2022-04-10-Imprinting Upon Father

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Topic: Imprinting upon Father Michael’s Transforming Love; Focusing Urantia’s Transformation in Divine Love into Planetary Circuits

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Paradise Deities, Divine Parents, and our Magisterial Son, we are grateful to participate with you and our helpers to build more of the dynamics of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE into this planet. Thank you for teaching us how to cooperate with the divine ways of LIFE. We are learning new lessons every day individually and collectively. And now we engage at the collective level, and we thank you for weaving us together as one through the circuits of Soul, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. We are united in our intention to heal this world and to transform its ways of life that it may reflect the divine patterns that were so carefully given to this world so many, many eons ago. We are on a very rugged and yet guided evolutionary path, and while we may not understand all of the divine ways, we trust you. We trust in how you are upstepping us each one and the planet as a whole. So prepare us now through the infusions of your LOVE that we may hold a very clear directed focus to build more of these circuits of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE into the planet and for more people to step up and receive the gifts of their divine inheritance that more may participate in the great transformation underway on this beautiful world. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service, and may your WILL be done now.


MICHAEL: My PEACE is upon you, my beloved children. This is your Father Michael and I hold you in the very center of my being. And I invite you to open your hearts to me that you may receive more of my LOVE for you. Let us engage here for a few moments in this Father-child embrace. Experience my LOVE and let it resonate deeply in you, each one of you as my beloved child. Receive me. (Pause)

The Parent-child relationship is an underlying foundational structure to all life. We all exist in the larger SELFHOOD of our Creator Father—the First Source and Center. His LOVE pervades all reality and you are all the offspring of this greater SELFHOOD as am I. Nothing exists without this first Spirit Person.

As you open to my embrace, I invite you to invite that Parent-child dynamic to reinforce you, fortifying you in the nature of divine LOVE. Allow yourselves to gently expand in this LOVE. It is already in you. It is just a matter of allowing it to gently express itself and being in this place of your heart encourages more of your ability to receive and grow. So, let yourself experience this now, my children, this is not only the Father's LOVE for you, it is my LOVE for each one of you. (Pause)

When you experience the GRACE of Father's LOVE within you, it changes you. Sometimes these changes are subtle. You hardly can perceive them. Other times these changes can be truly transformational. You begin to feel new life course and surge through your mind and body. Much of how you receive the Father's LOVE is dependent upon your faith. This is a living trust bond that naturally exists between you and your Creator Parent. Sometimes you may experience a sense of disconnection, but that only occurs at the human end. Unlovely thoughts, unkind actions, harsh words, judgmental attitudes break this connection. It is only a matter of being forgiving with yourself and others that re-establishes this flow of divine PARENTAL LOVE.

The power to receive this is in your hands, my children. I am here to help you open to the greater treasure trove of love within you, that you may express this more in your actions with your brothers and sisters. Is this not what I demonstrated in my human life? And I certainly can share my experiences with you when you come to me. Ask me for my understanding. Ask me for my LOVE to fortify you because it comes from the Father. You will receive a greater outpouring to help you make sense of what is occurring around you. Coming into the deeper expression of this love within you is what is necessary during this phase of planetary correction. This will help you truly transform your life adding into the greater spiritual dynamic of planetary transformation, which is all near and dear to your hearts.

So, as these words settle in, invite the powerful dynamics of TRANSFORMATION to stir in you as you continue to receive my LOVE. Recognize that my LOVE in you has the power to transform your life. It is only up to you to the degree to which you truly wish to be transformed. It is your privilege to receive my LOVE. It is your responsibility to share my LOVE with your brothers and sisters. If this now further intrigues you, especially in being more amenable to being transformed in your own sense of self, let my presence deepen in you and receive my transforming LOVE stir more deeply and broadly within you to take you to new heights of awareness of who you are as a child of God. (Pause)

Invite my LOVE to engage into your body. Invite this experience to go deep into your cells, deep into your memory. Let it bathe your being with LIGHT and LIFE that it may enrich you at a level you have yet to experience. (Pause)

There is a transformational quality in divine LOVE. Much of what you consider as the mysteries of the universe is contained within this transformational dynamic of LOVE. It has been sought by many, understood by few. Now the world is ready to grow in its ability to transform itself in divine LOVE. Your actions make this real, make this manifest at the material level. This world has never fully appreciated that it is LOVE that heals and transforms. It is not political ideology, religious theology, scientific understanding. It is this simple appreciation of the Parent-child relationship that is the underlying LOVE dynamic that pervades all reality.

