2022-04-06-On Trust

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Topic: On Trust

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Let’s speak tonight on Trust. Trust is the inviolable bond between Spirit and Mind, creating a tension that results in the growth of the human being, the ascending personality. Trust is a deeply forged high- wire act, not of balance but of certainty; born of attending to the unwinding stream of images rising from within, which place themselves on the docket to be perused and pursued, whose substance is all the while in question – “Is it so? Is it so?” -, the definitive answer to which is found ever and ever deeper in the as yet unexplored reaches of the Heart. These phantoms, these mysterious notions, coming from Spirit regions of mind, can only be answered, confirmed, by a counseling of the Heart.

Trust is the experienced side of Hope; the resultant claim of Faith; the final work of the Spirit/human bond. All Spirit action – action taken on the will’s behalf in the Spirit dimension – is fueled, impelled, sanctified, validated and completed by Trust. Oh, we can hope something will happen; we can say we have faith it will happen, but it is Trust that locks in the outcome, that actually builds the bridge. And just as our trust makes known the fact we would have made known, yet must our trust be large enough, sturdy enough, to trust in Trust’s Creator - of whom Trust is an embodiment - and leave the actual outcome to Trust itself. We can claim maturity when we not only trust in the efficiency of Spirit but when we have learned that Spirit knows all and will provide an outcome worthy of our trust. Understanding is not necessary but Trust is essential. Understanding will come along in the end but trust is the prerequisite to any sort of insight at all.

Part 2

Trust is a mutual agreement between man and God. Its mechanism is Spirit; its foundry is Mind. Such Trust aspires to a level of mutual intimacy, that the one’s trust may never at any given time be removed – even be told apart -- from the other’s. Trust, like Love, holds the world as we know it together.

Trust is to the mind what Love is to the heart: its very substance. And because this is so, it can be trusted. Trusting in Spirit is to cross, to blend, these two most important pillars – Spirit finds its image in Trust and Trust finds its substance in Spirit. Trust is Love-through-Mind in action. Trust is knowing what is done has been done, before it is done. It would appear to be premonition were time an actual thing. Its home is the heart though it activates in mind. Its actual Home [birth place] is beyond both. Trust is the greatest thing you can give a friend, and the holiest essential ‘Your Friend’ has given you. Love is unconditional, it exists regardless. Trust is built, discovered, brick by brick on your own. The Creator trusts you implicitly. You must learn to trust your Creator.