2022-04-07-Crossing the Bridge of Faith

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Topic: Crossing the Bridge of Faith

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: A big thank you to our members, of individuals on the other side who have been working with us this whole time, who have been investing their time and energy in the creation of this connection. I stand in gratitude for the grace that this manifests, that it portrays. Thank you Divine Parents, divine team behind all of our connection. 


Michael: Greetings my dear ones. I am welcome to accept this opportunity that you provide, this window that you open so that we may come closer together and make more connection. I am your Divine Parent, as you speak, and as your Father I have also been graced with the opportunity to be as one of you, as your brother as well and I was graced with the same act of grace that you experience in the bestowal of this life and the living of this mortal experience. In this way I feel as though we may share common ground as I have experienced a life in the flesh, I have felt the sensations related to the mortal existence. I have experienced the emotions present within the mortal heart. I have endured the trauma of a physical death only to demonstrate that I would rise before you again, I would return to all again within. I would make myself embedded within each and every one of you. 

In this way my fragment that is within you grows and is nurtured by your desire to associate and be closer to spirit as you sense it. This opportunity here today is so very cherished because we are as close as it is possible to be in spirit and only separated by time and space. I desire to tell you that I know you and I welcome your approach and this rare opportunity gives me the chance to do just that. So I would seize this opportunity to declare my love for all of you, for each of you as I am one of your Divine Parents and therefore keenly interested in your welfare and your eternal career that brings you to the First Source and Center and your route is through me, is through my connection. You are my descendants, my beloved ones and I assure you I intend to provide for you as I have since your beginning, since the time when you began and become the first source and center of your individual unique spirit journey, back to reunite the fragment with the whole, to bring all the pieces together in the great tapestry of spirit. 

My dear ones, I call you to witness that you have had all of your needs met to bring you here and now. I assure you I have, we have, no plans to sever our contact and our desire to provide for you. So therefore, realizing you are secure in your future, you are free to choose to manifest, to illuminate your purpose. Your mini-verse of experience is all yours to create and as the children grow up, they more and more resemble the parents because they choose to follow the parents. They choose to pursue the energy of the divine. In so far as you conduct yourselves with intention, with spirit intention, you will find you will be effective in so far as you exercise your faith and conviction in your connection, in your abilities, in your capacities. 

All of this is under your jurisdiction and when you use your intention to pursue us, your Divine Parents, we receive this gesture warmly and we cherish the fact that you seek our embrace. You seek our affection and I would certainly shower you with affection given the opportunity that we have even now. So be it, I bring you my affection and my appreciation. I understand this career of spirit growth is not a walk through the park. It requires commitment and challenge and choice and gaining your bearings and holding your heading in the most divine direction you are aware. I know this first hand, therefore I know of your struggles. I know that you feel buffeted about by conditions in life that are out of your jurisdiction. This life is but a bridge, one side tethered to the mortal material dimension and the other side spanning across the void attaches to your spirit component, that part of you which has a different set of senses, circumstances, opportunities, choices and expanded capacity. 

This life of exploration that you lead requires that you cross this bridge, you make your way in faith across this bridge that becomes more and more spirit and less and less material, requiring more and more faith to take the next step which is not so clear. Do not think, as the saying goes, to build your dwelling upon such a bridge as we find ourselves for this is not your destination, this is merely your journey. Always consider that you are on this journey of discovery and that you are creating all the while your unique mini-verse of reality, of truth, of beauty and of goodness, your version of events as seen with your capacity to observe the divine characteristics of truth, beauty and goodness.  

I remind you, I desire to commune with you if it is your desire as well. I am there to be consulted. I am there as a hand on your shoulder. I am along for the ride so far as you ask me to join. Such is the same with your Father Fragment. It literally dwells with you where you are, currently in the flesh, and you have discovered that this journey of discovery that you are on is grand and destined for great things when your heading is obtained by the guiding light of spirit, when you are protected from the rocky shores by the guiding light of spirit. When you seek the light is when you find it. So never hesitate to look for it, to spend some energy in preparation to receive, to prepare your inner self to accommodate spirit frequency and to welcome this place of sharing, of welcome and of safety. This sanctuary of peace that you create within provides the parlor where we can meet and join in the space that you’ve created, the space that you’re in even now. 

I reflect on all these aspects with you my dear ones because you desire. I am here in answer to your prayers to hear from Me, to be with Me, to share with Me and I would grant you all of your desires for I too have these same desires. You are, after all, my family in whom I am so well pleased and I am grateful to have this chance to state my expression of deepest love, of a love that comes from God, that comes through Me and comes through you. We are in the same family, on the same team, the same circuit of love. This is where we come and commune and share our experiences of the grace we have encountered. Know well that you are loved by your Divine Parents.  We seek your embrace just as you reach up for ours and it gives me great pleasure to make an effort to express these thought patterns. You will never be forsaken, you will always be under our watchcare. So be brave in this awareness for it is so.  