Once you experience this deeply, you are now ready to engage at this level more consistently throughout your life. And as you know, this has never been fully accomplished on this world. Yet, there is a growing interest in this now. Many of your songwriters have tapped into this awareness, writing songs about various aspects of love being that this is all there is. This is what rules the world. This is what supports the unity and oneness dynamic of all life. And while you sing these songs and they are meaningful to you; can you truly say you live up to this in each one of your interactions with your brothers and sisters?

I do not say this to discourage you in any way, but to help you take inventory of your life—your thoughts, your emotions, your actions that you may more deeply appreciate how much more of this parental LOVE you need to help you transform your life and to be a catalyst for great planetary transformation.

Continue to receive me as my presence deepens, and you invite the energies of TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE to engage not only in your heart, but to let that circulate into all those memory habits and patterns, even down to a cellular memory level. And I continue to bathe you in my presence, holding you close in my HEART OF LOVE. (Pause)

Remain in this state receiving my transformational LOVE. Let yourselves become more familiar when you recognize you are in the state of GRACE. Let it become more habitual that you may more easily express this throughout your day, no matter what you do, with whom you interact, or where you go; and make it your intention to live in this state more and more each day. And you will receive what you need. You will indeed achieve a state of inner knowingness of the security you have as a child of God, growing in the fruitful field with divine LOVE, MERCY and GRACE.

I withdraw. I leave you in the capable hands of my brother Monjoronson, who will direct the energies from this point forward. Thrive in my LOVE, my children. It is my lifeline to you and we are always and forever connected.

MONJORONSON: Good day, my dear brethren. Greetings to each one of you. I am Monjoronson, and I am pleased to be here with you. Once again, we ask you to hold certain spiritual dynamics to engage with planetary mind that more of this world's requirements for a transformation may be achieved.

As Michael's presence continues to minister in you, I invite you to now that focus of receiving this transformational love extend from your hearts into the planet as a whole. Engage your intention with these words: URANTIA’S TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE. URANTIA’S TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE. URANTIA’S TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE. Feel that strong yearning you have for this world to truly transform in this embrace of the LOVE in which it was created. It was divine LOVE that that created life for this world. And it is now time for LOVE to ring its resounding bell throughout all Urantian consciousness. Let your heart swell with this desire for Urantia to be transformed in divine LOVE and we will minister her into what you are focused upon. If you wish, you may engage with that spiral moving counter clockwise all around the globe and let it truly make an indelible impression upon all mindal circuits at all dimensional levels. Thank you, my beloved brethren. (Pause)

Urantia, because of its history of rebellion, has never truly and thoroughly experienced what it means to live in the GRACE of divine PARENTAL LOVE. This LOVE is organic. It always exists. You have been distracted from truly experiencing and understanding this. But this transformation into the ways of divine LOVE is now underway. The yearning for this in the human heart is strengthening. It has awakened this yearning through the ministry of the plans of correction put in place by your Father Michael, and my mission is one component of these plans.

The pillars of long held rebellion ideology are crumbling before your very eyes. You are witnessing the destruction that this ideology has caused upon your planet. And yet this is not the final story—this destruction. It is leading you to a path of great rebirth, renewal and regeneration of life: life with more spiritual vitality, life with more robust love being shared between people. It is this transformational dynamic in LOVE setting the tone and paving the way for these changes to occur, for more people to awaken and reckon in them and acknowledge the power of Spirit Within. It is confusing for many because they do not understand the full meaning and value of what divine PARENTAL LOVE means, what it is here to help you acknowledge and experience. In holding space today for this TRANSFORMATION OF URANTIA IN DIVINE LOVE to unfold indicates to us that there is a measure—a large measure—of desire for this to unfold.

We are here to amplify that now through your engagement of feeling this deep inner yearning for the WAYS OF LOVE to return to this world and to teach its residents—its cosmic citizens—its ways.

For whether or not you recognize this, you are cosmic citizens. You are having a material life experience, but you are all members of the greater family of LOVE. And it is just not only your privilege to receive this LOVE, it is your responsibility to grow and learn what this LOVE means. The more you engage with it through your growth and understanding, the greater your ability to share. And this is what you are now sharing into planetary consciousness that more transformation may unfold here and encourage more others to strike out on this transformational journey of awakening and reckoning and being spiritually redeemed that they may progress their sacred life path of spiritual development and soul growth.

