2022-03-14-Challenge of Connecting the Dots

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Topic: Challenge of Connecting the Dots

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Unknown, Daniel

TR: Simeon



Greetings. My name does not matter. My delight in having the opportunity to converse with you this evening is great. I am new to your world and hope at some point to have a regular assignment. I am a newly arrived volunteer. You were made aware in the early years of the communication reopening that there were volunteers arriving daily to assist in the overhaul of your jewel of a planet, to assist in the time of correction.

Our presence among you is to serve as personal coaches on a personal level, to assist your scientists and policy makers in evolving solutions to the many problems your planet faces as a result of your rebellion status. I am also from a rebellion world and I long to put the understandings that I have as a result of my experiences to good effect, so that others may benefit from my planet’s trials and my experience on such a world.

I have been permitted into this mind, to gain some experience, but also to communicate to you that the flow of ongoing help is continuing to pour in. This understanding is to assist you in feeling bolstered at this time when there is much unrest. I am a personal witness to the reality of the correcting time and all that is being done to advance this world to correct for the misdeeds of the rebels and I am ecstatic to be here and with you this evening. I will prepare now to take my leave, but I do hope that I may speak with you again. Thank you for this opportunity. Farewell.


Daniel: Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, glad to be here with you tonight. We enjoy the opportunity to share our new arrival and arrivals with you so that you know our efforts are continuous. They are not isolated. They are not a "one-off" attempt to put a band aid on a problem, for yes, we do see Urantia as a problem, but problems exist throughout the universes, not just upon your world, and most problems are seen as opportunities, not with despair and uncertainty and fear. We knew about this problem thoroughly before we arrived many years before you even knew we were here.

I know it is difficult, as you survey the problems in your world, to get a sense of the scope of the mission that is required to bring about correction to the extent that the flow is moving more continuously in a positive direction. Part of the difficulty is the systemic nature of the discord and disconnection felt by many on your world. Connecting the dots is a challenge, to know where the root of the problem is, for I hope you know that it is not simply in a country in Eastern Europe where all the problems lie, but that this is a symptom - a pretty large one yes - but a symptom of underlying patterns that have been distorted over millennia.

One of the challenges we face is simply bringing things to a place where the predominant part of society desires to know the truth, to be connected within. When these are not the core pursuit, it is far too easy to be factional, to choose to go with whatever side will get you the most rather than what is real and true. As you can see, this is one of the roots of the problem, for the strife on your world is manifesting violently in places, but the war for reality is being fought daily everywhere.

We ask you to stay centered, to recognize where the perception of truth begins, and this can only grow as you realize it and as you manifest it and share the concept. There are no easy fixes that would put you on a fast track toward light and life. This has to become an organic growing part of society. Thus, as you work in your areas, you aid us, you aid your world and Michael and the mission whenever you reflect this love of truth, this practice of being centered within.

As you share those ideals in a way that makes it attractive and worth attempting for others, trust that you are not alone as a small little group in Southern Idaho. There are many who are coming to this awareness all over, and yes, they may not have connected this to a degree that it becomes a predominant pattern at this point, but as you pursue your ideals you will find that a slow building movement of truth seekers will grow and become more predominant in the years and age to come.


So know that when one of our new recruits decides to speak up and share their enthusiasm for the truth and their enthusiasm for working with you and with others and looks forward to an opportunity to connect with one like you, that this is part of the plan, an ongoing plan, and although your direct involvement has ebbed and flowed over the past few decades, we are still here and the mission is still underway and more people are part of it, whether you are aware of it or not.

So let us rejoice that positive things are happening that can counteract the troubling things. Those are my words for you this evening, my friends.