2022-02-22-All Personality is Contactable

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Topic: All Personality is Contactable

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon



Greetings friends, I am Aaron, here to encourage you for a moment this evening. The efforts you undergo to be connected are admired by many, both seen and unseen. You recognize the primary relationship of you with your Indwelling Spirit, and to various degrees you each seek to nurture that and to strengthen that connection. You also seek to connect with others of like mind and purpose, not so much with those who agree with everything you think, but those who have the resonance, a spiritual fragrance, who you know by sight, by voice, and by mannerisms, are your siblings.

We find this endeavor you undergo together to be an interesting experiment, for you gather together collectively with no sense of the end game, but rather recognize the process as being of prime importance in developing what will come next.

We encourage you to continue looking for ways to be fragrant, not only with each other, but wherever you find yourselves. At this time, many are looking for connection and commonality and the recognition of family, of spiritual brother and sisterhood, whether they know that is what they are seeking for or not. You become, naturally, the spokes of the wheel, the branches of the tree, the arms and legs of the spiritual wisdom you receive, which can only manifest further by your practical application of spiritual principles in your lives. We encourage you to look for ways to be of service.

We would have you seek to diminish your self-critical tendencies so that you do not unnecessarily burden yourselves with what you consider to be your failings or weaknesses. Recognition is important, yes, but you are each far more than the sum total of your parts. The moments spent on regret are moments not spent on the recognition of joy in being part of the family of God. Be joyous. Know that you have been received. Know that you, by your choices, are becoming a greater and greater part of the plan in the overall development of the Supreme.

Continue forward, knowing that those little moments where you can make a difference in another’s life or experience, this is the bread and butter of the outworking of your spiritual realization. And as you do it, remember to stay connected within so that all your experiences can be amplified and augmented.

Those are my words this evening. Thank you for listening. I am certainly open to any questions if there are any.


Q1: We hear about the circuitry. I have no visualization of the nature of these circuits and wonder if you might have some illumination at this point?

Aaron: I will seek to provide a basic perspective, for the word circuit is utilized to symbolize connections and how energy flows between them. So your recognition of this, if you view each other here, is like an invisible thread that reaches out and connects each of you to each other, and yet each of you also have a thread that connects you within to your Indwelling Spirit, and all of you have a thread, facilitated by various personalities, that connects you to us, and we who work together on this project, this mission, are all connected, as well, and then it continues to branch out in various configurations throughout the universes until there is a recognition of the one thread that binds all willing creatures and beings together. I hope this gives you some idea and imagery, my friend.

Q1: Beautiful, thank you. You mentioned the various personalities facilitating this. Are there other forces or beings at work that we take advantage of and have no recognition of, as in the one thread, the ultimate recognition you spoke of?

The answer to your initial question is “Absolutely,” for there is no way you can perceive all of the forces that work for your individual betterment and the uplift of your world. We cannot describe any further than what has been revealed in the Urantia Papers, but know you are well kept and have friends in many places.

Q2: Thank God.

Aaron: Indeed.

Q3: It reminds me of the song, “I’ve got friends in high places,” and we have friends in internal and external places and I can feel that in the vibrations and emanations coming while you were speaking tonight.

Aaron: Thank you for your words, my friend, and how the experience is for you. Are there other questions this evening?

Q3: Would the same vibrations I’m feeling while you’re speaking are they emanating from my Indwelling Spirit or is it just a collection of unseen friends?

Aaron: There is a combination, for the communication you receive is facilitated by your Indwelling Spirit. To think we can bypass that would be folly, for this is the gateway that allows us to bring true communication forth, aside from any that you receive from your inner spirit. There are beings attendant to each of you when meeting like this from various locations, so that the connections can occur for your group as well as your individual connections. You know of guardians and midwayers, as well as others who are part of facilitating this process.

Q4: Would it behoove us to be aware of the rebel midwayers that have been mentioned in the papers?

Aaron: Thank you for asking this question, my friend, for as the world transitions from where you were when the Urantia papers came forth, there is a lag in the awareness of what has and is occurring. I say this firmly, the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated. There are no rebel beings still allowed to roam freely. There are no evil personalities seeking to gain entrance into your mind. You are protected by Michael’s spirit of truth and by your sincere desire to connect within to the One Source. There should be no fear of being led astray, except that which originates in your own minds or if you were to misplace your priorities and choose not to be led by the spirit of truth.

Q4: Good to know.

Q5: I’ve got a question Aaron. What would you recommend people do for their stillness practice, if you can elaborate some of the steps of that. What it means? Are there some prompts we need to think when we’re in that place of silence and stillness? If you can elaborate on that I would appreciate it.

Aaron: Literally, the simple act of engaging in stillness allows for spiritual connections to be made, whether you are aware of them or not. First and foremost, recognize this. And then recognize that stillness is a term that isn’t applicable to every experience similarly, for really the state you seek is a state of willingness with God. How you achieve this state is different depending on your makeup. Not everyone can sit still, be quiet, and find this state, depending upon the various factors which may have influenced their lives. For some it might be a good jog down a trail, or a walk in the woods, and still for others, being in a place where there is noise rather than silence. We choose and have chosen to emphasize stillness as a quiet time practice because this is the most common pattern for gaining this state of willingness and harmony and connection, but know that you can explore what works best for you, and you can encourage other similarly to explore how they find a sense of peace and relaxation and letting go.