Continue to send these energies forth into the planet: URANTIA’S TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE as our ministrations continue, and as innumerable personalities ranging from the human to the divine participate in this great endowment and infusion into planetary circuits at varying dimensions of depth and height. (Pause)

The shadow of the past containing the veil of separation, distortion, and deception is receding from this world's consciousness. One day the planet will experience itself as if the rebellion had never occurred. This is the trajectory you are now embarked upon, and it is an unstoppable trajectory. All that we ask of you is to continue to participate in this trajectory by aligning yourselves in the GRACE and MERCY of divine LOVE each day that you make fortify and fill yourself to over-flowing with this LOVE and let it express itself outwardly to those with whom you engage. And to do your best each day recognizing your missteps. You may simply seek forgiveness and return to the path of righteousness. Continue to do your part each day and know that you are aiding in the transformation of Urantia.

Let us now engage about Paradise level where all the divine patterns of LIFE originate. They replicate into all of the vast domains of LIFE—into the innumerable starry creations of which this tiny world is but one. Let us all join together in the Spirit of Thanksgiving holding this world up to our Paradise Creators with great gratitude and appreciation for the LOVE in which this planet was created. We will share in this time of thanksgiving together and invite that divine embrace from Paradise to reverberate down into this earth, into the core that more LOVE may be resurrected here through what we are holding with you together with the transformation of this beautiful world so cherished by your Father Michael. (Pause)

Paradise Creator Deities, we lift Urantia up to you. We thank you for the LOVE that you have imbued into this world, giving it the ability to live its life, its full life, its potential purpose that has been seeded into the very core of the planet. May this purpose now come to full fruition engaging with the hearts and minds of humanity and all life here and bring about greater transformation in your LOVE. And we thank you with grateful hearts and souls for this most precious gift of your MERCY. And so it is. (Pause)

As this planet receives the LOVE from its Creators at the Paradise level, I invite you to join me in this focus, envisioning the words URANTIA’S TRANSFORMATION IN DIVINE LOVE pulsing in the planet’s energetic Divine Purpose. Feel that fervent desire for this dynamic to grow, to swell to massive proportions that it may engage with deeper levels of mind and memory and bring about a GREAT AWAKENING and RECKONING to help this planet remember and recognize its place in the divine FAMILY OF LOVE. (Pause)


The world is ready for its next phase of development. This will be achieved by you, the cosmic citizens of all life, as residents upon Urantia. In the coming days allow your bodies and minds to reverberate with these transformational dynamics. Grow in meaning and understanding of what this truly will encourage the planet to achieve. The symbiotic relationship between humanity and life is gaining in human recognition and all is in place now for you to bring about these positive transformational dynamics that will alter life here forever. This is what you have prayed for. This is what the world needs. We supply you with the energies that you need but we give this to you. And in turning this over to you, we place great faith in the potential of human nature. In the coming days, you will open more to this and even surprise yourself at what you can achieve in the GRACE of DIVINE LOVE.

So go forth boldly in this dynamic, my brethren and know that we are encouraging you always. You are always supplied with this. If you falter from time to time in your expectations of yourself and what you can achieve, or sometimes feeling you have fallen short of the mark of demonstrating this divine LOVE do not be downcast or worry but try again. Because the more efforts you make, the greater success you will achieve. It is a matter of practicing and perfecting yourself. And here is where you gain greater strides on your path and become a great blessing to those around you. Do you understand what an advantage you have now, my brethren? And so, embrace this and know that more will be added as your Indwelling Spirit ministers with you in this divine LOVE, and brings about a great transformation in you to achieve what Father has seeded in you of your human potential to be like Him in your human nature.

So, in our final moments together, let all of these energies and dynamics integrate, holding you in this GRACE in the overarching synergy of LOVE, LIFE, and LIGHT, and the divine meanings and values contained within that you may live your human purpose and be about the Father's business in all things. (Pause)

I leave you now, my children, my brethren, my friends. Let us all grow together in this time of change as Urantia opens itself up to the embrace of divine LOVE on its transformational journey. May the days of Light and Life speak volumes in your heart and help you live that life more and more each day. I leave you in the sacred space and you have my gratitude for your service and devotion to this world and to the Father. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]