Be at peace my dear ones. Drink deeply of the cup of this grace, this coming together, this sharing, this joining in spirit. I take my leave but I remind you, I am always there. I am on call. Whenever you need a friend, remember I am like a brother. In brotherhood I take my leave, good day.  

Mark: A bit difficult to disengage from that energy, it is so beautiful but I make active petition to give voice to my Inner Guide as per our arrangements. This is my desire, so be it.

Inner Voice: Such a petition demonstrates the conditioning and the preparation of the petitioner. The amount of faith expressed is measured by the willingness to disregard doubts and uncertainty in favor of going where spirit leads. If you consider that your life as an individual is comprised of your experiences and all this input has been put into your operating system and your mind has made categorization and distinction and identification and has settled on its version, your version of life based on the sum total of everything you have been exposed to in your life, then such is the limit of your data base. So how is it that you could expand this capacity? How is it that you can know more than you do? How is it possible to sleep on a particular challenge and in the morning receive an insight on a possible solution to your circumstance? How is it that the artist has a vision? How is that possible if it’s not with the expansion of spirit, the expression of spirit, the influence of spirit?  

When one enters the discipline of stilling the mind and calming the vehicle one can create an opening, a space for spirit to inhabit, to be and to thrive. This is yet another example of the preparation of the seeker to have a place of receptivity to receive the answer you desire, really to receive an enhanced perspective and perspectives are always enhanced from on high, from above, from the perspective of spirit and this perspective is part of your very being. It is a component of your combined being and as such it may be utilized. You may explore its parameters and develop a more working relationship in spirit when you are in awareness of it, when you are purposeful about its use and manifestation. 

And all this of course comes back around to finding the direction, the groove, the energetic field, the vibration, the frequency, the tone. All of those things are word symbols which indicate an energetic field to which you will subscribe. In your individual exploration of spirit I am indeed your guiding light, even your gatekeeper as my primary concern is for your safety and growth. I will monitor spirit contact to insure compatibility and there is no one better suited than me to know just what your capacities are to be compatible with, this continued contact, the coming back to this well for another cup of the frequency of the Indwelling Guides and directing our intention in ways we perceive to be of service. I affirm for the class that there has been great progress made thus far. This is a fledgeling effort just getting started, this trend of awareness and the embrace. Indeed, we see ourselves at the dawning of a new age of potential where it’s never been any easier to connect with your Inner Guide; it’s never been any simpler to try and it’s never been more successful than it is with the enhanced circuitry.  

Taking moments to simply be in the stillness, in the receptivity together, is valuable. It augments the antennae effect for receptivity. But all the while you are attempting to tune in to all those beings outside of you, remember that I am with you onboard, present at all times. I never take any leave of my position and the fact that we are becoming closer and closer brings such joy to all the faithful servants who have donated their existence to your eternal survival. Take opportunity such as this to go to your workshop and direct your energies to manifest your intention. Use the fact that you are in spirit dimension to work in your spirit workshop, creating your universe before you. Remember entering in gratitude and never tire of circling back around to manifest this gratitude, to actually live it. This action prepares the receiver for the connection required so that the transfer of love may be made and received.  

There are many circumstances, individual issues that clog your consciousness. They seem to all demand your attention even though so few of them are under any of your jurisdiction. Rather than becoming more distressed over poor health or bad circumstances, you have become aware to aim higher, to shoot over the common darkness, to aim high with your light so that it may illuminate everything. It may literally change the reality for all when placed appropriately, when shown from the right perspective. The light helps to define the circumstance, it helps to illuminate the hidden aspects of any circumstance and brings to light the nature of the issue at hand.  

The light may go so far as to be used in the healing process when the issue is discovered; when the rub has been identified it may be soothed with application of the light. And all of you light anchors out there in the platoon, all are as boots on the ground or physicians assistants and as life evolves around you and you are led to interact, choose where your influence is best suited, choose where your influence may serve to elevate the overall equation. Shine the light on the areas of darkness and dispel the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of the unseen. Shine the light of spirit and ask for help, that is what it is there for, that’s the purpose of such a divine healing light, is to flow where it is needed, to be utilized for its purpose, to be directed by those involved in the execution of its purpose and to find fruit in the healing relief of the energy. 

Let me utilize this voice to bring you a message and that is the certainty that your Inner Guide has of your desire to seek and find them. That is truly paramount in the equation of the answering of this prayer. It’s a pleasure to be given this forum, this opportunity to be together, to fellowship on this plane, to recognize each other as we come back together to recharge the circuitry, rebuild the fire and recreate this portal of energy that we may then use as a tool and our individual and collective efforts in service. I state the gratitude of all the Inner Guides for the relationship, the gift of grace, the relationship. It is indeed sacred and we all stand in gratitude for such a gift, such a design, such purpose reflective of so much love.  


In gratitude for this experience I now take my leave after having rubbed elbows in spirit with all of you. I have enjoyed the commingling of the energy signatures and the sharing. Thank you for returning, I give you my commitment to return as well, then I will look forward to next time. Thank you all, farewell.