2022-05-09-You Embody the Trinity

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Topic: You Embody the Trinity

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Greetings. It is wonderful to be back with the two of you this way once again. We did have a break for a while, so it is wonderful to be able to open our hearts and minds to welcome you and hear what you have for us, even to carry on conversations with you.

Tonight especially I want to thank you for a wonderful tool that you have taught so often over the years, one I recently had wonderful use of. I don’t mean to be personal, but to avoid vague generalities, I will mention I recently had hip-replacement surgery and recovery with all the pain and the pills. Even the simplest fall could have resulted in a dislocation, then starting all over again, only worse because of an accident.

This wonderful tool you have taught helps us stay present, sometimes moment-by-moment, hour-after-hour and day-after-day. It is this wonderful meditation you call stillness. It’s a way of getting out of all the past we have had, and anxiety about the future. It’s just to be present, moment-by-moment, where we really need to be and not get lost in incriminations, sorrow or worry. We attend to what needs to be taken care of.

So thank you so much for this wonderful tool of stillness mediation that our personality can use to focus on and stay present. Amen.


Michael: Good evening, this is Michael, and Mother Spirit, and we are delighted to be back with you again this way. We remind you we are always with you, and we so enjoy and appreciate when you give us a hello. Not only are we your spiritual parents, we also hope to be your dearest and closest friends. We know that many wonderfully consider me especially to be your savior, and I am delighted to help with whatever pain, sorrow, or suffering you may encounter. But I want to be in that very special relationship you call a friend--a spiritual equal--as we are all sons and daughters of God. We come directly from him with our unique personalities--unique in all of creation.

(You embody the Trinity)

You are endowed with the Eternal Son’s creative spirit that gives you the opportunities for free will--to choose alternatives you yourselves have created. We can both have our own lives stemming from the unique living beings that we are. We live in a universe that is the direct result of the Infinite Spirit’s actions. And so we thank our Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, the great Trinity at the center of all creation.

Tonight I’d be very happy to go deeper into what you correctly and wonderfully characterize as a tool. It’s really essential to have something day-to-day to keep up with yourselves in your busy lives. You can have a way to get present from your memories and your busy plans for the day--if you meditate in the morning. It’s a way of opening yourself to God’s suggestions and possibility and, as you say, be more present.

(Kinds of prayer and meditation)

This in no way denigrates other kinds of meditation like the formal ones taught by the great religions and faiths of the world. They have their place, their uses, and their wonderful effects on your body, mind, and soul. But like I taught my followers, when I was among you as Jesus, it is also wonderful, and so effective spiritually, to have a talk with your Father. Tell him what is on your mind and in your heart. Share everything with him consciously. He is not only part of you, but also part of everything happening.

Extra-consciously have a conversation with him. Tell him not only your pains and apprehensions, but your great delights and wonderings. Then listen to his thoughts. Hear within you what he has for you.

One thing that Mother Spirit and I have a little issue with, in the whole Urantia Book, is the designation of God’s personal presence right within you as a “Thought Adjuster,” rather than “ Thought Suggester.” So many folks instinctively bridle at the notion of being “adjusted.” Even more: Spirit does not compel; it suggests. It offers, and maybe teases a bit. Mother Spirit and I will confess to teasing you from time-to-time to coax you out of yourself to consider something.

(God’s suggestions within)

God’s presence within you can suggest discreet and distinct actual ideas. Upon reflection you can realize maybe hundreds of his most critical, wonderful, and all-comprehensive ideas you have had all through your life. Especially in a critical moment, they seemed to sum up the whole situation and offer the best solution to stay abreast of things, and handle them. These actually came from God’s presence within you.

Yet even with the best--because they are only suggestions and you are a free will being--you are capable of ignoring or even denying them. Many of God’s suggestions you label as “idealism”—the ideal way to understand and handle a situation. Sometimes, just because they are so ideal, they are rejected for being too impossible. But this is one of the benefits of what we call stillness meditation and not following some pre-programmed course of action. Just give over part of your busy life to be still and have his conversation within you. Be able to listen and note those thoughts that can come so immediately after you ask a question of God in your mind. The very next thought can be his answer.

