2022-04-25-On Love

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Topic: On Love

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Let’s talk about Love again, since your heart is so full of it tonight. Love knows no bounds. Love has no colors. Love pledges no allegiance to this or that flag. Love asks no favors. Love gives more than it receives – it tallies up in the end to be quantum sums ahead of even the most exacting speculator. And Love never forgets because Love never remembers – Love is always fresh, new this moment, and always ready to welcome Spring no matter what the season. Let the snows fall, let the rain splatter and patter; sunshine, moonshine; autumn’s winds, summer’s cloudless skies; Love is ever the same: happy, exuberant, always glad to see you.

The trouble with the human conception of Love is in its disconnection to the whole - this feeling (actually more a thinking) that Love is something separate from Life, a compartment of it, something one hopes for in the midst of chaos or confusion or lack of sparkle in one’s daily drudgery, when actually Love is the host to the whole event: not only the owner of the house you’re living in but the architect as well. The drudgery is not waiting for Love, it is Love who is putting up with the drudgery, sitting to the side waiting patiently (if from time to time rolling its eyes at the inconvenience man puts himself through).

Change your filter! Affix a new lens! Love is waiting in your thinking to escort you from the hallways of chaos and confusion on to the bright fields of Freedom; free from the insults… is it not in your purview to decide if you’ve been insulted or not? What happens when that lens changes and you realize no matter what another has said, “I am not insulted”? An entire structure of guilt, anger, concern, ego collapses. Freedom! You make the call.

And just as you are only insulted when you prefer to be (!) so the vast stream of chaos and confusion collapses when you replace your fatigue from it all with Love for it all. It really is merely a matter of a change of Heart, which results from a change of mind. Love loves. That’s what it does. Use it. Channel it. Become it. Don’t let the masks Life wears fool you. Love is behind them. But you must unmask first to see behind the others. Love is a choice to be made, but Love is a Force to begin with. Others need you to make that choice. Although they don’t know it. Yet.