2022-01-12-Facts Matter

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Topic: Facts Matter

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Aaron, Michael

TR: Simeon



Aaron: My friends, I am Aaron. Good evening. We reflect with you this evening, on your hopes for healing and understanding, relaxation and connection. The phrase I would like to begin with tonight, stemming from our conversation a couple of weeks ago, is “facts matter.” For as we discussed the truth in relation to facts, you might have surmised that we were favoring truth over facts, but this would be an errant view. Rather, as a starting point toward understanding reality, one must recognize that the pursuit of truth does not include weaponizing facts and using them to browbeat your brothers and sisters, but facts do matter. For true spiritual growth and comprehension there has to be a unification, a harmonizing of your pursuit of truth with the discovery of facts.

In the world today, we witness many people trying to discover reality and yet not having the anchoring of the source within and that awareness to help them establish a modus operandi in applying understanding in relation to the central core relationship of spirit. Thus, it is too easy to make stabs in the dark, grasping onto this idea or that idea and not having a place to store them in a way that they can synthesize and harmonize and become part of a growing inner philosophy. As you develop your inner core relationship, your ability to perceive truth grows and expands. Your ability to understand nuance and intention deepens.

We hope you understand why we find this relationship within critical for each of you in this day and time, for a lot is happening in the world, and systems have been developed to make distortion and lies appear attractive. Unless you have this inner harmonizing relationship, it is too easy to fall prey to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Take the time each day, my friends. Know that, as I know you are coming to understand, this relationship within surpasses all other relationships in the sense that all other relationships are made more true by having this relationship within you.

I would spend a moment on healing tonight and ask each of you to come with me into your best image of a circle where we are all holding hands and communing together with our Father/Mother/Brother spirit. This healing is not for any one of you alone, it is for each of you and all of us. Know that it is your right to have the energy of the universe coursing through your veins, through your body and mind. Our midwayer friends do provide assistance, yes, but ultimately the purity of your desire to know God and to become one is where the true energy transfer takes place. (Pause)

We thank you, we come to you, Union of Spirits, to know and become like you to the degree we are able. Where there is darkness, let there be light. We trust in your Spirit that all good things will come from this place of union. (Longer pause)


Michael: My children, I am Michael. I understand your yearnings. I recognize the purity of your intention. The love you offer is offered back to you. It is not selfish to ask for God’s love to come into you and be part of you. All of you serve, in various ways, my children on Urantia and for that we are deeply grateful. Accept the blessings you deserve as a child of the one united force of goodness that threads throughout our universe. Let us reach to our Father together. Know that you are answered even before you are aware of what your mind is forming as an intention. Some things go beyond words. Feel that. (Another pause)

Aaron: I am Aaron again, feeling blessed to have Michael’s presence with us. Instead of the usual question format, I would ask you each to feel free to share with one another in this spiritual place, whatever you are feeling. Take this time to engage from this place and share who you are and what you are thinking and we will talk to you again soon.

(Period of group sharing follows.)