2022-05-09-On Reflection

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Topic: On Reflection

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Reflection is what we will speak on tonight. You requested it for you noticed it today, how everything is a reflection of everything else. Sometimes not a reflection to the eye but a reflection of the soul, a reflection of worlds upon worlds. The long trail going up over the hill is a reflection of the long trail you will travel in your life. It will only be that particular trail over that particular hill for a matter of minutes, hours, days, but the long trail of your life that the previous trail mentioned reflects, can be encountered, examined, and understood as “Trail”. Let’s reflect on that.

Reflections of the sky in the water; reflections of the face in the mirror; reflections of thoughts spoken through words; these are all brought together through the mechanism of Creation, a creation that deals in Grand Reflections that give life to each component. The face in the mirror will not know itself without the mirror. The mirror is of no use without the face. The thoughts being expressed in the words that reflect it are of no use without the words, they cause no ripples without the words. And the words without the thought are meaningless. Sound, only sound. So Truth as reflected in the life and thoughts and work of an individual can be encompassed, can be absorbed, as Truth’s reflection. Truth in this life needs an object, for it is in its capacity as storyteller that it can be best appreciated. Truth is, yes, above all, beyond all, within all, as a Oneness. But for that Oneness to be appreciated in Mind it needs reflection – it needs a reflection to view and it needs reflecting upon once viewed. So there are two examples of reflection -- two different types of reflection -- that are absolutely necessary to carry on with life.

Beauty is a reflection of the Divine. Goodness is a reflection of Heart, Love. It is Love. And Love is to be reflected upon and to be reflected. Human beings must reflect Love to one another. Love is the answer to all questions. Love is the current of the universe. It gives out vibrations that are themselves reflections of the Beating Heart behind the Love, behind the Beauty, behind the Truth, behind the Goodness. Reflection is the way Life is carried to its conclusion. When reflection is not consciously present in the human mind there is darkness. And darkness needs to be lit by an Interior Flame that will itself become a reflection of the life that is begging to be lived. Live your life upon reflection. Live your life as a reflection. Live your life giving reflection. And know that the Source of all of these reflections is precisely what is being reflected. There’s a saying, “It is all done with mirrors.” Well, in a way this is true. For this is how we can discover the values, the meanings that exist around us and within us. We reflect. Amen.