thing--this painting, this sculpture; and now you are blessed with your wonderful movies and your internet, bringing you the world’s history in art and music.

This connection called love is an intrinsic possibility that you--like all the other spiritual beings in creation--are blessed with. It is the reward of curiosity, the wondering about what is unfolding that awaits moment by moment. This, in turn, is an Absolute Unqualified reality that is as yet unfathomable, never to be finally qualified, never to be finally experienced. You even point at it, and call it eternity. Because for all its unfathomable nature, it is yours, another gift from God for your choosing to continue to exist.

And so, on this coming Christmas Day, let us all celebrate your birth, and that moment you were just a squalling, bloody little being there, taking your first breath of air. The DNA in your every cell harkened back to the billions of years of evolution leading up to this moment of your birth.

(Christmas is a celebration of having a human life)

This is what Christmas is all about--having a human life. It’s a blessing that even a Creator Son of God got to have—what you have now. It’s what I had, and still have through all of you. I too have a human life soul from God. I too was blessed to be so physical and alive. I even had a whole previous life suspended for a while, not yet knowing who and what I was. But after that moment of being blessed by my dear cousin John, and walking up out of the Jordon River with my whole life as Jesus within me, I was once again a Creator Son of God, but in a human body, able to wiggle my toes in the sand and marvel even more.

And so, my dear ones, please take a moment or two this holiday season--this Holy Day season, to take a deep breath, and feel your heart beating, and say, “Thank you, Father.” Now if you have any comments or questions, we can do them.


Student: Hello, Michael. I’m so thankful to hear you, and was wondering if you could speak a little about your Spirit of Truth living in us here, especially right now during these hard times when it seems the world is swamped with lies. Can you give us something about how we can connect to your Spirit of truth?

(You are a spiritual being experiencing my Spirit of Truth)

Michael: Yes, my dear. Mother Spirit and I have spoken often about the different spiritual dimensions that you are capable of enjoying, being a receptive spiritual being yourself. I have often likened my Spirit of Truth as an orientation, a kind of guide. I tease you with the notion that truth is an infinity surrounding you. So my Spirit of Truth is a reminder of that, leading and guiding you simply--but most profoundly—to Ever More! It has already led you so far to so much to encounter, so much in your adventure of being human. You have known moments of being positively full. You can even say, “Please, God, no more for a while. I am full to overflowing. I can’t take any more for a while.”

Our Father can give you that rest, and yet, and still, there is another new day coming--forever. My Spirit of Truth is an opening to it, a humility of being aware of how little you have accumulated so far. You have maybe a cup of water on the edge of an ocean, because there is still an illimitable ocean’s exploration to come. And yet, my dear, this cup of water you have--of the ocean--is real, and it is yours. It is what you have experienced and known, and it is in your soul forever, kept safe by God himself.

For this is what my Spirit of Truth is. It’s an invitation to sally forth once again over the edge into the yet unknown, but ultimately knowable. This is the reward of my Spirit of Truth. It is real. Something responds to you, and becomes a part of your soul. This is the truth. Does that help you get some appreciation of it?

Student: I really like the idea of it being a part of me, and mine forever. There was this big Prayer Day that happened on the 21st. People were praying all together for ascension by evolving our souls into the Christ Man--lifting us up and helping us to live more with the Spirit of Truth. This is what I was thinking as I was singing. To be as a Christ Man would be like having you live within us more. But I wonder what you think about that, and how it went over, here on the earth with all these people praying for that?

(Every prayer carries a spiritual signature)

Michael: Well, my dear, as your Urantia Book reassures you, all prayer has a spiritual signature on it. If it is ultimately for more life--for yourself and for others--then it rings true. A prayer is a request for spiritual help and guidance. Its very heartfelt love can find response. So be in my peace.

Student: Thank you. It is kind-of like having the Father and the Grandfather alive in me at the same time.

Michael: Yes, right along with your physical human father, Mother Spirit, and myself, even a guardian angel. But that is another whole topic.

Student: Thank you.

Michael: You are welcome, my dear. Be in my peace.

(Every culture and religion has its comparable Christmas)


My dear ones, I was so thankful myself to be able to join you this way. It was Mother Spirit on the eve of your grateful spirit of Thanksgiving, and now it’s Christmas time--the celebration of life and the season of joy. Similar greetings in every culture and religion have this. For all your competitiveness and vying with and against each other, it is another great reason to greet each other with love, hugs, warmth, and the joy of getting together in the middle like this. It’s made all the more precious for the winter weather you might have to brave to get together. So: my dears, Mother Spirit and I celebrate right along with you, and through you. She sends you her love, and I bid you be in my peace. Feel it ever so deeply this wonderful season. Good night.