2022-04-21-Cords Between Individuals

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Topic: Cords Between Individuals

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Jonathan, Inner Voice




Jonathan: Hey guys, I welcome the opportunity to field the call as it were, for some clarification about something we have in common. I am Jonathan and I rejoice to join you once again to be here included in this circuit that is formed in response to this inquiry about the nature of this thing you refer to as a cord to other individuals. Your perception is quite accurate insofar as you are able to visualize a cord between two individuals and as such you can visualize a strong sturdy cord attached between you and the one who brought you into this world, who gave you life and nurtured you and gave you a life to live as a result of their efforts. There is no stronger cord or bond or thread of recognition. This is one of the ways in which we are connected as individuals to those other individuals who are either born into or choose to foster in the form of a spouse and a family. When a new family is created there is a new energetic field that may be passed around and binds the individuals. These cords exist in energetic form, in spirit capacity, mirroring the very cord that connected you to your mother on this world. It transforms from the material connection of material matter into the spirit connection between two individuals bound together by time and circumstance, sharing their experience throughout their journey with each other as a stabilizing force, a point to moor to and connect to, to ground out, to rejoin the circuit and realign yourself with the energy.


Certainly you all will witness your own examples of the extraordinary capacities of such cords between individuals. They have the ability to allow these individuals to transcend any distance, any amount of space between them and the ability to be free of the impositions of time. These cords are kind of a direct channel that is formed and maintained and grown and expanded as it is used. When not being accessed and used for some time, this cord loses its potency and requires more energy be inserted into the equation to re-establish the connection, but the connection is always there. The connection is the constant, is the cord, whether it is a thin cable or a massive cord, it is the connection that you have made and share and will enjoy as long as you so desire. Such a connection is in the realm of spirit and is not subject to the variations of time and space. Such a connection is being utilized even now this very moment between good friends to establish a solid steady connection and therefore creating the proper environment conducive to this sharing.

When a loved one crosses over and makes the transition from the mortal plane, there is an episode of experiencing a disconnect and the accompanying sensation of disorientation. This is a result of the transformation of the energy signature of one of the individuals and therefore the necessary transformation of the circuitry, the cord itself must undergo its elevation, its transformation into a more spirit based dimension. It must accommodate the dimension and the capacity of the individual who has graduated. There is much adjustment that must occur when transferring to the morontia state and reconnecting with the energetic cords from the spirit perspective as a new and unique being, the being you have become by being transformed by the transition of graduating.

I assure you that no such bonds are ever lost, that even as you undergo the transition of energy, nothing of value of spirit content is ever lost. So while there may be a sense of tangible emptiness, I assure you, the cord is still there and you are both adjusting to the new dimensions of it, the new characteristics of it now that one of you is free from so many of the limitations. I so much appreciate you making reference to the peace of mind which you have earned through your exposure to the teachings of the Urantia text and I can concur that having been given this framework, this construct of understanding, it has allowed us to stand on greater platforms of awareness with greater capacity to consider and with more information at hand. Truly this is another gift of grace we share in common. When we petition the universe in our own ways to show us the light, we are granted this direction we have chosen and you will witness with me that we have gained so much for our efforts in building this cord between us and maintaining it.

I can also assure you, as one who has gone through that portal, that you are correct in that it is an instant upgrade if you are ready. If you have enough awareness you will immediately be able to ride the wave of the upgrade. Likely you will end up on the mansion worlds where there is plenty of time to master all of the aspects of the art of living a spirit life. I appreciate your throwing a line out, for putting the wheels in motion with a petition that may be answered and I assure you that all is well. Whether it is here or there, now or later, all is well. Seek that and you will find that, choose that and you will have that. So, might as well enjoy the ride. Take the long way home or feel the wind in your face on a physical body in time and space. This too is a fleeting experience and one that should be cherished for its uniqueness for each individual and for how it is the beginning of every individual's eternal career.

Take it all in my friends, soon enough we will meet on this other side and continue our adventure together for as long as we so choose. We are headed in the same direction, on the same path, following the same guides and enjoying our own journey even though we also have the fellowship of the shared journey of finding spirit and even becoming spirit. This is just the beginning of our journey and it is a pleasure to be here at this point to share this experience with you. We indeed have a strong cord that binds us, a cord of experience, a cord of shared growth, a cord of awakening to the true nature of our being. These are profound changes that we have seen and shared together and such experiences provide great cords that bind individuals together, that may be reconnected at any point and recharged with the same energy. Time may pass and still these cords are in place and may be activated at any point.

