2022-02-23-Riding Out the Storms

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Topic: Riding Out the Storms

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vicki Vanderheyden



As the intensity of the times seep into the realities of your daily lives, you may find it more and more difficult to maintain a quiet state of calm. You may feel the need to speak out for those whose freedoms are being compromised. And as one who may have already been at the front lines, you may begin to feel the pressure of those who threaten you or who have actually denied you your very livelihood.

We hear your pleas for help and we feel your fear as more of you are thrust into the path of misguided leaders who threaten your well being. These are truly the times that try your souls and challenge your faith in the spiritual community you have come to rely on.

We have watched for millennia how innocent people have been overwhelmed by the nefarious wills and actions of others. And yet we have seen how the multitudes in the presence of much suffering have stood their ground and eventually overcome the misguided. In these circumstances, we have been there to support them in their need without taking over their responsibilities and in the end universal justice has prevailed. Know that this is but a moment in time that gives your people a chance to work through these difficulties and grow from this experience so that they may move even faster toward their divine destiny.

And though history may tell you that leaders are needed who will sacrifice their safety for the cause of others, only you can decide if that is truly your personal destiny. For most, we merely ask that you maintain a safe environment in which to ride out these storms and in your daily activities demonstrate the value and habits that reflect the nature of your heavenly Father.

And whatever is your destiny, be the example who is proactive rather than reactive. Be the one who does not incite but instead ‘reminds’ those around you of your God-given rights. Maintaining a presence that models the truth, the beauty and goodness that are your birthrights as children of the Father, can have more of a lasting effect than reverting to more violent means.

In whatever role you choose, we will be there as your guides. You must only maintain the daily practices you’ve used in the past that allow you to hear us. And then it will be up to you to decide if you will accept this guidance.

Your very presence on this planet as one who follows the way of the Father has a significant impact on our mission. Your responsibility to family, friends and community reigns first and foremost in maintaining a sense of stability and direction. So do not be too quick to jump into the fire when there are many around you to feed and keep warm.

You may still sound the trumpets for personal liberties and speak out for non-violence. Know that just by demonstrating the way of the Father in your everyday actions, your are contributing considerably to the forward movement that will restore peace to your planet.

There are a few things you can truly count on during turbulent times and that is that change is inevitable. That this too shall pass and when the smoke clears, we along with your creator, will still be there to guide you.