The idea of stillness for specific communication purposes such as the communication here with me now, is not so common and the challenge is how you can perceive the stream of thought and be willing to express it, whether saying it, writing it, recording it or typing it. So the stillness used as a communication practice beyond simply gaining connection with your Inner Spirit is not always easy to achieve, depending largely upon your ability to let go and allow and to not have to be perfect, for as in producing a piece of art or music, the practice is where the perfection lies, and the effort - moving the brush, plucking the strings, and allowing the inspiration to stem from there - is where the thread of understanding and awareness comes.

I’m not sure this is completely what you were asking, but I wanted to differentiate between the simple practice of being with God and the effort to recognize the stream of communication.

Q5: Aaron this is all right on for me. I try to teach my clients stillness. You picked up and answered all the variations there. Some are wired and can’t settle down and need something to focus on or take their attention. It’s hard for them to connect. Some people need something to help the process, such as the imagery on my big screen right now or being where there is sound. You pointed out something interesting - when you get to that place of openness and willingness and your mind is open to hearing from spirit, then that then allows for the flow where we can write things down or T/R or voice what we’re hearing internally. I thank you for that. Are there any other ideas you think might be something I need to pursue in terms of the teaching them the how to of doing this? I agree the simplest idea is often the best, but I want to be open to hearing any other ideas from you.

Aaron: Thank you for confirming. The efforts you make will be augmented by your own stillness and contemplation, therefore I believe the framework of what I have shared gives you perspective and if you utilize this in your asking questions within, I believe you will find some answers coming forth from that. Therefore instead of trying to express through Simeon it allows me to encourage you to bring forth your own connective ability.

Q5: Thank you.

Q1: Yes, thank you. That was an exquisite characterization.

Q6: Aaron, discuss the aspect of listening, because when we are in stillness or intentional efforts to seek the guidance from within… I would like to hear your discussion or suggestions on our improving our abilities to listen to the guidance that we seek.

Aaron: This may sound odd, but the first step at listening is to recognize that this does not come from your ears, for truly we are pointing you towards how to be receptive and while there are experiences within your stillness practice that can seem audible, the stream of thought comes largely as impressions in your mind.

Therefore, for those who actually do wait, listening for answers, to turn that within to recognize where your thoughts are going when you are in this state is an important realization to have. For if you begin following the thoughts, such as your ponderings about what you had for dinner, or who made you mad at work, or what TV show you want to watch tonight, you may recognize a suddenly shift to an idea and it all begins by following the stream of that thought, to express it, to write it down, to communicate it.

As you know, Michael was very conversational when in human form, with his Father. He did not see a disconnect between himself and his Creator, so in a sense his conversational style allowed him to transmit and receive intermittently and simultaneously by following the thoughts, knowing when he caught that one thought that said “you are loved,” that if he followed that thought, it would lead to another and another and suddenly dinner and work were the last things on his mind.

And so the reality is to be able to be in a place where you can separate the meanderings and recognize when the “good thoughts” begin to occur and to know that even if you originated it for yourself and it is not God or some spirit teacher, this is okay. Suspend the disbelief so that you may recognize that relationship within and how it happens when you allow the flow to occur. I hope this gives you some sense of what you were asking.

Q6: Thank you very much.

Q7: So if we direct our connecting toward the Father or adjutant mind spirits or the spirit within, is that from where the impressions will emanate or is it a free for all where any thought source that seems to be appropriate can enter the conversation?

Aaron: The communication comes from within, through your Indwelling Spirit, even if the Indweller chooses to step aside and allow another to communicate with you. Recognize that as Michael as Jesus became well adjusted as a mortal human being, he did not worry about who he was receiving communication from but was simply open to the relationship within and had the trust to such a degree that when Gabriel needed to communicate with him it was just natural and part of the conversation. He did not need to separate his Father spirit from the fact that he was receiving communication from someone else. If you think that Simeon’s Indwelling Spirit is not active at this moment while I communicate with you, think again, for definitely the Indwelling Spirit is part of this process. And so if you view it as a sort of natural progression to connect within, be in the flow, seek the spirit of truth, then what happens with that connection becomes a natural outworking of the spiritual unifying forces that can provide enlightenment at any given moment. I hope that helps you.

Q7: Wow, that’s wonderful. Thank you.


Aaron: Thank you, my friends. I will withdraw at this time, and appreciate your willingness to engage in the various lines of thought this evening. This is what it is about when you seek to be in relationship to God. In some sense, if you recognize this evening’s effort as a sort of reflection or image of what can occur within you, then you might have an image of various personalities on your screen and these various personalities will communicate to you individually or collectively if it is appropriate and acceptable to your Indwelling Spirit.

Ultimately our purpose here is to have you trust and gain that connection within such that you do not need to differentiate who is who and what is what. Some day it may be that you can recognize the universal broadcasts and when you are done, go to your neighbors and share about what each of you have received, rather than seeing it as needing to communicate or get it from one source or another. All of you are capable, for as the Urantia papers state, “All personality is contactable,” and that is an inspiring thought, indeed. Thank you once again.