Thank you for activating them even now so that we could get together and share this experience, you from your perspective and allowing for me with my perspective because we have chosen to make this reality so. We forged this connection and created this bond, built it with our energy between us and we maintain it even now. I stand in gratitude for all the connections, the many different means of connecting between us and among us. I’m sure you share my sentiment, having discovered a number of circuits that you are privy to that you may not have even recognized were available to you. So be it, as you seek you will find and your prayers will be answered and all is well. I applaud your diligence at maintaining these meetings in which I can claim another common thread with you. It is heartwarming to see that this format endures and is still helpful, is still useful and I stand in gratitude for being welcome back into the circuit. My cord to all of you is still strong. We still have much in common and the love that individuals share for each other is sacred, profound and never lost. That is our greatest circuit. Always we can meet and join together on that frequency of love.

That love is what created the cords in the first place. Those cords were grown because of the love for another individual, the love so strong that it forms an unseen bond, an energetic bond formed in love therefore it endures. It’s all so very good that I delight in sharing this recognition with you. I encourage you to be at peace with your journey. There need not be struggle, there need not be strife. It is possible to navigate a mortal life experience with the perspective that you are growing and use the leverage of your spirit insight to help to maneuver life into position, into the greatest version of your expression of truth, beauty and goodness, of your awareness of these divine principles. I am certain that you all represent a potent force for the direction of spirit and for being instruments of peace in your own individual ways. You bring your own individual connections and cords to others which may be used to bring you support as you activate the simple reconnection to the familiar pattern of love. All of these connections are as different frequencies available to your tuner, available for you to find and pick up on and connect to from the most material and basic of these energetic cords between two mortals to the Thought Adjuster Circuit itself. These are simply different frequencies which you are learning you are able to tune into, pick up on, join, contribute to and maintain.

Mark: I am internally expressing a concern or a question I have and that is regarding this ability to be in contact with those who have had fairly recent transitions. There is a component of this which I'm a little uneasy with but I admit it primarily because I was told it was not possible by a reference I have trusted for all other things but I can’t deny that it is possible, even now. So, how’s that work buddy, what have you got?

Jonathan: I am so very glad to address this issue, to shine some light into an area of darkness. Whenever there is an area of darkness there is uncertainty, there is doubt. When a phenomenon is not understood, at first it can be disorienting because it does not seem to fit into a state of being that we have become familiar with. Consider that your mind is only capable of knowing what it has been exposed to, what you are familiar with, what you are aware of. These are the things that the mind can sufficiently categorize and sort and determine for you. These episodes of spirit contact are typically not present in the data base and awareness of individuals on the mortal plane. These are not experiences that are routine and therefore each one will have their own individual experience with this new dimension of being.

You have been recently informed of the alterations in the circuitry and how there has been an infusion of energy in this direction and so it is that such restrictions imposed during a strict quarantine of no communication were in place during the record of your Urantia text. With the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion and the reconnection and reopening of the circuitry which is at hand, no such restriction of communication will be imposed any further on spirit souls. What will determine any ability to liaison and be able to function in both capacities is the willingness of the individual to make it so. The individuals free will choice once again reigns supreme in this occasion as in all others.

Therefore, if it is your choice to move in the direction of spirit and proceed on with the plan of which you are a part, then the journey is made easy, the way is made clear and your efforts move you in that direction. Once the direction is established and the intention to pursue it is evident, then the journey of discovery may proceed. Whether it proceeds from here or there, now or later, it is contained within the plan. Truly, all is well. I leave you with that thought and that expression in gratitude, that gratitude for all that your Divine Parents have provided for you is your cord to them, it is your connection. You may easily find it through the path to gratitude and you may establish the cord and build the connection and strengthen the connection until it is always present, always connected.

If such is the desire of your heart then you are on the right path, in the right lane, following the right guides. All that’s left is to manifest the journey with the greatest values you can manifest, the greatest expression of your awareness of these values. Such an offering is a gift to the Creators. This opportunity here now is a gift, a gift of grace and I stand in gratitude with you for this opportunity, for this request for this response, for this corridor we have to come together to bridge the gap between the two dimensions because we so choose. Divine will reigns equally. Thank you all for allowing this opportunity and building this fire and keeping it going. It is an act of service to fan such flames of awareness and understanding and to come and be part of a circuit established to receive the answer to your petitions and bring a perspective we need to bring balance. I love you and this group and that is the essence of our bond and I celebrate this with you even now as we enjoy the fruits of such a bond. I bid you all farewell and look forward to another meeting, not so much by chance as by choice. So be it, by for now.