Another great benefit you touched on tonight, along with being present, is not only thinking, “OK, God, what do you have for me this time?--this morning? What do I need to be aware of?’” It’s by opening to him, you’re opening to your own soul—the record of your whole life that he is helping keep for you. Open yourself super-consciously to your soul and some few, precious moments when you were six years old, or maybe 16, or maybe sixty. Relive so fully some event in your life that it reminds you that all of the events in your life, my dears, are transcendent. Your soul is greater than your consciousness. So let it take over---awhile—and be refreshed.

(Stillness reflection)

Because stillness is not just daydreaming, you are engagingly aware of the world and those who are nearest and dearest to you. This is the true wealth of your soul, these other unique human beings you have known. They were the friends and family you shared so much with. Relive your wonderful lovers and friends--those voluntary associations you didn’t get at birth, but chose to spend your free time together to delight in each other. They too fill your soul with promises of an eternity of friendship. There’s an eternity of continuing to share your life with them. Friends are a great way of multiplying your life.

Being still from other activity gives a chance for whatever of your previous life--your whole soul—wants to come to the surface and perhaps tease you a little. It may remind you of something lost, something you need to again make your life worthwhile, because it truly was something you did that gave you meaning.

This is why it is so necessary to be open for a while, devoting yourself to this one activity for a certain amount of time. It’s not to get some particular effect like, “I’ll just be still until such and such happens.” Give this activity a certain amount of time irrespective of what happens. Because you are not preprogramming it, you are opening in a delightful, respectful anticipation of whatever wants to occur. Let it happen.

Being still can be difficult--especially at first--because the mind is powerful and can get caught up daydreaming. Stillness is being highly conscious of sitting there, being open, and not just loosing yourself in daydreams. But how? How do you stay in touch with present reality? Well, my dears, you have a most marvelous part of you which is always in reality, whether your mind and personality are, or are not.

(How to avoid daydreaming, or falling asleep)

It’s this body of yours, this physical body that obeys physical laws—chemistry and physics. Your body is in reality whether you and your mind are, or not. So, how do you stay in touch with your body and not drift away? This acquired ability is another enormous benefit in trying times--keeping up to the present moment day-by-day with your physical being which is always going through changes.

How do you stay in touch with your body in stillness? One way we have offered is by counting—and feeling!--your breath up to ten, over and over. It might sound like the most boring, silly thing to do, but very quickly it lets you know if your mind is wandering away. All of a sudden you are counting breath number seventeen, and you know for the last seven, you haven’t been paying attention. You haven’t been feeling yourself breathing. You will very quickly find this method is the key to opening the door to all the other things I have suggested. Have this super-conscious conversation with God. Allow whatever wants to come up entertain you from your own soul’s experience. It may be one of those delightful, unbelievable people you have shared so much with. Once again venerate this dear friend you had, and may have still.

You develop a quality of attention to the present moment which, in your moments of real extreme, worry, or pain, is something you can hang on to--just staying with your breath. You’re keeping down any worry, terror, or anxiety that is only complicating and making the situation worse. Maybe an accident happens and while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive, you are in stillness. You are staying with your poor injured body. You are not abandoning it, or panicking, or doing something dumb. You are staying with it. You are experiencing whatever it is,, because it is real. It is part of you. It is happening, and you are staying with it, and you are giving it all of your personal strength and healing ability. You’re not running away, but helping, determined to keep helping.

(Conscious presence of mind is a precious learned ability)

This is a truly precious ability to have, so this is why you start. You keep your beginner’s mind and curiosity as you go into stillness. You are really paying attention. It is going to be something new and unique every morning, or whenever you do it. Morning is really nice, to come fully present before you start your day. True stillness is not just repetition because the present moment is not repeating itself. For all of God’s eternal laws of chemistry and physics throughout the whole universe repeating themselves, there is something new in every moment. Being still is a way of experiencing this particular morning which has never happened before.

You wonder, “What about me? What about myself?” In the Eternal Now you too are somewhat new and have never been here and now before. There was a wonderful book called The Power of the Present Moment for this is where all the power comes from, and resides. The past is gone, and the future has not yet happened. You are living in the Eternal Present Moment, and to be aware of it, it expands and gives you ever greater freedom. So, my dears, try it! If you haven’t been really still before, start! Develop this ability to stay present, especially for all those times that may come upon you when you need this tool to help you survive.

Now Mother Spirit sends all her love, and I bid you to be in my peace. If you have any questions or comments, let’s do those.

Student: Michael, I have a question. These procedures and concepts you are talking about--the stillness, the concept of counting of breath, the eternal now. Are these concepts and procedures you taught your apostles when you were here as Jesus?

(Practicing and imparting stillness as Jesus)

Michael: Oh yes, very much so, though not, of course, in this particular language. First of all, as we lived together, I became an example of this myself. You know this as you read our story of all that we went through. This is especially true of the really fearful things we went through. They had my example of staying present and not letting things overwhelm us. I did teach them a kind of prayer that is very close to what you call stillness, rather than the very rigid forms of prayer taught in those days. It was essentially being open to God, and talking to him, and then listening. Having a genuine conversation with God was in itself considered blasphemous from some points of view back then.

What!--you are equal to God! You think you are actually talking to God? It would have been considered blasphemy to depart from their very formal, rigid kinds of prayers. But mainly by example, yes; just being still with them.


Student #1: I see. I see.

Michael: It is wonderful, now it is 2022, you even have the Urantia Book for a great source back-up of context. We can talk about a Thought Adjuster, or a Thought Suggester--as I suggested tonight. This is a wonderful evolution of language over the last two thousand years, to help us get into more specific detail.

Student #1: Yes, because as far as I know, which isn’t much, the only reference to a Thought Suggester--an interior guide--in the bible, is where “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” That is as close as it comes, and as much as it is talked about. You say back then it was blasphemy, this concept of talking with God. It is still today, from so many angles, considered blasphemy.

Michael: Yes, it is often considered a big ego trip. And as you know, this very process of transmitting-receiving is not considered valid by everyone today.

Student #1: Yes.

(We open our minds and follow our hearts for what we actually live on)

Michael: But, no matter. It doesn’t matter. We follow our hearts. We open our minds and what truly registers with us is what we are actually living on. Yes, the Urantia Book also points out that many of the world’s religions, over the ages, have had the idea of an indwelling divinity. Other people call it the “Small, still voice within” because men and women throughout history have been open to this. For a lot of people it appears as an idealism, the ideal way of handling the present situation that may or may not accord with the socially accepted norms of the day. People get the feeling, “I wish I could do that; or sometimes, OK, mind, quite nagging me on what I should be doing. I just can’t do it yet.”

Student #1: Yes, I understand. It seems all the religions have their mystical branches, their mystical tenants. Those are the ones that interest me so much, those branches of the various religions that admit of a communication between the child and Father.

Michael: Oh yes, my son. In my mind this is what makes them religions, not just social or political constructs. It is the spiritual content that does make them religions.

Student #1: Yes, that is good. Well, more power to us!

(The potential and development of free will)

Michael: Amen, Amen. This is truly the idea of free will. Like Mother Spirit said last time, even though free will creates the possibility for evil and all the terrible things people do to each other, that is the result of personal creation and the way God relinquishes and shares his power. Every personality has his creative spirit and can introduce something new into the stream of time and space along with his absolute and universal Natural Law. It’s something new because it is coming not from a universal but a unique personality.


My dears, let me bid you a fond farewell for this evening. It’s been so good. Mother Spirit and I do appreciate and enjoy being with you again this way. She sends her love, and I bid you, Be in my peace. Feel it. Let it take you away, as much as you can, and be in peace. Good Night.