Inner Voice: I as well accept your invitation to take voice, I am this one’s Inner Voice. I speak for all of the Inner Guides present and represent the entire Thought Adjuster Circuitry. This notion of bond and connection and cords is in fact exactly what we have been pursuing for some time in attempting to build a construct of awareness of what we are actually building, this circuit between us, this cord between us, this connection that we foster and grow. All such bonds or cords are built in spirit so that is where the bond between us must be built as well. Any physical acts and gestures that are made to bridge the gap must be accompanied by a spirit energetic source, you, and must be projected from its source and center, you, to your desired target.

What is different than the other cords that you are used to and have made and utilized and are familiar with is that you are building a network between us where only one of us has an energy signature, a distinct differentness and the component that I represent is not illustrated by its own energy signature. Rather, I am a representative of the energy signature of your Creator and I desire to co-mingle and infuse my pattern into yours. It is my mission to overlay our mission with spirit value and with spirit content and therefore I am not recognizable as an individual entity of my own, complete with personality like you and experience like you which combine to form your energy signature, the pattern of you.

We are building a cord between us that must be constructed from both sides. This desire you have to make such a connection actually commands it to form, actually brings it into existence, actually manifests the creative prerogative. Once again we have come back around to this topic of circuitry, connection and cords. They are all so interrelated and so new to your construct of awareness but I assure you, if you continue your efforts to provide a conducive environment, to direct your intention and to work for your vision it will be so. If you consider inviting your Indwelling Guide along and even consulting on best ideals, then you’ll find many inspirations and flashes of awareness because you are in motion, because there is motion that may be directed. Make it so with purpose and intention. Make it so by assembling the tools you have at hand, even the construct of such a portal as you furnish during these exercises.

In your search for truth, beauty and goodness, I urge you to come to Me. It is my mission and purpose to have an opportunity to guide you, provide you with answers that allow you to grow and move forward on your spirit growth line. So, of the many circuits and opportunities that come to your door, so to speak, I invite you to choose mine and develop a strong circuit, a strong connection, a strong cord by design between us. Such a thing is only a matter of time, it’s only a matter of capacity to receive and to express and these capacities are at the mercy of time. It takes time to develop these greater depths of awareness as it can only be attained by personal individual experience and these things take time. No worries, we have all the time you could ever use and I offer you my commitment that I am with you for the duration, for as long as it takes. It is so, even now. I recognize and enjoy the bond, the cords that we have established in these exercises. We have begun this process of building this network of connection because it is our desire to do so, all of our desires to do so and so it shall be.


I offer you a prayer, a petition of you from your Inner Guide. It is a prayer of welcome, a prayer of encouragement for your efforts, a prayer to make this connection more and more real. It is a prayer to be asked, to be considered, to openly share with more awareness. These prayers will be answered, these are the petitions of your Fragment Within to join you, to be with you, even as one. The beauty of such a desire, such a petition is that you may share it, you may also have such a prayer, such a desire, such a petition to forge such a cord and then the desires are mutual, the frequencies match and attract and by virtue of the sheer force of will the connection is made. Such a connection represents the beginning of an eternal voyage together as one and we stand here on the edge. But I assure you, when you need them you will have wings of spirit and you will soar with ease and freedom and in fact, we will be free and unencumbered by earthly mechanisms. It is all a matter of destiny and yet a matter of choice.

I stand in gratitude for this configuration, this gift of grace and I’m sure you do as well. The game at hand that we’re given to play is certainly a gift of grace, an opportunity to create a unique reality, a unique version of truth, beauty and goodness as we see it. Let the games continue as they have long since begun. I have enjoyed this time in fellowship and even in the quiet spaces there is fellowship at the feet of stillness. I have enjoyed the experience and encounter with you. I take my leave and offer my commitment to meet again should you so desire. That is as a statement of my purpose, of our purpose as we see an avenue to be of service and we would seize the opportunity. Good day to you all. [[Category: Thought Adjuster